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Window manufacturers vs broker - what's the difference?

Typical manufacturerof windows in Poland
Product portfolio
As few as 10 to 15 systems on average
Over 200 systems in one place
Warranty terms
Complicated and full of disclaimers
Simple rules - 30-month worldwide warranty on everything
Price policy
Often higher prices for international orders
Transparent pricing, available on the website
Financial security
Limited to the financial condition of a single manufacturer
Financially verified network of over 30 suppliers
Price competitiveness
uPVC - market average
Aluminium - market average
Wood - market avarage
uPVC - market average
Aluminium - 15-30% off
Wood - 10-20% off
Valuation preparing process
Standard pricing based on exact specifications
An average of 17% savings compared to initial specifications
Windows export experience
Little experience or separated only one of the departments
Specializing exclusively in international trading

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Over 1000 customers in 27 countries around the world. What did they gain?

transport price list from Poland to USA

Exclusive residence in New York City

“Working with debesto exceeded our expectations. We received a high quality product. Communication was very fast and specific. The delivery came on time. Windows packed solidly without any damage.”

Key benefits:

  • Bought 70 aluminum windows as much as $30,000 cheaper than in the US
  • Saved an additional 20% on changes suggested by debesto
  • Ordered the windows, doors and sliders in 1 place, including arranging shipping to the USA
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transport price list from Poland to UK
Kacper BurskiJ.K.Professional Windows and Doors

Renovation of an old factory in the UK

“The windows and other products on offer from this company are of really high quality as is the service. Professional advice and great technical knowledge makes it easy to choose the right product. The attractive price of the products and the low price of transportation are also not negligible.”

Key benefits:

  • Saved £10,000 compared to UK price
  • Express delivery – the windows were already on site in 3 weeks
  • Hardly available product that he could not find elsewhere
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transport price list from Poland to Netherlands
Silviu PavalSilvio Onderhoud

A solution which manufacturers do not have

The client wanted windows and sliding systems to have a uniform appearance, and the glazing to be as large as possible. Therefore, a modified fix system based on Cortizo Cor Vision, complete with concealed sash windows, was produced to special order.

Key benefits:

  • Tailor-made product, which is not available in the standard offer of manufacturers
  • Saved 40 000 PLN in comparison to the price in the Netherlands
  • Additional 30 hours that he could have spent on developing his business instead of looking for windows
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Wondering what the benefits are for your business?

wojtek stanowski debesto
Wojtek StanowskiCEO of debesto.com

We'll give you a hint, if you overpay for windows?

  • You will compare how your current prices compare with the best Polish producers
  • Check for free how much you can save
  • In a completely non-committal way, we will tell you whether it is worth thinking about changing supplier

Broker offer - who do we help and how?

General contractors

  • They buy better quality windows at a lower price (up to 40%)
  • They save more time to develop your business
  • They reduce the risk of costly complaints
  • They receive one contract, transport and invoice
  • They get advice on measurement and installation


  • They save up to 20% over the initial specification
  • They can verify the prices of their current supplier for free
  • They receive one contract, transport and invoice
  • They get advice on measurement and installation

Window fitters

  • We advise them how to earn more on windows and doors
  • They find new contracts - in the fitters catalog
  • We make a professional offer for them with prices for your customer
  • They can buy windows up to 20% cheaper by ordering on the internet themselves.
  • Ther order samples of windows to sell their installation more easily.

Individual customers

  • They can order windows and garage doors online with home delivery
  • They can find a fitter from your area in our catalog
  • They have access for free from the window knowledge base on our website