Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System
Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System
Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System
Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System

Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System

from 2356 EUR Price for the reference window 1230x1480 mm , one tilt-and-turn sash, with a double-glazed unit in a standard color. Net price for bulk orders

2nd place

in the PRICE category

Production time

from 4 weeks





Leaf depth

67 mm

Maximum leaf size

3200 x 3300


30/42 months

Explore Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System:

  • Stable structures with the option of fitting large glazing that will provide a comfortable transition from the inside of the building to the outside
  • Lift and slide doors without the possibility of installing a drive
  • Aliplast Ultraglide ranks second in the "lowest price" category for a system without a drive in the HST sliding window ranking by
  • A system dedicated to single-family houses, modern apartments and public buildings

technical specification



Maximum leaf size3200 x 3300

Maximum leaf weight400

Maximum filling thickness52

Frame depth (2 rails)153

Leaf depth67

The width of the center post125

Number of panes3




Warm frameYES

Warranty30/42 months

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Aliplast Ultraglide - who is it the best for? opinion

The aluminum Ultraglide system by Aliplast is designed to create sliding and lift-sliding structures. 

It has been adapted for use in residential and public buildings. It complies with the current requirements in terms of aesthetics, thermal insulation and safety. You can easily recommend this solution to your company’s clients, even for new developments.

Aliplast Ultraglide sliding doors are also available with a hidden sash and with a 90 ° angle solution.

Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System

Who do we recommend Aliplast Ultraglide Aluminum Sliding Doors to?

Companies that need modern patio doors for their clients, with good parameters and the possibility of creating large, stable structures.

Ultraglide doors allow to create structures in which the leaf can be up to 3300 mm high and 3500 mm wide. The maximum weight of a sash of this type is 250 kg for the sliding system and 400 kg for the lift and slide system.

Your client will be able to enjoy a lot of natural light that flows into the room through large glazing.

Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System

What type of end customer should be interested in the Aliplast Ultraglide Aluminum System?

Customers who seek high-quality, modern aluminum windows that will provide a transition from the inside of the house to the terrace or garden. Lift and slide doors are perfect for this role. Large glazing provides the impression of connecting the interior with the outside world.

Aliplast Ultraglide will also work well in modern apartments and public buildings. It provides convenience of use, and in the case of apartments will increase the value of the investment and give it a premium feel.

You can learn more about the lift and slide doors in our HST sliding window ranking.

See the ranking of HST sliding windows

Aliplast Ultraglide Lift and Slide Door System

More about the producer of Aliplast Aluminum Terrace Doors Ultraglide?

Producer of aluminum systems. From the very beginning, Aliplast focused on expansive development, while maintaining the highest quality of the offered product and developing new solutions in aluminum profile systems.

Dynamic sales and a constantly growing list of recipients from Poland and Europe have been noticed on the market.

Aliplast is a laureate of many awards and prizes awarded by industry and business organizations.

Summary of HST Aliplast Ultraglide Aluminum Doors:

The Aliplast Ultraglide aluminum lift and slide doors are a premium product at a low price. In the ranking of aluminum sliding windows, HST 2021 was ranked second in the “lowest price” category for a system without a drive and third in the “quality / price”category.

For relatively little money, you can provide a more modern look for your investment. Remember, however, that the structure will not be in line with the current trends, i.e. windows with narrow frames. The middle post in the Aliplast Ultraglide system is as high as 125 mm. These doors also do not come with a drive option, which is currently required by most customers.

Recommend the Aliplast Ultraglide system to customers who do not mind it being slightly technologically different from the competition.

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