August 2020

Warm energy-saving aluminium windows ranking

category The best value for money

Does your customer want cheap and good Aluminium Windows? Take a look at this category and familiarise yourself with the best Aluminium Window systems in terms of quality and price.

According to the 80 mm Aluminium Windows comparison by, the best price and quality for your customers, as well as for the development of your business will be Aluprof MB-86.

The parameter Uw=0.91, thanks to which Aluprof meets the standards of energy-saving aluminium windows, the MACO fittings of good quality, the possibility of creating even more difficult window structures, and the certainty of delivering the product on time are the reason why Aluprof makes it to the podium in each of the three categories of the aluminium windows ranking.

Aliplast Genesis 75 was second in the “best value for money” category of the aluminium windows ranking, as well as third in the “best quality” category. There are not many differences between the first and second place. Their Uw coefficient is the same. This means that both profiles will equally well fulfil the function of energy-saving windows. The difference in the points awarded is caused by the system completeness. You can make slightly fewer structures on the basis of the Aliplast Genesis 75 system than on the basis of Aluprof MB-86. The price in the case of both profiles does not make much difference.

Ponzio PE78N is almost on par with Aliplast Genesis 75 in the window ranking, and also is on the podium in the “Best quality” category. It is a product that proves it is possible to buy good quality aluminium windows for a low price. Of all the aluminium windows listed in the ranking, Ponzio PE78N has the best Uw coefficient – 0.8.

category The best quality found Aluprof MB-86 to be the best in terms of quality and awarded 14 points to it.

The Ponzio PE78N aluminium profile in the 2nd place (14 points) and Aliplast Genesis 75 in the 3rd place (13 points) deserve equal recognition.  

In the aluminium windows comparison, Ponzio PE78N stood out with its thermal parameters of Uw=0.8 in the reference window standard.  No other profile that we compared for the purposes of the aluminium windows ranking achieved such a result. Aluprof MB-86 has the UW coefficient of 0.91, which is also a great result and means that the profile can be counted among energy-saving aluminium windows. 

The difference between Ponzio and Aluprof also concerns the deadline certainty. Is time a priority for you and your customer? Choose Aluprof MB-86.

Do you want to increase the value of your construction project? Choose a product from our window ranking and add to your offer with reliable and long-lasting aluminium windows with brilliant thermal parameters. Your offer should also include well-selling Aluprof MB-86 and Ponzio PE78N.

category The lowest price

These are the cheapest warm aluminium windows. In the “lowest price” category of the aluminium windows ranking, Aluprof MB-86 got the first place.

It is worth to take a closer look at this profile and recommend it to those customers who want aluminium windows of fantastic quality at a surprisingly low price.

Aliplast Superial aluminium profile comes second in this category. It also got the 3rd place in the best value for money category of the aluminium windows comparison. You can get aluminium windows with good parameters for a low price. The price needs to go hand in hand with quality, and in this case, as the ranking shows, it does. 

The 3rd place, with a slightly higher price, goes to Aliplast Genesis 75, which also has a leading place in each category of the aluminium windows ranking.  It is slightly more expensive than Aluprof MB-86, which came out best in terms of quality, but the difference is minimal. The customers can actually make a choice depending on their attachment to the Aluprof or Aliplast brand, not on some minimal differences between these aluminium profiles.  

Detailed comparison of Aluminium Windows 80mm (table)

System U-value of window Fittings Completeness of the system Time of production Certainty of production time QUALITY PRICE QUALITY/PRICE
1st place

Aluprof MB-86
0.91 MACO MULTI-MATIC 3 3-4 weeks 3 14 26 213,51 53,41
2nd place

Aliplast Genesis 75
0.91 MACO MULTI-MATIC 2 3-4 weeks 3 13 26 960,80 48,22
7th place

Ponzio PE78N
0.8 WINKHAUS 3 3-4 weeks 2 14 29 416,45
3rd place

1.05 MACO MULTI-MATIC 2,5 3-4 weeks 3 12,5 26 711,71 46,80
4th place

1.1 MULTI POWER 2 3-4 weeks 3 12 26 963,55 44,50
5th place

Aluprof MB Ferroline
1.0 ROTO 2,5 3-4 weeks 3 12.5 28 532,04 43,81
6th place

Aliplast Star
1.1 MULTI POWER 2 3-4 weeks 3 12 29 249,26 41,03
8th place

Yawal TM 77HI
0.9 RU WINKHAUS activePilot Concept 2 3 weeks 1 11 31 376,95
9th place
Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial
0.9 STAC EVO SOFT 3 6-7 weeks 0 10
36 407,31 27,47

The Warmest Aluminium Window in the Ranking – Ponzio PE78N

In the aluminium windows ranking, we compared the results for thermal transmittance coefficient Uw in reference windows (width – 1230 mm, height – 1480 mm).

