July 2021

Triple-Glazed PVC Windows Ranking 2021 – The Best Energy-Efficient PVC Windows

Ranking of triple-glazed PVC windows – what do we compare?

Triple glazed PVC windows - energy-efficient window set

In the rankings of energy-saving PVC profiles, we compare finished products.

We chose a set of 11 windows with the following dimensions:

  • 600×500 tilting (2 pieces)
  • 1230×1480 turn & tilt (2 pieces)
  • 1460×1430 2-sash TT + T (2 pieces)
  • 900×2180 balcony TT (2 pieces)
  • 1400×2180 balcony TT + T (1 piece)
  • 1700×2180 fix in the frame (2 pieces)

The debesto.com analysis department has checked for you and your company’s customers the best energy-saving windows of the following brands: Gealan, Veka, Rehau, Salamander, Wital, Decco, Aluplast, Schuco.

For the purposes of comparison, we chose the most popular window color on the market today: double sided anthracite.

All windows are standard equipped with:

  • 3 panes Ug = 0.5 with a warm spacer
  • the warmest PVC profiles on the market
  • 3 gaskets between the frame and the sash
  • aluminum handles
  • undersill trims
  • blockade of incorrect position of the handle

In a word – by spending a few minutes reading our energy-saving PVC windows test, you save several dozen hours of tedious valuations, comparisons and corrections. You will use the time saved to obtain new orders for your company.

Dear System Provider!

Your system is not in the ranking? Do you think it has the potential for a higher investment?

We create our rankings to help develop our clients’ businesses. We reward those profiles that give them the most practical benefits. This is why, apart from the technical parameters, the suppliers of the finished product are also so important.

Recommend us a manufacturer who uses 100% of your system’s capabilities, sells it at an attractive price and provides substantive support, and in the next edition of the ranking, we will be happy to update the data!

Write on suppliers@debesto.com

Voytech Stanowski, CEO

The cheapest triple-glazed PVC windows in 2021

The cheapest energy-saving PVC windows in July 2021 are Decco 83. The test set costs 2 386 EUR.

We only included PVC windows that meet our strict minimum quality criteria in the ranking. It is an economical but safe shelf. By purchasing windows from this category, you will get the perfect utility windows, for tenders, for industry and economical, energy-saving construction.

This is how, in a nutshell, you can describe the PVC windows on the Decco 83 profile, which won this ranking. Proven fittings, top thermal parameters and one of the lowest folding heights – sash + frame make it difficult to stick to something “on paper” and in most situations – especially when every 1 euro plays a role – it will be a good economic choice.

Suggested alternative: Salamander bluEvolution 82

However, if you are looking for something more, and still for a low price, as a window broker we recommend Salamander bluEvolution 82. At a comparable price, you will get a product richer with Siegenia Titan AF fittings (less complaints and services!) And a thin thread weld. Compared to the winner of the category, on the drawbacks side, the sash + frame fold is higher by 9 mm (123 mm vs 114 mm).

In two sentences: if the investor wants more of the world inside, choose Decco 83, and if he appreciates the reliability of the structure more, propose windows based on the Salamander system.

The most affordable PVC windows – TABLE

Window profilePrice (EUR)
Decco 832386
Salamander 822417
Gealan 90002544
Veka Softline 762612
Ideal 80002723
Wital Impact2787
Schuco Living3428
Rehau Synego 803483
Veka Softline3528

The best energy-saving PVC windows 2021

The best triple-glazed PVC windows in July 2021 in our ranking are Gealan 9000, which obtained almost the maximum number of points (11/11.5).

The leading positions in this category are the highest level of standard energy-saving joinery in the class of 3 gaskets and 3 panes. The best of the best energy-saving standard PVC windows. For customers looking for products from the top league – with less appetite for savings.

The winner was a set on Gealan 9000 window profiles. A product that has practically everything that windows of this class should have. From excellent energy efficiency, through reliable fittings from Siegenia, a thin V-Perfect thread weld, to the lowest in the ranking sash and frame folding height.

At Gealan 9000 we will make windows, balcony doors (with a standard threshold, low, sloping), HS sliding windows or panel doors. It is also worth mentioning the additional advantages of the Gealan 9000 system, not included in the ranking. The first is the technology of glued STV glass, the second is the innovative acrylcolor technology.

Behind Gealan ex aequo there are Veka Softline 82 and Rehau Synego 80, which offer more options available in terms of additional profiles and accessories, while giving way to Gealan by the above-mentioned folding height.

