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Manufacturers vs debesto window agent - what's the difference?

Typical Polishwindow manufacturer
Window agent
Product portfolio
As few as 10 to 15 systems on average
Over 200 systems in one place
Warranty terms
Complicated and full of disclaimers
Simple rules - 30-month worldwide warranty on everything
Price policy
Often higher prices for international orders
Transparent pricing, available on our website
Financial security
Limited to the financial condition of a single manufacturer
Financially verified network of over 30 suppliers
Price competitiveness
uPVC - market average
Aluminum - market average
Wood - market avarage
uPVC - market average
Aluminum - 15-30% off
Wood - 10-20% off
Valuation preparing process
Standard pricing based on exact specifications
An average of 17% savings compared to initial specifications
Windows export experience
Little experience typically confined to single department
Specializing exclusively in international trading
Wojtek StanowskiCEO of

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transport price list from Poland to USA
Jonathan HopkoUS construction company

Import windows from Europe without any complications

“After talking to some past customers and the introductory interactions with the debesto staff, we felt confident to proceed. The Entire Team at debesto was calming and reassuring and extremely professional! Then it happened, the container was here and the seal was broken… we opened the doors to find an absolutely pristine and extremely well-packaged crates. The windows and doors we received exceeded our expectations! It was well worth the journey to purchase through debesto.”

Key benefits:

  • Saved $20,000 per order thanks to our market analysis
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transport price list from Poland to USA
Maxx GarrisonUS construction company

Expertise along with support, security and transparency in our operations

“debesto made it easy to source and import high-quality windows, which exceeded my expectations. All of the details were managed: design, manufacturing, and the entire import process, including shipping and trucking to the job site. The pricing and performance of the triple-pane aluminum windows I chose was better than what I could find in the US.”

Key benefits:

  • Paid 40% less compared to US prices
  • Received specification support and video-consultation of solutions
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transport price list from Poland to USA
Michael RobbUS construction company

A solution to save 40% of the price

“Quality and pricing were the main reasons why I decided to cooperate with debesto. The windows and doors are high quality, and I’m very happy with them. Communication is the best feature of debesto. You guys are great at it!”

Key benefits:

  • Paid 40% less compared to US prices
  • Saved $2,000 on shipping to the US
  • Met the technical requirements for U-Value and retained the premium style of the windows.
  • Ordered the best profiles for his project in terms of quality/price ratio.
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transport price list from Poland to USA

Exclusive residence in New York City

“Cooperation with debesto has exceeded our expectations. We received a high quality product. Communication was very quick and specific. The delivery came on time. Windows packed solidly without any damage.”

Key benefits:

  • Bought 70 aluminum windows as much as $30,000 cheaper than in the US
  • Saved an additional 20% on changes suggested by debesto
  • Ordered the windows, doors and sliders in 1 place, including the shipping arrangement to the USA
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debesto offer - who do we help and how?

  • Save up to 20% compared to the initial specification
  • Verify the prices of your current supplier for free
  • Receive one contract, transport, and invoice
  • Get expert advice on measurement and installation
General Contractors
  • Buy better quality windows at a lower price (up to 40%)
  • Free up more time to grow your business
  • Reduce the risk of costly complaints
  • Receive one contract, transport, and invoice
  • Get expert advice on measurement and installation
Design Build Contractors
  • Impress clients with sleek, contemporary styles
  • Enjoy customizationwithout extra charge
  • Showcase superior materials and flawless construction
  • Receive professional support throughout every project stage

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