February 2022

Ranking of aluminium bi-fold doors – which bi-fold doors should You choose in 2022.

The ranking of aluminium bi-fold doors was created to tell you which window system you should choose for your investment. You’ll find all the answers in this ranking.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the cheapest doors, the optimal quality / price ratio, or the best doors on the market. You will find a detailed overview of all categories later in this article.

Ranking of aluminium bi-fold doors – table of contents:

  • Ranking of aluminium bi-fold doors – what do we compare?
  • Folding doors at the lowest price.
  • Aluminium bi-fold doors of the highest quality.
  • Fluminium bi-fold doors – the best quality / price ratio.
  • Design posibilities of aluminium harmonica doors
  • The warmest aluminium bi-fold doors.
  • Ranking of Polish window producers.
  • Price quotation time
  • Production time of aluminium bi-fold doors
  • Detailed comparison of aluminium bi-fold doors (TABLE)
  • Ranking of folding doors – methodology.

Ranking of aluminium bi-fold doors – what do we compare?

In the rankings of aluminium bi-fold doors, we compare finished products.

We chose a bi-fold door with the following dimensions:

  • 4000 x 2200 / 4 wings
  • opened inwards
  • with a normal sill embeddes in the floor
  • scheme 431

The debesto.com analysis department has checked aluminium bi-fold doors of the following brands for you and your clients: Aliplast, Aluprof, Cortizo, Decalu.

For comparison, we chose one of the most frequently chosen colours of aluminium windows: RAL 9005 smooth matte.

All windows are standard equipped with:

  • 3 panes Ug = 0,5
  • warm aluminium spacer
  • normal sill
  • mounting anchors
  • lowest possible fold (no extra charge)

In a nutshell – by spending a few minutes reading our test of aluminium bi-fold doors, you save several dozen hours of tedious valuations and comparisons. You can spend the time you save on handling new orders and developing your company.

Dear System Provider!

Your system is not in the ranking? Do you think it has the potential for a higher ranking?

We create our rankings to help develop our clients’ businesses. We reward the profiles that offer them the most practical benefits. That is why, apart from technical parameters, the suppliers of the finished product are equally important.

Recommend a manufacturer to us who utilizes a 100% of your system’s capabilities, sells it at an attractive price and provides substantive support, and we will be happy to put them in the next edition of the ranking!

Contact us: suppliers@debesto.com

Voytech Stanowski, CEO

The cheapest aluminium bi-fold doors.

So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door is the cheapest aluminium bi-fold doors. The test kit costs 2956 EUR.

The harmonica on the So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door profile is the cheapest option and a very good offer in the terms of quality in this segment.

Decalu, despite the lowest price, gives great opportunities. Based on this profile, we will build wings up to 2.8 m of height, which gives almost the greatest design possibilities among the harmonicas.

In addition, the harmonica based on the So Easy Decal presents the highest resistance to wind load: class C4. Which means that the product is solid and will not be deformed in spite of unfavourable weather conditions.

The biggest downside which you have to take into account is the long waiting time for the production, which is min. 8 weeks.

Alternative choice: Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line

In this case, the most similar product in terms of the price and quality will be the Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line. This product gives similar design possibilities.

It is only 2.5% more expensive, so it is definitely within the reach of those looking for something cheaper. A great advantage of the folding doors from Aluprof is the significantly shorter waiting time for the production. The waiting time starts from 4 weeks.

The cheapest aluminium bi-fold doors – TABLE

Window profilePrice [EUR]
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door2956
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line3033
Aliplast Panorama3044
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors3620

The best aluminium harmonica doors.

The best aluminium bi-fold doors are So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door and Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors.

Both winning systems offer great design options and great quality. Behind the winners’ backs is the balanced Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line and the warm Aliplast Panorama, losing only 1 point.

The advantages of the system from Deceuninck are: the large costruction possibilities, the sash height up to 2.8 m, reliability and diligence of the prefabricator, and very good system properties (resistance to wind load). It is the most sustainable system which is a safe and robust product.

11 points and first place for Decalu and Cortizo. Why?

The advantages of the system from Deceuninck are: the large costruction possibilities, the sash height up to 2.8 m, reliability and diligence of the prefabricator, and very good system properties (resistance to wind load). It is the most sustainable system which is a safe and robust product.

The Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors is the second system with 11 points. A strong argument for this system will be the greatest design possibilities. The maximum height of the sash is up to 3m.

