June 2021

Ranking of energy-saving aluminum 80mm windows - comparison of triple-pane aluminum windows

categoryLowest price

Prices for aluminum profiles listed in the ranking range from 4 362 EUR to 9 174 EUR (prices for a set of 11 windows in 6 types).

The first place for the lowest price is taken by the Aliplast Genesis 75 with a price of 4 362 EUR. Right behind him, with a slightly higher price of 4 867 EUR, is Aluprof MB-86, and the podium is closed by Ponzio PE78N with a price of 4 945 EUR.

We remind you that the given price includes the finished product from our manufacturers. Do you have a product that could be ranked high?Contact us!

  • 1st place: Aliplast Genesis 75 ; 4 362 EUR
  • 2nd place: Aluprof MB-86 ; 4 759 EUR
  • 3rd place: Ponzio PE78N ; 4 835 EUR
  • 4th place: Yawal TM 77HI ; 5 251 EUR
  • 5th place: Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial ; 5 637 EUR
  • 6th place: Reynaers Masterline 8 ; 6 563 EUR
  • 7th place: Schuco AWS 75 ; 9 174 EUR

categoryBest quality

The first place in the “best quality” category belongs to the Aluprof MB-86 system.

Aluprof MB-86 was awarded the first place for the completeness of the system, min. sash and frame height (89.5 mm) and the fastest production time (from 3 weeks).

With the MB-86 system, we can make a balcony with a perimeter frame, a balcony with a low threshold, large-size structures, windows with a hidden sash, folding doors, sliding doors, PSK, casement windows and panel doors. 

For each parameter, we awarded Aluprof the maximum number of points with the exception of Uw = 0.83, which is slightly different from Schuco AWS 75 (Uw = 0.78) and Yawal TM 77HI (Uw = 0.80).

Right behind the Aluprof MB-86 window there is Yawal TM 77HI with a total of 16.5 points. TM 77HI ensures maximum illumination of rooms thanks to the low sash and frame height and saves energy consumption thanks to Uw = 0.80.  However, it stands out due to the lack of a valuable bifold. The folding door from Yawal is a solution that differs from the current leaders, therefore we recognize that there is a lack of them. However, we know from certain sources that work is underway on a modern solution in this matter. We keep our fingers crossed for a positive implementation! The downside is also the lack of assured manufacturers who would be able to produce a system at such a high level and at the same speed as Aluprof.

As many as 3 systems are in third place – Aliplast Genesis 75, Ponzio PE78N and Schuco AWS 75. All of those systems have a very good sash and frame height, except for Aliplast, which has this parameter at 102.5 mm and is 14.5 mm higher than Cortizo Cor 80 Industrial, which boasts the lowest sash and frame height (88 mm).

The lower position of Ponzio, Schuco and Reynaers systems is mainly due to the fact that the system providers did not provide us with manufacturers who would assembly a given profile at the highest level.  Dear System Provider – if you know producers who can fight with your system for a higher place in our ranking – Write here!

  • 1st place: Aluprof MB-86; 18 points
  • 2nd place: Yawal TM 77HI; 16.5 points
  • 3rd place: Ponzio PE78N; 15 points
  • 4th place: Aliplast Genesis 75; 15 points
  • 5th place: Schuco AWS 75; 15 points
  • 6th place: Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial; 14.5 points
  • 7th place: Reynaers Masterline 8; 14 points

categoryQuality / Price

The winner is the Aluprof MB-86 aluminum system with a score of 3.70. Aliplast Genesis 75 comes second with a score of 3.36 and Yawal TM77HI comes third with a score of 3.06.

Aluprof MB-86 won in the quality / price category, because its system is complete, allows a lot of light into the interior of the building and has good thermal parameters. Definitely the highest quality of the finished product at a repeatable quality and price that can be fully satisfying. Hats off to Aluprof! Not only for the system – but also for trained armies of manufacturers who are able to use its systems to produce perfect – world-class Aluminum windows!

The Aliplast Genesis 75 took the second place. This is mainly due to its low price. In terms of quality, it differs with  the sash and frame height (102.5 mm) and the production time (6-7 weeks).

Yawal TM 77HI takes the podium in 3rd place with a sash and frame height of 89 mm, which is one of the best results. Yawal lacked a folding window to win, a slightly lower price and faster production time.

  • 1st place: Aluprof MB-86; 3.78
  • 2nd place: Aliplast Genesis; 3.44 
  • 3rd place: Yawal TM 77HI; 3.14
  • 4th place: Ponzio PE78N; 3.10
  • 5th place: Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial; 2.57 
  • 6th place: Reynaers Masterline 8; 2.13
  • 7th place: Schuco AWS 75; 1.64

Detailed comparison of aluminium 80mm Windows (table)

The order of places in the table is determined by the quality / price result

ProfileWarmth of the window Uw Min.folding height (mm) Fittings System completeness Production time QUALITYPRICE (euro) PRICE / m2 (euro) QUALITY / PRICE
1st place

Aluprof MB-86
0.8389,5SIGENIA TITAN AF3 pointsfrom 3-4 weeks184 759270
2nd place

Aliplast Genesis 75
102,5SIGENIA TITAN AF3 pointsfrom 6-7 weeks154 362247
3rd place

Yawal TM 77HI
0.8089ROTO AL2 pointsfrom 4-5 weeks16,55 2512983,14
4th place

Ponzio PE78N
0.8498WINKHAUS ACTIVPILOT3 pointsfrom 4-5 weeks154 8352743,10
5th place

Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial
0.8688STAC EVO SOFT2 pointsfrom 6-7 weeks14,55 6373192,57
6th place

Reynaers Masterline 8
0.9397ROTO AL3 pointsfrom 4-5 weeks146 5633722,13
7th place

Schuco AWS 75
0.7891AVANTEC SIMPLYSMART3 pointsfrom 6-7 weeks159 1745201,64

The warmest triple-pane aluminum windows

ProfileUw (U Factor)
Schuco AWS 75

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Uw 0.78 (U Factor 0,14)
Yawal TM 77HI

View details

Uw 0.80 (U Factor 0,14)
Aluprof MB-86

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Uw 0.83 (U Factor 0,15)

For the purposes of the ranking of warm aluminum windows, we compared the results of the Uw (U factor) warmth coefficient for the reference windows (1230 x 1480 mm RU).

