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Sliding systems in our offer, provide wide range of options for your customers, to choose the perfect solution for their needs. In our offer you'll find tilt and slide system, smart slide and lift and slide system.


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Cortizo Cor-Vision PLUS Sliding System
  • 94% of a glass surface will satisfy all those who love open spaces
  • Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus version with manual or automatic drive
  • the version with automatic drive allows the sash to be completely hidden in the frame in the closing position
  • winner in the "lowest price" category in the sliding systems ranking

from 4837 EUR

  • Unrestricted freedom in shaping the space with a minimalist and modern look,
  • Manual and automatic control,
  • Structures up to 4 m high,
  • Completely hidden aluminium frame of the structure and barrier-free threshold.

from 6569 EUR

Schüco ASS 77 PD (Panorama Design) profile
  • Exclusive sliding Schuco ASS 77 doors - for companies that want to offer premium joinery
  • Must have, if you are an architect. Narrow profiles (37 mm), hidden jamb and flat threshold allow huge glazing literally from floor to the ceiling
  • The reputation of the Schuco brand and the latest technological innovations guarantee sales at a very high margin

from 7825 EUR

schuco ASE 67 - section
  • Easy assembly of the roller guide without tools
  • Schuco ASE 67 PD is the perfect solution for every investment of your clients
  • Locking system completely integrated in the sash
  • Aesthetic threshold flushed with the floor, that makes walking through easier

from 5503 EUR

  • The doors can be used when designing large, fully glazed exterior walls,
  • Architects will like the minimalistic and elegant look of the windows,
  • By using Sapa Artline you can unite the interior of the room with its surroundings,
  • Offer it to your customers if they want to have a really bright room.

from 8342 EUR

Reynaers Hi-Finity
  • the Hi-Finity system will ensure prestige and high quality of life for your company's premium customers
  • roller spacing and high durability allow the installation of glass panels weighing up to 500 kg.
  • Hi-Finity is called by the Reynaers brand "a miracle of technology"
  • received the Henry van de Velde label award as a product of high quality, innovation and aesthetics

from 10 363 EUR

Gealan Smoovio profile
  • Gealan Smoovio is designed for single-family housing as well as hotel and apartment buildings
  • A palette of 60 colors will help you and your client to choose the perfect one
  • Elegant and modern design will satisfy even the more demanding group of your customers
  • The first sliding system with such a light and smooth sliding mechanism with simultaneous high tightness.
Cortizo Cor-Vision Sliding System
  • big pane surface - in other words - excellently lighted space
  • two opening systems - manual and automatic
  • the highest level of thermal and acoustic isolation
  • traditional way of installation

from 4588 EUR

Aluplast smart-slide PVC sliding door system
  • Only 15% more expensive than tilt and slide doors and 50% cheaper than lift and slide doors,
  • Smart-Slide is a reliable sliding system – save yourself time and frustration; no defects means no complaints,
  • Two times lighter than lift and slide doors, installation is easier and faster,
  • simple and intuitive opening method resembling that of a lift and slide system.

from 942 EUR

Ponzio SL1600tt lift and slide profile
  • for making Ponzio SL1600TT constructions with particularly high requirements for thermal insulation
  • an optional movable corner post allows the connection of two shashes at an angle of 90 °
  • Ponzio SL1600TT suitable for creating large constructions up to 8 sashes
  • level of insulation adapted to customer’s needs: standard, PLUS and HI

from 3390 EUR

PSK Tilt and slide door system profile


PSK Tilt and Slide Door System

from 529 EUR

  • They are based on the standard frame system available in all PVC profiles from our catalog
  • comfortable closing and opening
  • a wide selection of veneers

from 529 EUR

Sky-Frame Aluminium Sliding System - realization
  • Sky-Frame is a premium product, not for every customer of your company
  • mounted in aluminum frames to the floor and ceiling
  • Sky-Frame is a world leader and pioneer in the production of frameless sliding windows
  • unlimited spatial experience with spectacular views
Aluprof MB section of the profile
  • Aluprof MB-Skyline panoramic windows will raise the rank of any investment
  • large glazing and no restrictions on the width of the construction
  • narrow profiles give a minimalist and modern look
  • The 3-chamber construction of the profile and Uw = from 0.85 will ensure a high level of thermal insulation

Sliding systems - for whom?

Sliding systems – it’s a premium product. Offer those to your clients who can afford to buy this product or choose them when you want something that will increase a prestige of your investment.

For those who want to have premium joinery in their offer, want to grow their own business and earn more. By selling a product of the highest quality, great parameters, modern design and easy in use you are giving to your client a guaranty of full satisfaction for many years. 

For architects who are designing modern buildings. In this case this is a must have! Large constructions, hidden jamb, flat threshold and large glazings from the floor to the ceiling.

Sliding systems - comparision

In our offer we have PSK, Smart-slide and HST sliding systems. The cheapest and the worse choice are tilt and slide PSK doors.This is an option for those clients who really want to have sliding system, and weren’t convinced to buy much better HST system, or they just don’t want to spend so much money on it.

However HST is for those who want premium product, expect better parameters, exclusive appearance and reliability. Convince your client to buy HST system, he will be fully satisfied and your company will earn more.

Detailed HST, PSK and Smart-slide doors comparison, with all advantages and disadvantages for you and your client, you will find on our blog in the article -> Comparison of sliding systems Smart Slide, HST and PSK

Sliding systems advantages

Sliding systems except an exclusive appearance and unusual functionality have also other brilliant advantages that will convince your clients to a purchase.

The most important advantages of sliding systems on the example of HST are: high thermal insulation, possibility of making constructions even to eight sashes, maximum lighting of construction thanks to large glazings, reliable usage and no complaints from your clients.

The choice of HST system as an example is not accidental, because it is a product with the biggest number of advantages.

Psst, remember about the blinds!


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Number of chambers

Number of gaskets

U-value of glass

U-value of frame

U-value of window

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