Another advantage is the shortest waiting time for the quote. The harmonica from Cortizo is the system with the smallest air permeability: class C4 and excellent water tightness of class 9A.

Note! Remember that both systems have a very long waiting time for the production. 8/9 weeks is the minimum waiting time.

Alternative choice

When your client is looking for warm folding doors, then offer him Aliplast Panorama. This system will also be suitable if your client wants to have the shortest waiting time. The production time for the Aliplast-based harmonica starts from 3 weeks. The downside of this system is the small design possibilities. The maximum height of the sash is up to 2.45m.

The Aluprof MB-86 will be a sustainable alternative once again. It is worth advising the client about this option when he is looking for a higher structure up to 2.7 m with a shorter waiting time for the production. The minimum waiting time in this case is 4 weeks.

The best aluminium bi-fold doors- TABLE

Window profileQuality (points)
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door11
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors11
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line10
Aliplast Panorama10

Aluminium folding doors the best quality/price ratio.

In the comparison of aluminium bi-fold doors in the “quality / price” category, So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door turned out to be the best.

The system from Deceunick outclasses the rivals. The Decalu 88 Folding Door is the black horse of this combination. It wins the 3 main categories. A score of 3.72 gives a confident lead over Aluprof.

Why to choose the So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door:

  • high design possibilities
  • maximum sash height up to 2.8
  • class C4 – resistance to wind load
  • the lowest price
  • the best quality of the final product
  • solid [refabricator
  • versatile application possibilities of the product

However, if someone is looking at the “quality/price” category, will know that the production time is the most important for the client, then it is worth choosing the: Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line system. Many similar features to the Deceuninck in a slightly more expensive version.

There are also 2 cases in which there will be no alternative:

-when the client wants to achieve a wing height higher than 2.8 m, then the Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors remains.

-when the client needs a warm folding door Uw <1, then advise him the Aliplast Panorama system.

The best quality/ratio of folding doors – TABLE

Window profileQuality/price ratio
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door3,72
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line3,30
Aliplast Panorama3,29
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors3,04

The maximum height and weight of the sash for a width of 4000 mm and a 4-leaf structure.

The greatest design possibilities are provided by the Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors system.

Following the latest trends in the construction industry, we have checked for you, how the folding door systems cope with large glazing. More and more of your clients want aluminium constructions with a large glass surface, which combine the modernist/industrial look with excellent quality and durability.

The Cortizo folding doors win this combination, giving the maximum leaf height of 3m. The So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door system allows for a leaf with a maximum height of 2.8 m.

The Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line presents slightly smaller design possibilities, based on which we will make leaves with a height of 2.8 m. The last place is taken by the Aliplast Panorama with a maximum leaf height of 2.4 meters.

The maximum height and weight – TABLE

Window profileMax. size [mm]Max. weight [kg]
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors3000120
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door2800160
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line2700100
Aliplast Panorama2400100

Why is this so important?

A larger leaf also means a greater amount of light. In the case of the commercial premises, this is very important. Thanks to the appropriate glass surface in the sash, we can avoid the need to install additional illumination or lighting inside the premises.

The warmest aluminium folding door is Aliplast Panorama

The Aliplast Panorama with the Uw = 0.97 was the winner among the aluminium folding door systems. The patent proposed by the system provider is a warm threshold which resembles the standard solutions used in other types of doors. It is worth mentioning that thanks to this unusual solution, the windows have the highest water resistance in their product group. Therefore, they will be a good option in places exposed to heavy and intense rainfall.

The most sustainable systems from our list: So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door and Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line, present Uw = 1.1. These solutions ensure the standard level of the thermal insulation.

The warmest bi-fold doors – TABLE

Window profileUw
Aliplast Panorama0,97
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door1,1
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line1,1
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors1,3

How it is important in practice?

We checked how it can translate into real savings for your clients. There are many energy calculators available on the web – we used the one at www.oszczednydom.pl.

For the test set of windows with an area of approx. 20 m2, differences at the level of 0.01-0.05 bring savings of a dozen or so zlotys per year (!). From an economic point of view, this is not a significant difference. The money spent on a more expensive system with a Uw warmer of 0.05 will probably never pay off.

The situation is different if you have a tender requirement with a clearly defined heat transfer coefficient for the windows. Only for this need, we present a list of the warmest window systems with price and score.

