aluminium windows

Long-lasting and exceptionally resistant to weather conditions. Aluminium windows in contrast to popular opinions provide great thermal insulation, easily competing with the best PVC and wood systems. Great choice for your customers, who look for nonstandard solutions and cutting edge window technology.



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  • Ponzio product for high-budget premium construction projects,
  • Modern aesthetics and great parameters – Uw<0.8,
  • Perfect also for passive houses,
  • An alternative to the Aluprof MB-104 Passive window system. 

from 676 EUR

Aluminium skylight windows


Aluminium Skylight Windows

from 425 EUR/m2

  • extremely simple installation
  • long-term durability thanks to high resistance to difficult weather conditions
  • frameless appearance thanks to the use of a profile with a hidden sash will be appealing to architects
  • They will prove themselves when installing windows in the walls is not possible or does not provide enough light

from 425 EUR/m2

aluprof mb86 aluminium window system
  • sell to your client aluminium -the most durable material of all
  • MB-86 is the first in a world aluminium system to employ silica aerogel
  • winner of our aluminium windows ranking in quality and quality/price category
  • version with a hidden sash gives a phenomenal aesthetic effect to the whole construction - it increases the attractivenes of construction

from 470 EUR

Aluprof mb70 aluminium window system profile
  • The variant with a hidden sash guarantees a great and modern look, which will appeal to architects
  • You can offer your client various window variants, in addition to the standard, e.g. opening outward, rotating and anti-burglary
  • MB-70 Industrial version will work if you are renovating historic buildings
  • An alternative to Cortizo Cor-70 systems and the more profitable Ponzio PE68, which are profiles with twin parameters

from 373 EUR

Ponzio PE78N Aluminium Window
  • with Ponzio PE78N you can offer your customer both windows and doors 
  • very good alternative to Cortizo Cor-80 and Aluprof MB-86 
  • the leading Ponzio product with very high thermal insulation requirements that will satisfy your company's customers 
  • PE78N due to good thermal parameters is treated as warm aluminum

from 575 EUR

Ponzio PE68 Aluminium Window System Profile
  • Great, cheaper alternative for Ponzio PE78N, great parameters and lower price for you and your clients. Perfect for basements, boiler houses ect.
  • System enables to use wide range of fittings and makes installation much easier
  • By selling this profile to your client you give him comfort of using, through the possibility of flushing sashes from the outside
  • Three-chambered construction assures great stiffness of sections and enables making windows of big sizes, that you can easily install at your client's house

from 405 EUR

Aluprof MB-104 Passive Aluminium Window System
  • Recommend Aluprof MB-104 Passive to clients interested in energy-saving passive construction
  • Prestigious certificates of the PHI Darmstadt Institute of Passive Houses
  • The standing out feature of MB-104 Passive are outstanding thermal parameters: Uf = 0.45
  • An alternative to this profile is Ponzio PE96 Passive

from 612 EUR

latest window and door system Aluprof MB-79N
  • The MB-79N system is for those customers of your company who expect high thermal insulation parameters
  • A choice of 3 thermal variants of the structure: MB-79N E, MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI
  • The possibility of using invisible hinges and hidden fittings
  • Very good kinematics will allow you to construct narrow opening windows and doors for your client's design

from 445 EUR

Aluprof MB59S Casement Aluminium Window System Profile
  • Depending on the customers' expectations, you can choose between rotary and scissor hinges,
  • Aluprof MB-59S windows should be of interest to you if you run a company in Scandinavia or the British Isles,
  • Aluminium casement windows are a great alternative to wooden and PVC windows that open outwards,
  • Aluminium casement windows are pricier, but you get a durable and less troublesome product than cheap PVC.

from 670 EUR

Aluprof MB 86 Fold Line Aluminium Window System Profile
  • High thermal insulation
  • The newest system of external bifold doors
  • Doors meet all the requirements of architects as well as investors and andividual users
  • Doors opened inwards, outwards and possible to assemble them in any configuration

from 1319 EUR

Aliplast VS6000 Aluminium Sash Window System
  • Multifunctional opening mechanism is hidden inside the profile, which provides an aesthetic appearance and the ability to move the leaves vertically,
  • They can be tilted, which will make it easier for your customers to clean them,
  • A great alternative to wooden sash windows, because they eliminate all the disadvantages of wooden windows,
  • Unlike wood, aluminium is durable, weather-resistant and maintenance-free.

