August 2020

Ranking of aluminum, large-size, frameless sliding systems (2020). Comparison of patio windows.

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Ranking of aluminum, large-size, frameless sliding systems

Table of contents
  1. The main chapters
  2. Frameless sliding windows - what is it?
    1. Frameless sliding windows - basic information
      1. Definition
      2. Frameless slidings
      3. Application of frameless sliding windows
      4. Frameless construction
        1. Structural schemes for architects available
        2. The width of the center post
        3. Maximum glazing size
      5. Construction of the threshold
        1. Low threshold - barrier-free
        2. Completely hidden threshold
        3. A threshold 1.7 cm deep
        4. Sliding system
  3. End-to-end windows import handling
    1. 5 reasons, why you should import windows and doors from Poland (from EU)
    2. How to import windows from Poland to the USA?
      1. How to save on import from Poland to the United States?
      2. How to organize a shipment from Poland to the USA?
      3. VAT rate on importing windows from Poland to the USA
        1. What is the amount of VAT rate on imports from Poland to the USA?
        2. Two priority documents that justify preferential VAT rate
      4. How much is a window and door container from Poland to the USA?
      5. Incoterms 2020 selection
      6. Window’s customs clearance – required documents
      7. Collection and unloading of a container with windows from Poland
        1. How does the windows pickup shipped to the USA look like?
        2. What is worth remembering when collecting and unloading a container with windows?
        3. Delivery to the port in the USA – customer obligations
  4. Windows and doors measurement
    1. How to correctly measure aluminium sliding windows and doors?
      1. Take measurements in metric units, not imperial units.
      2. Two situations that affect how the measurement is taken
      3. Situation 1: Measurement with the finished floor, without the possibility of embedding the threshold into the floor
        1. Opening width measurement
        2. Opening height measurement
        3. Example
      4. Situation 2: Measuring without a finished floor
        1. Option 1 - Measurement when the threshold will be embedded into the floor (without the finished floor)
        2. Option 2: Measurement without a finished floor, when the threshold will not be embedded in the floor
  5. The valuation
    1. Online valuation for frameless aluminum sliding windows
      1. How much do frameless sliding windows cost?
      2. Online calculator
  6. Rankings
    1. Ranking of frameless aluminum windows and sliding doors 2020
      1. See full ranking
      2. What products will you find in the ranking?
      3. What did we compare in the ranking?
      4. Ranking categories
  7. Ecology
    1. The most ecological aluminum sliding windows
      1. Material
        1. Are only wooden windows ecological?
        2. Why aluminum windows are ecological
      2. Energetic efficiency
        1. Ecological windows = energy-saving windows
        2. Large glazing serves ecology
        3. Passive houses use aluminum
        4. The most ecological systems
  8. Reviews
    1. Yawal Moreview - review and opinion by
      1. Parameters
        1. Heat transfer coefficient
        2. Parameter list
      2. Frameless construction
        1. Construction schemes available
        2. The width of the center post
        3. Maximum glazing size
      3. Construction of the threshold
        1. The depth of the threshold slot
        2. Sliding system
        3. Drainage system
      4. Innovations and differentiators
        1. Any number of tracks without cutting the rail
        2. Roller replacement without removing heavy wings
        3. Join sashes at any angle
        4. Direct passage to the facade
        5. Warm, non-threshold building
      5. Design
        1. Aesthetic masking of the sash forehead
        2. Rollers in two colors
        3. Installation without threshold thanks to the slotted frame
        4. Asymmetrical joints and pocket-doors
      6. Product card
      7. Summary
      8. Frameless construction
        1. The width of the center post
        2. Maximum glazing size
      9. Construction of the threshold
        1. Sliding system
        2. Drainage system
      10. Innovations and differentiators
        1. Easy sash disassembly
      11. Design
        1. All-glass corners
        2. Sliding windows hidden in the wall (galandage)
        3. Two-color aluminum windows
      12. Product card
      13. Summary
    2. Cortizo Cor Vision Plus – review and opinion by
      1. Parameters
        1. Heat transfer coefficient
        2. Parameter list
      2. Frameless construction
        1. Construction schemes available
        2. The width of the center post
        3. Maximum glazing size
      3. Construction of the threshold
        1. The depth of the threshold slot
        2. Sliding system
        3. Drainage system
      4. Innovations and differentiators
        1. Drive hidden in the frame
        2. Easy sash disassembly
      5. Design
        1. Building without a threshold with a hidden frame
        2. All-glass corners
        3. Sliding windows hidden in the wall (galandage)
        4. Two-color aluminum windows
      6. Product card
      7. Summary
  9. Comparisons
    1. Comparison of frameless aluminum windows and sliding doors
      1. Schuco Panorama ASS77 VS Cortizo Cor Vision Plus
      2. Schuco Panorama ASS77 VS Aluprof MB-Skyline
      3. Schuco Panorama ASS77 VS Reynaers Hi-Finity
      4. Cortizo Cor Vision Plus VS Aluprof MB-Skyline
      5. Cortizo Cor Vision Plus VS Reynaers Hi-Finity
      6. Aluprof MB-Skyline VS Reynaers Hi-Finity
Table of contents

What will you learn from this post? Table of Contents:

Window ranking – what do we compare?

From the ranking, you will find out what aluminium sliding doors are the cheapest, the best, and most cost-effective in terms of the quality.