In the aluminium windows comparison, Ponzio PE78N with the Uw coefficient of 0.8 was the best, and the Yawal TM77HI, Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial, Aluprof MB-86 and Aliplast Genesis 75 aluminium windows turned out to be almost as good in terms of heat transfer. 

Which windows should you recommend to your customers? 

If your customers need good aluminium windows, then recommend them those listed in the low heat loss coefficient ranking.

The Uw coefficient tells how much heat is transferred through the window. In practice, this may affect heating bills. The lower the Uw coefficient, the lower the bills. 

All aluminium windows listed in the ranking have Uw lower than 1.3 W/(m2K) for the reference window, which means that each one of these is an energy-saving window. Due to its Uw = 0.8, Ponzio PE78N belongs to passive aluminium windows.

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

Are you looking for a versatile aluminium system?

Many types of aluminium windows and PSK windows/doors can be created on the basis of the compared systems.

In addition to various types of aluminium windows, most systems can be used to make other structures, so that your customers can enjoy a consistent design in their homes, e.g. façade walls, aluminium windows/doors with a low threshold, or complex large-sized structures. 

It is possible to base many different structures on the Aluprof MB-86 profile, which is at the forefront of every comparison in every category in the aluminium windows ranking. Exterior doors, balcony doors with a frame around them, and balcony windows with a low threshold. Balcony windows with a low threshold may convince your customers if they have small children at home.

In the system completeness ranking, Aluprof MB-86 got from us the maximum of three points.  In the case of Ponzio PE78N, which also got three points, it is possible to make large-sized structures, sliding systems and external doors.

In addition to these options, there are many more (façade walls, folding doors, lift-and-slide systems, restoration windows, and windows with a hidden sash) – it all depends on which aluminium system you want to base individual structures.

Warm energy-saving aluminium windows ranking - versatile windows ponzio

Fittings in Aluminium Windows

Among the aluminium windows listed in the ranking, there are five types of window fittings – Winkhaus, Roto, Maco Multi-Matic, Stac Evo-Soft, and Multi-Power.

One of the basic tasks of window fittings is maintaining tightness, opening, closing and tilting the window sashes or door leaves, and anti-burglary protection. 

You can choose turn fittings that allow you to open the window wide, as well as tilt fittings, whose function is to just tilt the sash. There are also window fittings that combine both functions, i.e. tilt-and-turn fittings, which are – in our opinion – the most convenient and the most cost-effective solution. 

For the windows listed in the aluminium windows ranking, we have selected high-quality fittings that will ensure convenient use for your customers. Aluminium windows will be fully functional and long-lasting, and thanks to this you will not have to deal with complaints or servicing.

Warm energy-saving aluminium windows ranking - Winkhaus fittings

Production time and deadline certainty

The production times presented by us in the aluminium windows ranking are in most cases three-four weeks, while for Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial it is six-seven weeks. In the case of more complex orders, e.g. aluminium windows with special glazing, mullions or in colours other than white, the production time may be longer. 

Production times for aluminium windows are given by the factories we work with. Sometimes, due to various problems encountered during the production, the time may be longer. Factories where this happens often got fewer points in the comparison.

During the production of Ponzio PE78, minimal problems with missing the deadline may occur – that is why this aluminium system received from us two points out of three possible. However, you can have the biggest concerns about the timeliness when ordering Cortizo Cor-80 Industrial. In the “Deadline certainty” category in the windows ranking this profile received from us zero points.

If there is no time pressure on you and your customers and a delay in production time will not adversely affect your business and the cooperation with customers, then you should not hesitate to order these products.

Which affordable PVC windows to choose - Deadline certainty

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