from 1838 EUR

  • Depending on the needs, you can make a sash that rotates vertically or horizontally by 180 degrees
  • The possibility to create large-size structures
  • Can be installed in the wall and as a facade element
  • The optional sash lock is allowing you to set it in the selected position

from 746 EUR

Cortizo Cor80 industrial windows system profile
  • Aluminum Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial windows will increase the value of your investment
  • A warmer version of Cortizo Cor-70: take an interest if you're looking for warm aluminum
  • Thermal parameters Uw = from 0.8
  • A rival solution for such systems as Aluprof MB-86, Ponzio or Aliplast Superial

from 653 EUR

  • Universal Cortizo Cor-70 profile with decent parameters
  • Offer your customers warm aluminum not much more expensive than PVC
  • More durable and lighter material means easier installation and less complaints
  • A competitive solution for such systems as Aluprof MB-70, Ponzio PE68 or Aliplast Imperial.

from 390 EUR

Aluprof MB-FERROLINE profile
  • Aluprof MB-Ferroline a system imitating steel joinery. Take interest in this if you are renovating buildings
  • Renovation jambs allow the installation of new joinery without having to dismantle the old jambs, which will improve your work
  • different types of windows can be made: opening inwards or outwards and fixed windows
  • excellent thermal insulation is based on Aluprof MB-86 system technology

from 530 EUR

Aliplast Steel Look Aluminium Window System
  • Steel Look will give a modern and industrial character to your client's investment
  • A wide range of colors will allow the windows to be perfectly matched to the facade and interior
  • The Steel Look window system will work well in passive and energy-saving construction
  • The design of the windows will emphasize the industrial character of the project
  • Yawal TM 77HI is perfect for designing a consistent and modern interior
  • Possibility of manufacturing windows in the Industrial version with a hidden sash and opening outwards
  • Possibility of reducing the costs of heating thanks to Uw=0.9
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation parameters as well as wind protection.

from 616 EUR

  • Recommend Yawal TM 74HI with hidden hinges for those clients, who take care of the decor details
  • The system is designed for using it in housing construction, public utility and industrial objects
  • Strengthened profiles allow making large-sized constructions
  • Possibility of installing Yawal TM 74HI windows in facade systems

from 574 EUR

Yawal TM 102HI passive energy-saving aluminum windows
  • The Uw and Uf parameters in the Yawal TM 102HI window meet the requirements of passive houses
  • Recommend it for public utility and residential buildings 
  • With the Yawal system, you can create structures of large dimensions and weight for the client's needs
  • A wide range of glazing and the possibility of installing all types of glass available on the market
Reynaers Masterline 8 Aluminium Window System

from 556 EUR

Schuco AWS 75 Aluminium window system

from 757 EUR

Aluprof MB-SLIMLINE Aluminium Window System
  • Aluprof MB-SLIMLINE provides a look similar to steel windows,
  • It has a wide range of glazing – up to 81mm,
  • The narrow profile goes hand in hand with good thermal and sound insulation,
  • It is possible to create window sashes in two variants – with profiles visible or invisible from the outside.

from 495 EUR

Aluprof MB-86US ST, SI profile
  • the sash profile is hidden behind the jamb profile, which makes the outward opening windows and fixed windows look identical from the outside
  • Aluprof MB-86US ST, SI is a great choice if you are building glazed office buildings
  • larger pane surface compared to a classic aluminum window = more natural light in the room
  • it is based on the Aluprof MB-86i profile and has all its advantages

from 597 EUR

  • Recommend the Aliplast Star window and door system to the customers who want both their windows and doors to be based on the same system,
  • The highest-standard version provides the thermal insulation with Uf starting at 0.6 W/m2K,
  • Flawless and harmonious appearance thanks to the non-visible elements covering the drainage holes,
  • Aliplast Star will also work well if you install windows in low-energy buildings or deal with their thermal modernisation.

from 564 EUR

  • Aliplast Imperial is on the top of the aluminium 70 mm windows ranking in every category.
  • If you have a building contract for flats and public utility buildings the Aliplast Imperial profile is the perfect thing for you.
  • It is possible to apply hidden hinges and PCV fittings.
  • Recommend Aliplast Imperial to customers, who expect modern solutions and window constructions in many variants.

from 383 EUR

  • an option of having a low threshold in a balcony door. The perfect solution if your client has children or disabled people at home
  • instead of the Aliplast Superial suggest internal doors and frames to your client
  • traditional and hidden profile drainage
  • Aliplast Superial is applicable for residential and public utility buildings

from 481 EUR

  • Four aesthetic variants (functional, softline, renaissance, hidden sash) – choose the one that will perfectly match the style of your customers' buildings,
  • It meets the requirements of the anti-burglary class, ensures the highest level of security,
  • The CS 68 Renaissance variant imitates wooden profiles.

from 599 EUR

  • Good thermal insulation of the profile – Uf starting at 1.5,
  • The ability to meet your and your customers' additional design requirements,
  • A system with many variants also includes Schuco profiles with special design,
  • The standard version of Schuco AWS 70HI offers windows that open outwards and balcony doors with a very functional low threshold.

