How to choose the right European window system? Case study of Stephen Falk from USA

Have you ever thought how much time it takes you to find windows for your project on your own? First, you gather quotes. You make phone calls, and send emails. How many hours does it take? You get answers, fill in data, and answer suppliers’ questions. More hours pass. Finally, you get offers. You review them and compare them. You type the favorite. Provided, of course, that the offers are the same and do not contain errors… In the end, you are still unsure about the choice; after all, you want to make money from it!

How many important things could you do in that time if someone did all this for you? If someone reviewed and compared 200 systems and gave you the most beneficial solution? This is exactly what happened in the case of my client from New York – Stephen. He saved time and imported aluminum windows at a lower price than in the US. Here`s his story.

What did Stephen and his company gain?

  • He saved time searching for windows that meet project requirements
  • He gained about 40% savings over US prices for aluminum windows
  • Efficient order process, windows arrived on time in the US

Who is our client?

Stephen is an experienced owner of a construction company in New York, employing a dozen-odd people. He primarily builds houses. His team also installs windows on its own – mostly aluminum, until now bought from local US suppliers.

Some time ago Stephen was installing Polish windows. The European quality really appealed to him, which doesn’t surprise me at all! So Stephen wanted to buy windows from Poland himself.

He approached debesto to consult on his project. He needed help in finding the optimal solution with a focus on window quality. By the way, he wanted to see if and how much he could save by bringing windows from Poland to the US instead of buying from local suppliers.

case study stephen falk

Challenges of the project

Stephen`s project is a single-family building. It relies mainly on large glazing. Our client was thinking about aluminum systems and he expected consultation and advice. He wanted windows that were durable and energy efficient. The construction site experiences wind and low temperatures.

Stephen expected from me:

  • to help him choose the right aluminum system for large glazings
  • advice on whether folding or sliding doors would be better for his project
  • windows with good thermal performance, durability, and value for money


debesto operates like a supermarket, you have for your disposal a database of more than 200 systems and 40 supliers chosen from 3,000 joinery manufacturers in Poland. We know which of them will complete the order without errors and on time. So we checked what would meet Stephen’s investor’s requirements and the same time allow him to earn more on his project. Initially, I considered the robust and economical Aluprof MB-77 HS system (the best in the category “Price” in top-ranked aluminum lift&slide doors) or the frameless, more luxurious (but also more expensive) Cortizo Corvision Plus. The dilemma between the type of system (folding or sliding) for this project was resolved in favor of the lift and slide system.

After consulting the project and checking the technical requirements by our technician Agata, we chose 3-pane windows. The final choice was Aluprof MB-77HS for the sliding and Aluprof MB-86 for the door and fix windows. The use of triple glazing allowed us to achieve very good thermal parameters. In addition, we chose tempered safety glass for the terrace windows. This, combined with matching mosquito nets, will ensure the safety and high comfort of Stephen`s investor.

supermarket with woindows

Summary of results

When I spoke with Stephen at the beginning of our cooperation, I could see that he was an experienced builder who knew what he needed. The absolute priority was product quality. However, as for many US companies, searching for European windows on their own is a time-consuming and not easy task.

debesto is a window broker with a huge base of window systems. We do not have a loyalty agreement with any manufacturer, so you can be sure that we choose a system that is beneficial to your business and we don`t “push” you to buy unsuitable windows. If you’re thinking of working with a Polish supplier, check out how to verify a Polish contractor so you avoid disappointment and waste of money.

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Are you executing a project with aluminum windows?

Don’t waste your time with hundreds of phone calls and emails. You don’t have to look for solutions for your project yourself. We will help you quickly and efficiently select the windows that will be optimal for your investment. During a free 45-minute video call, a business consultant and a technologist will answer any of your questions

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faq – who are we and what do we do?

1.What will I gain from working with you?

First of all, you’ll save your TIME. We will do the whole work with ordering doors, windows, gates, and blinds for you. Why should you outsource it to us? 
  • You will get products in a quality which was checked by us.
  • You don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline or financial condition of the supplier - we order the production only to verified companies.
  • We’ll find products that suit your needs - it doesn’t matter if that are windows, wooden or aluminum doors, PCV, blinds, or garage doors.
  • One complete transport at a lower price instead of a few different ones will come to the place of investment.
  • You’ll comfortably get everything done with one adviser, one invoice, one transfer, and only one place where you can (if necessary) make a complaint.

2. Does your company produce windows?

We aren’t just a traditional producer. We order the production of doors, windows, gates, and blinds inside of a network of selected and verified suppliers in terms of production punctuality, their financial condition, and the quality of products. We call ourselves the broker on a polish joinery market. We’ll do all of the arduous work with ordering the joinery from Poland for you. We’ll choose relevant products at an affordable price, organise safe transport and we’ll deliver the product to any address in the world. 

3. Do you have any stationary representatives in other countries?

We do not have any branches in other countries. Our office and a magazine are in Poland in Oleśnica (30 km from Wrocław).We overcome thousands of kilometers separating us from our clients owing to modern technologies. Thanks to that you’ll save your money and time because we don’t have to add any extra costs to the services or products to maintain expensive offices all over the world.

Delivery time, payment, installation, warranty

1. What is the delivery time on

The time of order processing is highly dependent on its specification. For example, white PCV windows, standard colors (anthracite on one side) can be ready for pick up or a shipment from 7 working days. The waiting time for nonstandard PCV colors is about 4 weeks depending on the color. The production time of PCV doors is also about 4 weeks. Aluminium doors and windows - from 3 weeks, wooden windows from 6 weeks. Furthermore, the blinds about 2 weeks, garage doors - about 3 weeks, metallic doors from 4 weeks. You’ll find estimated production time next to every product on its subpage.

2. How does the payment look like? Do I have to pay the whole amount immediately?

We suggest two forms of payment: 1. 50% of advance for production of the product and 50% shall be paid before picking up/ sending the goods. 2. 100% payment in advance. This form is much more favorable because we give you an additional 5% discount depending on the group of products.

3. Will I buy the joinery with an installation on

No, on we sell only windows, doors, blinds, and gates, which we deliver to every place in the world. The installation of the windows depends on the client. We do not offer installation service because our offer is not directed to the building companies, installers, developers, and realtors that can install the joinery by themselves.

4. If the windows would be installed by a different company, do the products keep the warranty?

Yes, the only condition is installing the product in accordance with the art of assembly and applicable standards in the country of the installation in terms of the warranty.

5. Do the products that I buy have a foreign warranty?

Yes, the only condition is installing the product in accordance with the art of assembly and applicable standards in the country of the installation in terms of the warranty.

How to choose the right European window system? Case study of Stephen Falk from USA

Want to know how much your business can gain by importing joinery from Poland?