September 2021

Ranking of premium aluminum patio windows 2021. Comparison of large, frameless, sliding patio doors.

categoryPremium sliding windows at the lowest price category

Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus turned out to be the cheapest system in the latest edition of our ranking.

You can buy a large-size premium class sliding window with dimensions of 3000 x 2200 mm in Poland for approx. 4 175 EUR. Compared to the most expensive system in the list, you will pay over 3 times less! Interestingly, the low price of Cortizo does not mean lower quality than other systems, as evidenced by its position in the “The best value to money” category.

The Yawal Moreview system took 2nd place and the Aluprof MB-Skyline type R system was ranked 3rd. Yawal is 900 EUR cheaper than the Skyline type R. This is quite a big difference, so when choosing a particular system, it is worth taking into account the other parameters and matching them to the customer’s needs.

Your potential customer has such a tight budget that even the cheapest Moreview on the list is beyond their reach? Offer him an alternative, even 40% cheaper, in the form of an aluminum lift and slide door with a narrow post (47 mm) – HS Yawal DP 180. Or really cheap PVC systems: Aluplast Smart-Slide and Gealan Smoovio.

categoryPremium quality sliding windows category

Sliding windows characterised by the best quality in the ranking of are Yawal Moreview.

Moreview scored maximum points for each parameter we assessed for the comparison of frameless sliding systems. The great quality of sliding doors is the satisfaction of your customers and for you a guarantee that you will not waste time on warranty repairs, replacement of elements and frequent service. High quality does not have to go hand in hand with a high price. Moreview is a great example of this. In Yawal Moreview, the widest glazing unit can be used in the entire set (60 mm), which ensures safety, great acoustics and energy efficiency. A roller sliding system and a low threshold will provide your client an access to the patio without any barriers.

Aluprof MB-Skyline type R (second place in the “Highest quality” category) using rollers instead of trolleys in the threshold eliminated the biggest pain of its older brother Aluprof Skyline, for which we awarded 2 points. Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus also has a roller drive system and excellent thermal parameters – that’s why, it received the same number of points.

Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD is a premium product from a leading supplier of aluminum systems in the world. The reputation of the brand will undoubtedly be an argument that can convince your customers of Schuco’s offer. The downside is, unfortunately, the width of the center post, which is as much as 37 mm, which is one of the weakest results in our sliding window comparison. In times when modern architecture expects the largest possible glazing and the smallest possible frames, such a large width of the post may be a disadvantage in the eyes of customers. You will get quality comparable to the competition by paying an incomparably higher price.

categoryPremium sliding windows category - the best value for money

The product selection in the quality / price category was a matter of course. Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus won in the price category, showed the best quality and thus also won the competition for the optimal choice.

Cortizo improved the maximum possible thickness of the glazing unit, which is now 56 mm (2 mm more than before). It also offers excellent thermal parameters – the Uw coefficient for the configuration 1 active sash + fix is ​​0.8. Its reasonable price helped it climb to the top of the list.

Second choice is Yawal Moreview. The maximum sash weight of 400 kg, the width of the central post 27 mm, the thickness of the glazing unit 60 mm and Uw = 0.85 enable the construction of large and, at the same time, stable sliding windows and doors, while maintaining the suitable standards.

 Aluprof MB-Skyline type R remains on the podium, which presents itself very well in terms of quality and received the maximum number of points for most of the parameters. Once again, we congratulate Aluprof on correcting the errors and resigning from the deep threshold in favor of sliding rollers. As a result, type R ranks better than its predecessor.

categoryBest value for money category - Premium sliding windows with automatic drive

The winner of the premium sliding windows with a drive is undoubtedly Cortizo Cor-Vison with a score of 19.38 points.

In the table on windows with automatic drive, pay attention to the “quality / price” category, which will help you choose the most optimal product, in which the quality will not be determined by the price. In this case, Cortizo took the lead and Yawal finished second with 16.68. Why is Cor-Vision ranked first among auto-drive systems? The decisive factor was the simplicity of the drive assembly, its connection and the final processing, for which he was awarded the maximum number of points. The automatic system is hidden in a dedicated frame, which makes it easy to process and assemble. Aluprof Skyline Type R took 3rd place, which could be seen on the podium in previous categories.