from 711 EUR

  • A lot of systems and solutions will allow you to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers of your company
  • Schuco AWS 65 windows are available in block and facade windows
  • AWS 65 will meet even high expectations in terms of design thanks to the design profiles Schuco AWS 65 RL, AWS 65 SL and AWS 65 MC
  • the aesthetics of windows are often chosen by architects for office, commercial and residential buildings

from 671 EUR

  • the individual character of the construction thanks to the possibility for your client to choose different finishes of the Aliplast Genesis 75 profile
  • possibility of installing the Flyscreen system (mosquito nets)
  • recommend Aliplast Genesis 75 to customers for energy-saving homes (Uw = 0.9)
  • modern insulation materials are used, which is a new thing on the market

from 487 EUR


Aluminum windows - opinion: is it worth convincing the customer to buy them?

In our opinion, aluminum windows is a product that is definitely worth recommending to your customers. Many of them are still convinced that aluminum windows are cold and must be expensive at the same time. This is, of course, false. Warm aluminium windows it is now a standard, and every respectable system manufacturers has at his portfolio profiles dedicated to passive houses. 

What are the other benefits of alumnium windows for you and your customers? Aluminium windows and doors mean almost external life and resistance to any weather condtitions, and for your company less complaints in relation to windows made of different materials.

Moreover aluminium windows allow to to make windows of the biggest sizes available, which will make impression on your customer (it can be made in any color), and you will earn a higher marign). Aluminium windows – this is a great business for you because of a higher price-  you will earn more by selling, transporting and carrying the same ammount.

Aluminum windows - the price of aluminum windows in Poland

The price of aluminum windows in Poland compared to prices in Western Europe is very attractive. The low price of aluminum windows is due to the fact that, in Poland, the workforce is cheaper. At the same time, aluminum window joinery is produced on the most modern production lines and based on proven systems and recognized brands.

What does this mean for you and your company? When importing windows from Poland, you can offer your clients from Western Europe or the USA basic aluminum windows at the same prices as plastic windows. If you need a broader price comparison of aluminum windows, be sure to check our aluminum windows price list for companies.

Aluminum window manufacturers in Poland

There are hundreds of aluminum window manufacturers on the Polish market. The offer of includes every major manufacturer of aluminum window systems, the windows of which are produced by selected and reliable factories.

You will find aluminum windows based on the systems of brands such as Aluprof, Aliplast, Ponzio (Polish branch of the Italian manufacturer of aluminum windows) or Cortizo (manufacturer from Spain).

All these manufacturers ensure the highest quality of windows at affordable prices, which is further guaranteed by the importing of aluminum windows from Poland.

Aluminium windows - advantages

Aluminium windows don’t cause problems with maintenance. Products don’t require conservation and are easy in cleaning, which means that they will serve to your client for a very long time.

A plus for you and your company is that you won’t have any complaints and won’t have to go to services. Additionally the lightness of this material improve the installation of joinery. Through this in shorter time you can realize much more orders and earn more.

Warranty of good thermal insulation, water resistance, modern design, wide range of colors and the versatility of projects. High thermal insulation makes that aluminium windows are perfect for passive and energy – efficient houses.

The purpose of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are very versatile.Thanks to many versions of openable and fixed windows (typical doors and windows, roof slope windows, top – hung windows, HST constructions of large sizes) can be used in every type of objects. 

Aluminium windows will particullary find its use in public utility buildings, office buildings. Perfect and very effective solution for modern houses, residences and private investments.

Aluminium windows - stability and large sizes

Any other material won’t match aluminium, when it comes to stability and size of construction. Aluminium has the biggest stability amongst other types of joinery and wide range of shapes and colors of windows and doors.

The widest, aluminium profiles allow to construct glazings of width up to 170 cm and height of 290 cm. There is a possibility to produce corner windows – a narrow post will add the lightness to the structure.

Aluminium windows - warm or cold?

Aluminium windows have had one but very significant defect – they were cold. Currently thanks to modern solutions, which improve insulation, aluminium windows have passive buildings certificates.

Standard aluminium windows have a heat transfer coefficient Uw = 0,8-1,1W/(m2.K.) for a sash of 123 x 148. Whereas a heat transfer coefficient for the warmest sashes is Uw = od 0,53 W/(m2.K.).

Aluminium joinery owes its good parametres to warm, two – chambered sealed glazing units of heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 0,5 W/(m2.K.). Another factors that significantly affected on thermal parametres improvement are insulating spacers placed in the middle chamber of profile. Single – chambered sealed glazing units are no more used in windows, because they are to cold.

Psst, remember about the blinds!


Save time and buy products for up to 50% cheaper by importing windows and doors from Poland.

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