The best triple-glazed PVC windows – TABLE

Window profileQuality (Points)
Gealan 900011,00
Veka Softline 8210,50
Rehau Synego 8010,50
Schuco Living10,00
Ideal 800010,00
Salamander 829,50
Veka Softline 769,00
Decco 839,00
Wital Impact8,50

Triple-glazed PVC windows – the best price/quality ratio 2021

In July 2021, Gealan 9000 turned out to be the best in the comparison of triple-glazed PVC windows in the “quality/price” category.

The representative of the German group Veka also wins in this category. Like in the past Skoda in the Volkswagen group, in the window industry Gealan shows how to deliver quality that does not have to be paid for. It is simply a proven, optimal choice in almost any situation.

If the budget is more important in the “quality/price” slogan, it is worth considering systems from other places on the podium.

The second place in terms of the ratio of the quality to the price of the finished product was taken by Salamander bluEvolution 82, which we recommended in the comparison of the cheapest triple-glazed windows. Despite the low price, you will receive a branded, full-value product, additionally equipped with Siegenia Titan fittings and a thin weld. Nice!

And right behind it are the windows on the Decco 83 profile, the cheapest in the entire ranking. Fully Polish technological thought, Polish producer of the system, Polish assembly plant. Apart from the fittings – completely made in Poland! Great thermal parameters, geometric sharp shapes, quality assurance and no service problems. The product works and makes money for hundreds of construction companies around the world.

Three-glazed PVC windows quality / price – TABLE

Window profileQuality/price
Gealan 90008,65
Salamander 827,86
Decco 837,51
Ideal 80007,34
Veka Softline 766,89
Wital Impact6,10
Rehau Synego 806,03
Veka Softline 825,95
Schuco Living5,83
Voytech Stanowski, CEO

Gealan 9000 is currently setting trends – comment from the author of the ranking

At this point, I would like to personally appreciate the Gealan brand for creating a system that was the only one on the podium in all three categories.

The entry of Gealan window profiles into the production lines of subsequent, proven window factories is also noteworthy. I.a. thanks to this, repeatable, the highest quality can go hand in hand with a low price.

The icing on the cake is keeping pace with minimalist trends in construction and the most “frameless windows“, as evidenced by the lowest folding of the sash and frame in the price. This is another category where Gealan 9000 windows were second to none.

Keep it up!

Lowest folding sash + frame

The lowest fold – only 110 mm – have Gealan 9000 windows.

Our new window ranking also takes into account the fold height of the profile visible from the outside. It consists of the height of the sash profile and the frame profile (see the figure below).

Why is it so important?

The lower the folding height, the more natural light that enters the room through the glass. The higher folding height means a smaller glass area. A window with a larger frame and a smaller pane area looks less aesthetic.

Minimalist, narrow-frame windows are currently the leading trend in the world, which can also be seen in the offers of system providers. Like other industries, the window also tends towards the smallest possible frames (including hidden sashes and low folds), you combine better aesthetics with greater usability.

PVC windows with the lowest folding sash + frame – TABLE

Window profileFolding height
Gealan 9000110 mm
Wital Impact113 mm
Decco 83114 mm
Rehau Synego 80117 mm
Ideal 8000119 mm
Schuco Living120 mm
Veka Softline 76122 mm
Salamander 82123 mm
Veka Softline 82124 mm

The warmest triple-glazed windows in 2021

Among the standard energy-saving window systems with three panes and three gaskets, ranking for the warmest system is basically pointless. They all have Uw very close to 0.8 – the best Ideal 8000 has Uw 0.74, the weakest Veka Softline 76 – 0.82.

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

How important is it in practice?

We checked how it can translate into real savings for your clients. There are many energy calculators available on the web – we used the one at www.oszczednydom.pl.

For the test set of windows with an area of approx. 20 m2, differences at the level of 0.01-0.05 bring savings of a dozen or so zlotys per year (!). From an economic point of view, this is not a significant difference. The money spent on a more expensive system with a Uw warmer of 0.05 will probably never pay off.

The situation is different if you have a tender requirement with a clearly defined heat transfer coefficient for the windows. Only for this need, we present a list of the warmest window systems with price and score.

The warmest energy-saving PVC windows – TABLE

Window profileUwPrice (EUR)
Ideal 80000,742723
Decco 830,762396
Veka 820,773528
Rehau 800,773483
Wital Impact0,772787
Salamander 820,772417

Ranking of window manufacturers from Poland – supplier evaluation

All window suppliers from our list represent an equal, solid level of production and technical support.

