Other suppliers *
Place of application: Only Poland
Additional terms: Manufacturer's assembly
Duration [mths]:
Aluminium windows
Wood doors
Pane packets
* randomly selected
Place of application: The whole world
Additional terms: Correct assembly
Duration [mths]:
30 For everything
in standard
Place of application: The whole world
Additional terms: Correct assembly
Duration [mths]:
42 For everything
with a 3% surcharge

Why did we create the warranty?

We created the warranty because we care about the business of our clients. We know how difficult it is to find a manufacturer with a flawless warranty. We aim to meet the expectations of our Customers because we believe that the best solutions are simple solutions. If you regularly buy windows from Poland, use the global warranty, in which you do not have to worry and remember which window element is covered by a given warranty. We are sure of the quality of our suppliers and the services we provide, which is why we give you the guarantee for everything. Without limits. All over the world.

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Conditions of Worldwide warranty

I.  Formal:

  1. Guarantor: (independently from the manufacturer’s warranty conditions)2.
  2. Two variants of the warranty (time from the production of goods):
  • 30 months – standard
  • 42 months – 3% of the value of the goods for the additional year.

3. Two variants of the warranty (time from the production of goods):

II. Practical:

  1. Checking the goods during transport:
  • Inspection of the goods in the presence of the courier, writing down any damage found on the CMR in pos. 24 and documenting it on photos are necessary
  • Remember – before you sign the CMR, take as much time as you need to verify the delivered order. The driver is obliged to wait until you complete the checking process after unloading.

       2. Checking the products before assembly:

  • The customer is obliged to check the quality and mechanics of the product’s operation before installation and during installation, before the product is permanently fixed in the building structure (in particular, before using assembly foams, mortars, sealants, etc.), which leave permanent traces on the product structure.
  • The customer has 48 hours to report visible defects
  • If the defects could be found before the installation of the product, the buyer loses the right to claim under the warranty with the beginning of the installation.
  • If the products are ordered to replace other dismantled joinery, the customer is obliged to check the operation of the purchased products before dismantling the earlier structures. In case of a malfunction, it may be necessary to return the defective products. Remember, if you do not check the delivered goods in terms of condition and dimensional compliance, you disassemble the product at your own risk.

       3. Self assembly:

  • Installing the products on your own is acceptable, but the joinery must be installed in accordance with the guidelines of How to install a sliding door? – in cases not specified by, the general rules of construction practice apply.
  • Malfunctions in the operation of the joinery related to its improper adjustment, maintenance or operation are not covered by the warranty and their removal is the responsibility of the buyer

 III. application procedure:

  • All complaints should be submitted in electronic form only via the form available at 
  • Complaints are handled remotely (via e-mail with the possibility of telephone contact), on the basis of photo and video documentation in sufficient quality to confirm the legitimacy of the complaint. Minimum technical requirements for attached multimedia materials: Photos and videos should be taken in daylight, and if this is not possible you should use an artificial light, which allows you to record a detailed and not blurried picture.
  • The minimum required resolution of the photos is 8 megapixels
  • The minimum video resolution required is 1920×1080 (Full HD) at 30 frames per second
  • does not have mobile service technicians and all matters are resolved with remote cooperation of both parties. As established in the proforma invoice, the client declares that he has the skills and/or resources to carry out the service on his own
  • We reserve that in the event that the submitted documentation does not allow for an unequivocal assessment of the legitimacy of the complaint, we may request the documentation to be supplemented, thus extending the time for considering the complaint
  • Complaint examination time: 14 days from the date of filing the complaint, and in difficult cases – 30 days from the date of filing
  • If the claim is considered:
    – repair or replacement of defective goods will be adjusted within the prescribed time limit, possible for technological, logistic and production reasons
    – delivery costs are covered by
    As part of the removal of defects in goods, it is possible to release only parts, components or structures of the goods.

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