Ranking of manufacturers of bi-fold doors – reliability of suppliers

All the window suppliers on our list represent a solid level of production and technical support.

Utilizing our experience, we assessed each system in the ranking of aluminium lift and slide windows in terms of the quality of the assembly plant of the finished product. Even the best system, assembled by a poor manufacturer, will be of mediocre quality. We considered two aspects:

  • Reliability and repeatability of the manufacturer – tells us about the reliability, perfection and stability of the supplier
  • Quality of service and after-sales support – with an assessment of what the supplier’s support looks like at the stage when the product has already left the production line.

Price quotation time.

The producer of the Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors is the best with the valuation, usually it is 1 working day. We will have to wait a bit longer for the valuation of the remaining systems, approx. 1.5-2 business day.

Production time

It often happens that the time of the production determines the choice of a given solution. There is a reshuffle in our table once again. In this case, the Aliplast Panorama wins. The prefabricator is able to produce this system in up to 3 weeks. Right behind it, with a slightly worse minimum result of 4 weeks, is the Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line.

The systems for which we will have to wait at least 2x this time are the So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door. For this system, the minimum waiting time is 8 weeks. On the other hand, the longest wait will be for clients who choose the Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors, where the minimum waiting time is 9 weeks.

Window profileProduction time
Aliplast Panorama3-4 weeks
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line4-5 weeks
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door8-9 weeks
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors9-10 weeks
Production time of aluminium bi-fold doors

Resistance to wind load

The resistance to wind load is an indicator which tells us about the safety of the structure. From it we find out what is the maximum pressure which can act on the structure so that it does not deform.

Therefore, when choosing the optimal solution, a factor such as the climate conditions should be taken into account. Therefore, it is important to obtain such information at the beginning of the talks with the client. Thanks to this, it will be possible to choose the appropriate class of the wind load resistance.

Below we present a table with a detailed overview of the grades given to the aluminium folding doors. We also indicate the maximum wind speed and pressure, which are taken into account in determining the class.

Window profileResistance to wind loadFpPresureWind speed
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Doorclass C4Fp<1/3001600 Pa182 km/h
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Lineclass C1Fp<1/300400 Pa91 km/h
Aliplast Panoramaclass C1Fp<1/300400 Pa91 km/h
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doorsclass A3Fp<1/1501200 Pa158 km/h
Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors – resistance to wind load


Each window and door should best protect the interior of the building against the weather conditions, including the ingress of the rainwater.

Watertightness tells of the structure’s resistance to the water impacting from the outside. The pressure is also converted into the wind force which corresponds to it. There is a table below with all the parameters of our systems.

Window profileWatertightnessPresureWind speedTime
Aliplast Panoramaclass E10501050 Pa147 km/h70 min
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors class 9A600 Pa111 km/h55 min
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Lineto class 9A600 Pa111 km/h55 min
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door class 8A450 Pa96 km/h50 min
Watertightness – aluminium bi-fold doors

Detailed comparison of aluminium bi-fold doors (table)

Widow profileUwPrice [EUR]QualityPrice/quality ratioMax. weight of sash [kg]Max. height of sash [mm]Price quotation timeResistance to wind loadWatertightness
So Easy Decalu 88 Folding Door1,12956113,7216028002class C4class 8A
Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line1,13033103,3010027002class C1class to 9A
Aliplast Panorama0,973044103,2910024002class C1class E1050
Cortizo Bi-Fold Doors1,33620113,0412030003class A3class 9A

Ranking of aluminium folding doors – methodology

In our comparison, we evaluate the quality of finished aluminium folding doors. The entire finished product and its quality include, among others:

  • quality of the windows system, its parameters and design possibilities
  • prefabricator (supplier) evaluation
  • the likelihood of a complaint
  • technical support at the sales stage and post-sales (including possible complaints)

Any ranking is subjective by nature. And so it is in this case. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences:

  • debesto customers
  • debesto
  • prefabricators
  • system providers

In summary, this ranking does not only show the technical, theoretical possibilities of system makers. The ranking is also not just about prefabrication.

Our ranking evaluates the quality of the folding doors as a complete, finished product along with its packaging, handling, service, logistics and the quality of pre- and after-sales support.

We rely on data provided by the manufacturer. If, as a system supplier, you see an error in the description of your products, remember that it was the manufacturers who prefabricate on your profiles that provided the data for this compilation.

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