Offer for construction companies, general contractors and developers

Based on conversations with owners of construction companies across USA and Europe, we know that 90% of the things you need to start earning more in joinery by importing windows from Poland are as follows:

We have already been trusted by more than 1,300 construction company owners from around the world. They appreciated the most:

Better quality and up to 40% lower price

In 1 place they had over 200 systems to choose from, including out-of-the-box solutions

More time to grow their business

They delegated the time-consuming work to a debesto consultant who took care of everything

Reduced risk of costly complaints

By checking out the offer during a video meeting. In addition, they are protected by a worldwide warranty

Possibility of buying a window sample before main order

You can order without risk and we’ll deduct the double price of the sample from your first order

They got one contract, transport and invoice

We eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Our process is fast, but still safe

They got the knowledge how to measure and install

We advise on how to install joinery correctly to avoid complaints and servicing

See what their realizations looked like:

Want to know how much your business can gain by importing joinery from Poland?