Using our experience, each system included in the ranking of warm PVC windows was assessed in terms of the quality of the assembly plant where the finished product is made. Knowing about windows, you need to know that even the best window system, but assembled at a poor manufacturer, will be of mediocre quality. We considered two aspects:

  • Reliability and repeatability of the manufacturer – tells us about the reliability, perfection and stability of the supplier
  • Quality of service and after-sales support – with an assessment of what the supplier’s support looks like at the stage when the product has already left the production line

The good news is that all Polish manufacturers included in the 2021 triple-glazed PVC windows ranking represent a solid, high level in both aspects (they received 2 points in each of the criteria).

By ordering each of the windows in the list, you can be sure of a repeatable product, and in the event of a possible complaint (it happens even to the best ones), technical support and assistance in its efficient solution.

The best fittings

The highest score was given to profiles with fittings of the Siegenia Titan AF brand.

Sigenia Titan AF fittings

All products in the ranking of warm PVC windows use the highest quality fittings that will provide your customer with comfortable service and you will not have to go to complaints and regulations, which will save time and money.

The most important thing for you, however, is the information that as many as seven out of nine systems are equipped with Siegenia Titan AF hardware, modern and, in the opinion of debesto.com, the most refined hardware system you will find on the market. The exceptions are Decco 83 and Ideal 8000, with Maco Multi-Matic.

What distinguishes Siegenia fittings?

They are distinguished by the KoPiBo rotary roller, which, regardless of the size of the window and anti-theft points, guarantees light and smooth operation of the window, because it automatically positions itself up, down and rotates – reducing the friction between the anti-theft points and the roller. Which will provide your customers with the highest comfort of everyday use of the window. It is an additional 0.5 points from us.

Corner with a thin weld

Using flashless welding makes the corner of the frame or sash smoothly finished. Undoubtedly, this has a positive effect on the aesthetic value of the window. It is also worth mentioning that it is also supposed to have a positive effect on the tightness of the structure.

With the exception of the Wital and Decco windows, all windows from the ranking are welded using the V-Super or V-Perfect technology. They received an additional 0.5 points for that.

A thin thread weld in PVC windows

System completeness

In the criterion of the most complete system, the maximum result was achieved by the Rehau 80, Schuco Living, Aluplast Ideal 8000 and Veka Softline 82 profiles.

In all of the above-mentioned cases, we will make all types of structures, from facade windows, through balcony windows with a low threshold or a sloping threshold, lift and slide windows, to panel doors. The whole is complemented by a wide range of additional profiles and accessories. All this meant that each of them received as much as 3 points.

Right behind their backs we placed Gealan 9000, Decco 83, Salamander 82 and Veka 76. Based on these systems, we will make each of the above-mentioned constructions, while the list of accessories is slightly shorter than in the case of the competition. Gealan stands out as a plus in this group, he received 2.5 points, and the account of the other profiles received 2 points. Only Wital stands out from the rate, which allows only windows and received only 1 point.

Detailed comparison of energy-saving PVC profiles (table)

Window profileUwFittingsA thin thread weldFolding height sash+frame (mm)System completenessQualityNet price (EUR)Quality/price
Gealan 90000,79Siegenia TitanYES1102,511,0025448,65
Salamander bluEvolution 820,77Siegenia TitanYES12329,5024177,86
Decco 830,76Maco Multi-MaticNO11429,0023967,51
Ideal 80000,74Maco Multi-MaticYES119310,0027237,34
Veka Softline 760,82Siegenia TitanYES12229,0026126,89
Wital Impact0,77Siegenia TitanNO11318,5027876,10
Rehau Synego 800,77Siegenia TitanYES117310,5034836,03
Veka Softline 820,77Siegenia TitanYES124310,5035285,95
Schuco Living0,80Siegenia TitanYES120310,0034285,83

Ranking of triple-glazed PVC windows – methodology

In our comparison, we evaluate the quality of finished triple-glazed PVC windows. The entire finished product and its quality include, among others:

  • quality of the PVC system, its parameters and design possibilities
  • solutions (e.g. fittings) used by the manufacturer in the finished window
  • prefabricator (supplier) assessment
  • the likelihood of a complaint
  • technical support at the sales stage and after-sales (including possible complaints)

Ranking is subjective by nature. This is also the case this time. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences:

  • debesto customers
  • debesto
  • prefabricators
  • system providers

In conclusion, this ranking does not only show the technical, theoretical capabilities of the system makers. The ranking is also not just about prefabrication.

Our ranking evaluates the quality of a PVC window as a complete, finished product along with its packaging, handling, service, logistics and the quality of pre- and after-sales support.

We rely on the data provided by the manufacturer. If, as a system supplier, you see a mistake in the description of your products, remember that it is the manufacturers who prefabricate on your profiles that provided the data for this statement.

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