Detailed comparison of large-size premium sliding windows (table)

ProfileMax. window sash weight without drive (kg)The width of the center post (mm)Max. thickness of the pane packet (mm)UwSliding systemQUALITYPRICE (euro)QUALITY / PRICE
1st place
Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus
40025560.8rollers 12
4 17428,75
2nd place Yawal Moreview40027600.85
5 77722,50
3rd place
Aluprof MB-Skyline type R
50025600.9rollers 126 65418,03
4th place
SAPA Artline
50038520.93trolleys97 46112,06
5th place
Reynaers Hi-Finity
30035540.8rollers 108 34811,98
6th place
Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD

500 37600.85rollers
1210 43611,50
Sky-Framesoon in the ranking

The best premium sliding windows with automatic drive (quality / price)

Patio windows, which we have collected and compared for the purposes of the ranking of sliding systems, are standardly offered in a version with a manual drive. The system providers also offer versions with automatic drives, which are presented in the table below. Check which solution will be the most attractive for your customers who want to have solutions for intelligent houses. Comfort costs money, which is why sliding systems with an automatic drive are more expensive than their counterparts with manual opening. However, if your client wants modern solutions, and there are children, elderly or disabled people at home, automation may be the perfect solution. When he decides to use an automatic drive, opening and closing large and heavy patio windows will not be a problem for any of the household members. Based on the table, we can confidently conclude that the most cost-effective solution for patio windows equipped with automation is Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus. In our opinion, the biggest challenge for system providers to make premium electric sliding windows which are going to get a big popularity is to reduce the price of the drive. We believe that whoever wins this race will gain a huge competitive advantage!

ProfileQUALITY of windows without a driveEasy to connect drive (scale 0-2 points)Simplicity of assembly with a motor (scale 0-2 points)Simplicity of processing (scale 0-3 points)Remote control (scale 0-1 points)Weight of sash with automatic drive (kg)DRIVE Overall ratingQUALITYPRICE with drive (eur)QUALITY / PRICE
1st place
Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus
122231700102211 350
2nd place
Yawal Moreview
13202170072011 99216,68
3rd place
Aluprof MB-Skyline type R
12220150061811 98215,02
4th place
Aluprof MB-Skyline
11220150061711 98214,19
5th place
Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD
12000150021428 5144,91
6th place
Reynaers Hi-Finity

102231750102041 0554,87

Maximum weight of the sash in premium sliding windows

Sliding windows with manual drive

Sliding systems with the highest permissible sash weight (500 kg) are: Aluprof MB-Skyline and Skyline Type R, SAPA Artline and Schuco Panorama 77 PD. In other sliding windows, the maximum sash weight is 400 kg. The exception is the large-size Reynaers Hi-Finity profile, of which the permissible sash weight is only 300 kg. Why is the maximum weight of the sash an important parameter? Because the greater the permissible weight of the sash, the larger the dimensions of the structure, a larger pane and a thicker glazing unit is possible to do. In contemporary architecture where “size matters” this is crucial. It does not change the fact that in this case we agree with Reynaers, which limited the maximum weight of the sash. In the case of manual opening, also recommends sashes weighing up to 300 kg. For the safety and convenience of your customers, we recommend an automatic drive for heavier structures.

Sliding windows with an automatic drive

Large automatic sliding windows, apart from the higher price, usually have a slightly modified structure, so the maximum permissible weight of the sashes is higher. As our ranking shows, the Reynaers Hi-Finity system has the greatest possibilities in this regard, in which the maximum weight of the sash can be as much as 750 kg. Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus and Yawal Moreview were just behind the first system mentioned above, with a slightly smaller capacity (700 kg). All these systems received 2 points for the weight of the sash on a scale of 0-2 points.

