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If you are reading this article, it probably means you want to verify debesto as your potential European window supplier. This is so wise of you!

Feeling safe before deciding to import windows from Europe to the U.S. is essential. Being in your place, we would do the same because verifying your window agent ensures you avoid costly mistakes!

We operate with integrity, aiming for transparency and understanding of our business strategy. We have nothing to hide.

Use our tips to verify debesto and save time. Cross-reference facts about us with official, independent registries.

In this article, you can read about:

Why does debesto require payment for windows before delivery?

Wojtek Stanowski CEO debesto

At debesto we deliver customized windows with a guarantee of a fixed price and safe shipping, ensuring that the price agreed upon in the pro forma invoice will not change.
To afford you these benefits we need to receive full payment before dispatching the windows.

Wojtek Stanowski, CEO at debesto

debesto’s risk is particularly notable in situations where, if anything goes wrong, we cannot sell those windows to anyone else. For example, if no one picks up the order in the U.S., we face the costs of transport in both directions and customs fees.

We understand that making a payment upfront may seem risky to you as well. However, to enhance your confidence, we offer several options:

  • Taking pictures of the windows securely packed on stands, prepared for traveling in the container.
  • Offering safe payment methods, such as PayPal, to secure your transaction.
  • Allowing you to order a window sample before committing to a full purchase, at a low price and with minimal risk, giving you firsthand experience with our product quality and service.
what you gain for full payment at debesto

Is debesto a legitimate company, not a scam?

As we have explained the financial issues, we would also like to assist you in verifying the legitimacy of debesto as a company. Additionally, we will provide you with tips to quickly check proven, legitimate sources.

You can verify us in several ways:

Check legitimacy through Polish official registries

Note: All Polish official registries have a web address suffix of “”. This cannot be faked.

You can use the search engine of the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology to verify whether debesto is a legally operating company. You will need one of two numbers: the NIP number (9112037154) or the REGON number (38777935400000).

Click “see more information” to verify the names of representatives and information about the company’s non-bankruptcy status as well.

debesto in official registries

Check share capital through KRS

Which scenario makes you feel more secure: dealing with a company that has a share capital of 10,000 PLN or one with 1,000,000 PLN? Which of these companies is more likely to ensure the solvency of its business partners?

To check the share capital, visit the eKRS earch engine of the Polish Ministry of Justice and enter debesto’s KRS number: 0000875850. You will see the basic data of the company. To view all current details, select “Informacje aktualne” (Updated information).

In a PDF document, in column 8, you can find the current share capital of debesto, which is now PLN 3 570 000,00.

Additionaly, the KRS report search engine allows you to find detailed annual financial reports.

Check news about debesto in media

debesto has been present on the Polish market for over a decade. However, we understand that searching Polish media pages might be challenging for someone from outside Europe. We’ve prepared a few external links for you where you can quickly and easily confirm that debesto is not a scam.

Moreover, we have a real impact on the fenestration industry in Poland, and our company’s ambitious plans have attracted interest from external investors.

Wojtek Stanowski at window conference
Wojtek Stanowski’s speech during conference of fenestration industry in Warsaw

Does anyone really import windows through debesto?

As you can verify in the registries, we are a legitimate company. We have been in the window market for over 10 years (formerly known as and specialize in exporting windows. The first order from debesto to the USA arrived on August 16, 2016, as our windows reached New Jersey by ship – covering a distance of 4160 miles. Today, you can order them to any location in the USA!

However, we understand you may have concerns about whether debesto is familiar with the U.S. window market and can deliver real value, based on our knowledge of the needs of American construction companies.

Refferals from U.S. construction companies

You might think, “Ok, I see what is on the website, but I’m too far away to see whether this involves real people and real business cases.”

We understand your doubts very well. That’s why we can connect you with one of our customers who lives nearby, in the U.S.

After booking a consultation for your project, you will be connected to a debesto business consultant. Don’t hesitate to ask him for recommendations! You will receive phone numbers of companies in the U.S., workig with debesto.


Quick online check

However, if you don’t want to book consultanion yet, you can address your doubts with two methods:

If you want to get to know us before having a video call or other personal contact, you can follow our social media:


How to ensure debesto sells high-quality windows?

As we mentioned referrals, we can also connect you with U.S. construction companies, allowing you to visit their job sites where European windows from debesto have been installed.

Another way to inspect the quality of our windows, with very low financial risk, is to order a window sample. You can receive:

  • a window corner sample
  • a small window
  • a full-sized window
  • a glazing set

Such a trial order can help you familiarize yourself with debesto, obtain a window for inspection, and even test the installation process before deciding to purchase all the windows.

Read a case study about ordering a sample, full-sized window.

sample window from debesto

Should you choose debesto? Yes and no

Maybe you’re asking yourself: Are they trying to convince me to deal with them by telling me all this? Yes and no.

Yes, we have experience in exporting windows. Yes, we do deliver value to the business of American construction companies. Yes, we are a reliable European window agent.

However, we want to be transparent and honest with you, keeping your profitability in mind. Maybe you’re now considering another option, perhaps another window manufacturer from Poland.

If so, we don’t insist that you choose us. We care that you make an informed decision for your business. So, we recommend reading an article about the European window production chain to help you make an informed decision. Have a great adventure with European windows!

debesto video consultation

More questions about debesto reliability?

Is there any aspect of debesto’s reliability that you feel hasn’t been addressed? What else would you like to know about debesto? Please feel free to ask your questions below, and we will provide answers.

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faq – who are we and what do we do?

At, we are experts in providing customized window solutions, including patio doors, blinds, entry, and garage doors, tailored to building professionals: developers, general contractors, architects, and construction project managers.   With over a decade of expertise in European windows, we specialize in assisting construction companies to import windows efficiently and profitably.   With debesto, you gain comprehensive, consultative partnerships designed to enhance your project’s success and minimize your business risk. Our customers appreciate most:
  • - cost-effectiveness
  • - deep business understanding
  • - secure on-site delivery
  • - timeliness
  • - exceptional communication and support
  • - incredibly smooth process
  Need more info? Check how to verify debestoRead what happens after booking a consultation

Delivery time

What is the lead time of an average order?

The total time from manufacture to delivery of the windows to the US port is on average 7-10 weeks depending on the destination port and delivery method that you can choose from debesto delivery price list.

Add to this the production time of the windows (from 2 to 8 weeks).

The maximum expected production time can be found on the pro forma invoice. We deliver 97% of all orders shipped worldwide according to the deadline we declare on the pro forma invoice. If we are late, we give you a 2% discount.

More questions about the delivery? Check Frequently Asked Questions about importing windows to the US

Warranty and safety

Do the products come with an international warranty?

Yes, products are covered by the debesto worldwide warranty, provided they are installed according to the professional standards and applicable regulations in the country of installation.

Are the windows insured during shipment?

Yes, all products are fully insured during transportation, covering the entire value of the products.

Any concerns about potential issues with windows from Poland? Discover 5 main reasons for complaints and ways to solve them

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