The best thermal parameters have Schuco AWS 75 with a result of Uw = 0.78 and Yawal TM 77HI with Uw = 0.8. In the case of Aluprof MB-86, Aliplast Genesis 75, Cortizo Cor 80 Industrial and Ponzio PE78N systems, the Uw coefficient is almost identical. It is in the range 0.83 – 0.86. These are minimal differences that do not make much difference to the energy loss. Reynaers Masterline 8 was the worst with Uw = 0.93.

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

Aluminum windows with the lowest sash and frame height

WindowSash and frame height
Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial

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88 mm
Yawal TM 77HI

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89 mm
Aluprof MB-86

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89,5 mm

The minimum possible sash and frame height of the profile visible from the outside. It consists of the height of the sash profile and the height of the frame profile.

The lowest sash and frame height of the window visible from the outside is available with the Cortizo Cor-80 (88 mm), Yawal TM 77HI (89 mm) and Aluprof MB-86 (89.5 mm) profiles.

The lower the sash and frane height, the more natural light in the room. Higher fold height means more frame and less glass. A window with a wider frame looks less aesthetic, which is worth knowing by the architect and customers of your company who are fans of minimalism and want to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the building outside.

Fittings in aluminum windows

In the ranking of warm aluminum windows, we compared 7 systems, including 5 types of fittings. The combined aluminum systems have window hardware such as: Sigenia Titan AF, Roto AL, Winkhaus ActivPilot, Stac Evo Soft and Avantec SimplySmart. From the user’s point of view, we do not see significant differences here, so we awarded everyone with equal score.

Warm energy-saving aluminium windows ranking - Winkhaus fittings

Complete aluminum systems

Complete aluminum systems will be appreciated by your client who wants various types of aluminum windows and PSK windows / doors in his home, and at the same time wants to maintain a consistent design.

The architect, for whom the appearance of the entire structure is crucial, will also be looking for versatile systems. The most comprehensive systems in the ranking are: Aluprof MB-86, Aliplast Genesis 75, Ponzio PE78N, Reynaers Masterline 8 and Schuco AWS 75.

Only two systems are incomplete. Yawal TM 77HI does not currently have folding doors, and the Cortizo Cor 80 system cannot be used to make a balcony with a low threshold. These systems gained 1 point for the completeness of the system. less than the rest.

If you or your client really care about a patio doors with a low threshold of the Cortizo Cor system, we recommend the slightly colder Cortizo Cor 70 system. We remind you that we are talking about finished windows and patio doors that are provided by the manufacturer of a given system.

Warm energy-saving aluminium windows ranking - versatile windows ponzio

The production time of aluminum windows and the reliability of the supplier

In the window ranking, we assessed the time of production, the reliability of the supplier and its quality of after-sales support. Production dates are given by the factories we work with. The reliability of the supplier and the quality of after-sales support is assessed through an interview with debesto employees. We took into account the execution of orders, complaints, delays and waiting time for a valuation.

Aluprof MB-86 has the fastest delivery time (minimum 3-4 weeks). We wait the longest (at least 6-7 weeks) for Aliplast Genesis 75, Cortizo COR 80 and Schuco AWS 75. We can offer the most reliable supplier for Aluprof MB-86 and Aliplast Genesis 75 systems.

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What do we evaluate in the ranking of aluminum windows? - methodology

We evaluate the quality of aluminum triple-pane windows. The entire finished product and its quality include, among others:

  • quality of the aluminum system
  • prefabricator (supplier) opinion
  • delivery times
  • the likelihood of a complaint
  • technical support at the sales stage and after-sales (including possible complaints)

Ranking is subjective by nature. This is also the case this time. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences of:

  • debesto customers
  • debesto technologists
  • manufacturers
  • system providers

Most importantly, the ranking also compares HARD DATA, i.e. the parameters of finished products listed below:

  • Uw coefficient (U factor)
  • sash and frame height
  • fittings
  • system completeness

In conclusion, this ranking does not show the technical, theoretical capabilities of the system providers. The ranking also does not only focus on prefabrication. Our ranking evaluates the quality of the aluminum window as a complete, finished product along with its packaging, handling, service, logistics and the quality of pre- and after-sales support.

We rely on the data provided by the manufacturer. If, as a system supplier, you see an error in the description of your products, focus on better training of your producers, because they provided the wrong data.

In other words, by spending a few minutes reading our comparison of warm aluminum windows, you save several dozen hours of tedious valuations, comparisons, corrections and possible complaints from dissatisfied customers. By reading the ranking, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and avoid buying a pig in a poke.

We know that systems that look great in advertising materials can quickly loose their charm at the stage of fatal prefabrication. Behind the producers cooperating with us is high quality and reliability. Supporting the ranking, you can be sure that the finished product will reach your construction site on time, will meet all quality standards, and in case of any questions or problems, you will receive appropriate support.

Each investor has different needs, expectations and budgets. Thanks to the ranking, you are able to recommend the perfect solution for their investment, and the time saved thanks to the ranking can be used to obtain new orders. And we know that there will be more and more of them, because your satisfied customers are the next recommendations of your services.

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