The maximum weight of the sashes in other systems is 500 kg. for which we awarded 1 point each.

cortizo cor-vision sliding door system

Premium sliding windows with the narrowest post

Modern sliding systems are characterized by a narrow central post. The narrowest post, only 25 mm, has the Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus, Aluprof MB-Skyline and Aluprof MB-Skyline type R systems. Next up is the Yawal Moreview with a post width of 27mm. The four systems mentioned here received 2 points. for this parameter. Customers currently expect as few frames in the window as possible – the window joinery is to be minimalist and to cover the view outside the window as little as possible. Since in modern sliding systems it is already possible to effectively hide window frames, the place where the sashes connect must also fit in with the idea of minimalism. A narrow post is the perfect solution in this case.

sliding systems with the narrowest post

Thickness of the glazing unit in premium sliding windows

The thickest glazing unit can be made on the Yawal Moreview, Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD systems and in both versions of the Aluprof Skyline system. These structures allow for the placement of glazing units with a thickness of up to 60 mm. Maximum glazing at this level guarantees the construction of the most safe, soundproof and energy-efficient structures. Panoramic windows are 90 percent made of glass, therefore, in the case of such large glazing, the glazing unit is important because it should provide the best parameters in terms of statics, acoustics and heat. In this case, the thermal insulation of the entire structure depends on the pane. Currently, pane manufacturers offer very modern solutions, thanks to which we can increase the amount of light transmitted or improve noise protection.

The warmest premium sliding windows

One of the parameters of the best sliding systems is thermals. In this category, the following are in the lead: Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus, Yawal Moreview, Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD and Reynaers Hi-Finity, which are characterized by the best Uw = 0.8-0.85 Despite its huge size, aluminum sliding doors are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, Uw = 0.8 means that patio windows with such a heat coefficient are passive sliding systems. The Uw parameter is extremely important for all windows, regardless of what material they are made of and what dimensions they have. The Uw coefficient shows how much heat escapes through the window. In practice, this translates into the amount of heating bills. The lower the Uw value, the greater the savings on heating! See the graphic below to see how much you can save by investing in energy-efficient windows:

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

What do we rate in the ranking? - methodology

We evaluate the quality of frameless patio sliding windows. The entire finished product and its quality include, among others:

  • quality of the aluminum system
  • system completeness (possible variants and compatibility with other systems)
  • the quality of the glass used
  • prefabricator evaluation
  • delivery times
  • the likelihood of a complaint
  • technical support at the sales stage and after-sales (including possible complaints)

Ranking is subjective by nature and it is also subjective this time. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences of:

  • debesto customers
  • debesto
  • prefabricators
  • system providers

Most importantly, the ranking also compares HARD DATA, i.e. the parameters of finished products listed below:

  • Maximum weight of a window sash without a drive
  • The width of the center post
  • Maximum thickness of the glazing unit
  • Uw coefficient
  • Sliding system
  • A wealth of additional profiles (drainage, top jamb dedicated to the drive)

The analysis department also decided to compare sliding windows in terms of automation capabilities. In addition to the parameters listed above, we awarded additional points for:

  • the possibility of using an automatic drive
  • the simplicity of the assembly of the electric motor
  • ease of processing
  • maximum weight of the sash with automatic drive

In conclusion, this ranking does not show the technical, theoretical capabilities of system providers. The ranking also does not only focus on prefabrication. Our ranking evaluates the quality of a frameless window as a complete, finished product along with its packaging, handling, service, logistics and the quality of pre- and after-sales support. In other words, by spending a few minutes reading our sliding systems comparison, you save several dozen hours of tedious valuations, comparisons and corrections and possible complaints from dissatisfied customers. By reading the ranking, you will avoid unnecessary mistakes and you will not buy a pig in a poke. We know that systems that look great in advertising materials can quickly lose their charm at the stage of fatal prefabrication. Behind the producers cooperating with us is high quality and reliability. Supporting the ranking, you can be sure that the finished product will reach your construction site on time, will meet all quality standards, and in case of any questions or problems, you will receive suitable support. Each client has different needs, expectations and budgets. Thanks to the ranking, you will be able to recommend each of them the perfect solution for their investment, and the time saved thanks to the ranking can be used to obtain new orders. And we know that there will be more and more of them, because your satisfied customers are the next recommendations of your services.

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