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Aliplast Panorama - aluminium window system

Aliplast Panorama Aluminium Window System

from 1668 EURPrice for reference window 4000x2200 mm

3rd place

in PRICE and PRICE/QUALITY category

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Production time

from 3 weeks

Number of panes


Number of gaskets


Depth of frame

74,5 mm

Depth of sash

74,5 mm


30/42 months

Meet Aliplast Panorama Aluminium  Window System

  • two types of thresholds: full and brush
  • the best thermal insulation among pleats Uw = 0.94
  • perfect for building a terrace or a winter garden
  • varnishing in the structure of Aliplast Wood Color

technical specification





Depth of frame74,5 mm

Depth of sash74,5 mm

Max. size of sash2,45 / 2,40 m

Max. weight of sash100 kg

Panes 2/3



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Aliplast Panorama bi-fold doors for whom? Opinion by

In the opinion of, the Aliplast Panorama folding door is a product for those who do not look for compromises. Aliplasta doors provide all the advantages of a accordion window along with the best thermal insulation in its class. Offer your client those windows if they are looking for warm folding doors. Uw = 0.97 is a rarity in this product group. All, however, thanks to the special thresholds available in Aliplast’s offer. In addition to the typical brush threshold, you can also choose a full threshold, which increases the tightness of this system.

Aliplast Panorama realization

What type of end customer should be interested in Aliplast Panorama?

Recommend Aliplast Panorama folding doors to your client if he wants a wide and open passage from the house to the terrace or garden.

This solution is also recommended for all restaurant owners who want to remove barriers between the interior and the terrace.

Folding doors are also great for rooms that we want to separate temporarily. We have such a solution in the office. Thanks to the installation of a harmonica instead of a partition wall, it is possible to obtain a large open space by connecting offices.

Aliplast Panorama Realization no.2

Aliplast Panorama In what cases is it worth considering another option?

Aliplast Panorama folding doors, despite their advantages, also have disadvantages. One of them is the low value of the maximum wing height. It is only 2.4 / 2.45 meters. When you want a higher folding door, choose: So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door or Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors. For those who do not have enough funds for aluminum folding doors, it is also worth proposing such a solution based on PVC. Here, however, you have to remember about the limitations of the system, such as dimensions and durability. The use of PVC doors in commercial premises is definitely a bad solution.

Aliplast Panorama sample image of realization

More about the system provider of Aliplast Panorama aluminium window system

Manufacturer of aluminium systems. From its very beginnings, Aliplast was focused on its expansion and development, while maintaining the highest quality of the products offered, and designing new solutions for aluminium profile systems. Its sales dynamics, the constantly growing list of recipients from Poland and Europe have been noticed on the market. Aliplast has received many distinctions and prizes awarded by industry and business organisations.

Sumarry of Aliplast Panorama Doors

An interesting solution with Polish roots. You can recommend this system to a client who is looking for windows with a fully open space and also focuses on very good thermal insulation. Among the harmonica available at, Aliplast wins with the best thermal insulation Uw = 0.97. Remember, however, that this system has limitations on the maximum dimensions. In the case of a construction with a height of 2.45-2.8m check So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door, and when your client has larger dimensions in his project, offer him Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors.

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FAQ – who are we and what do we do?

At, we are experts in providing customized window solutions, including patio doors, blinds, entry, and garage doors, tailored to building professionals: developers, general contractors, architects, and construction project managers.   With over a decade of expertise in European windows, we specialize in assisting construction companies to import windows efficiently and profitably.   With debesto, you gain comprehensive, consultative partnerships designed to enhance your project’s success and minimize your business risk. Our customers appreciate most:
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Delivery time, payment, installation, warranty

1. What is the delivery time on

The time of order processing is highly dependent on its specification. For example, white PCV windows, standard colors (anthracite on one side) can be ready for pick up or a shipment from 7 working days. The waiting time for nonstandard PCV colors is about 4 weeks depending on the color. The production time of PCV doors is also about 4 weeks. Aluminium doors and windows - from 3 weeks, wooden windows from 6 weeks. Furthermore, the blinds about 2 weeks, garage doors - about 3 weeks, metallic doors from 4 weeks. You’ll find estimated production time next to every product on its subpage.

2. How does the payment look like? Do I have to pay the whole amount immediately?

We suggest two forms of payment: 1. 50% of advance for production of the product and 50% shall be paid before picking up/ sending the goods. 2. 100% payment in advance. This form is much more favorable because we give you an additional 5% discount depending on the group of products.

3. Will I buy the joinery with an installation on

No, on we sell only windows, doors, blinds, and gates, which we deliver to every place in the world. The installation of the windows depends on the client. We do not offer installation service because our offer is not directed to the building companies, installers, developers, and realtors that can install the joinery by themselves.

4. If the windows would be installed by a different company, do the products keep the warranty?

Yes, the only condition is installing the product in accordance with the art of assembly and applicable standards in the country of the installation in terms of the warranty.

5. Do the products that I buy have a foreign warranty?

Yes, the only condition is installing the product in accordance with the art of assembly and applicable standards in the country of the installation in terms of the warranty.

Are my goods insured during transport?

Yes, the shipment is 100% safe. We deliver the goods only using certified forwarders with liability insurance for the transported goods. If the goods are damaged, we repair the damage so that the new goods reach you as soon as possible. Then we explain the situation with the carrier.

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