In the ranking, we compare the parameters listed below:

  • Maximum weight of a window sash without a drive
  • The width of the center post
  • Maximum thickness of the pane packet
  • Uw

The analysis department also decided to compare sliding systems with the possibility of an automatic drive. In addition to the parameters listed above, we gave extra points:

  • Possibility of using the automatic drive 
  • Maximum weight of a window sash with an automatic drive

In other words – by spending a few minutes reading our sliding systems comparison, you save dozens of hours of tedious valuations, comparisons and corrections. You will be able to recommend your clients the perfect solution for their investment.

We have selected and compared the best sliding windows for you in the following categories:

Sliding systems – the lowest price

Scroll to the comparison

Sliding systems that meet our strict quality criteria. When ordering, even the cheapest patio windows from the offer, you can be sure that they will serve you for years and have our “certificate” of quality. When choosing the cheapest window system, do not worry about the quality. Cortizo Cor-Vision plus is the cheapest system, but it takes second place in terms of quality. This is proof that a cheap product can also be of very good quality. The perfect solution for your company’s customers who want modern large-format windows, but still the price plays an important role for them.

Sliding systems – the highest quality

Scroll to the comparison

We can safely say that sliding windows, which are at the forefront of this category, guarantee high quality. In this case, you do not have to pay more for quality. The sliding patio windows we distinguished are of the highest quality, and at the same time have more attractive prices than systems with lower parameters.

Sliding systems – quality / price

Scroll to the comparison

This is our favorite segment in the ranking. From it, you will learn what product will be optimal for the investor who is looking for a voice of reason and the optimal solution. If you have a SMART client – he will definitely appreciate your advice based on reading this list.

category Sliding systems at the lowest price

All windows in the ranking of sliding systems are at least good in terms of quality. By choosing even the cheapest sliding windows, you can be sure that they will be used for many years. Cortizo Cor-Vision plus turned out to be the cheapest system at the moment.

The price at which Cortizo Cor-Vision plus frameless windows rank first is the price for a system with manual drive. There is an option to choose these sliding windows with automatic drive, but with this, the price gets higher.

The Schuco Panorama ASE 67 PD and Yawal Moreview systems are sequentially in 2nd and 3rd place. The low price of Schuco may be due to the fact that it is a narrower profile than the others, it is distinguished by the weakest result of Uw = 1.2 and a glazing thickness of 49 mm.

The better choice will be the cheaper and much better Cortizo Cor-Vision plus profile, or the slightly more expensive, but the best in terms of quality, Yawal Moreview.

Yawal’s Panoramic Moreview system takes the top positions in the next categories, which is proof of its great quality and price.

Scroll down to the next categories and see the winners!

category The highest quality sliding systems category

Yawal Moreview, Cortizo Cor-Vision plus, Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD are characterized by the best quality in the ranking of sliding systems by

Moreview was given the maximum score for each parameter that we rated for the comparison of frameless sliding systems. Great quality will allow your customers to enjoy the panoramic sliding system for many years, and you will not waste time on repairs, services or replacement of elements.

The parameters of Yawal Moreview will allow you to obtain the best energy and acoustic properties. In the final choice, your customer may not be convinced of the Moreview system due to the lack of an automatic drive.

Cortizo Cor-Vision plus is a sliding system with almost invisible frames, dedicated to large glazing. Cortizo is a Spanish giant of aluminum joinery, which is conquering European markets with its high-quality products. Compared to Yawal panoramic windows, Cor-Vision is weaker due to the Uw = 1.0 parameter and the thickness of the pane packet, which is 54 mm.

Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD is a premium product from the largest aluminum system supplier in the world. Your customer can be convinced by the reputation of this brand. The downside is the width of the center post, which is 37 mm and this is one of the weakest results in the sliding window comparison.

category Best value for money category

In the quality / price category, you will find large-size sliding systems that are the most profitable from the point of view of the customer and your company. This category will help you choose the optimal product for your client.

In the comparison of sliding systems, the best in this category was Yawal Moreview, which received the maximum number of points for quality from us, and its reasonable price helped him win the first place.

The maximum sash weight of 400 kg, the 27 mm width of the central post, the 60 mm thickness of the pane packet, and Uw = 0.8 allow the construction of large and stable sliding windows and doors while maintaining all the necessary standards.

The only downside of Yawal Moreview windows is the lack of a system with an automatic drive. The 2nd and 3rd place systems have this – Cortizo Cor-Vision plus and Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD.

In the case of Cortizo, note the slightly weaker Uw = 1.0 and the thickness of the pane packet, which is 54 mm. On the other hand, Schuco Panorama 77 has one of the worst results in terms of the width of the central post. After consultation with the client and checking his priorities, you will know which sliding system to choose.

Detailed comparison of large-size sliding systems (table)

Profile Max. window sash weight without drive The width of the center post Max. thickness of the pane packet Uw QUALITY PRICE (euro) QUALITY / PRICE
1st place
Yawal Moreview
400 27 60 0.8 12 13 547 8,86
2nd place
Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus
400 25 54 1.0 10 11 906 8,40
3rd place
Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD
500 37 60 0.85 10 17 818 5,61
4th place
Schuco Panorama ASE 67 PD
400 31 49 1.2 7 12 530 5,58
5th place
SAPA Artline
500 38 52 1.09 8 17 966 4,45
6th place
Reynaers Hi-Finity
300 35 54 0.8 8 22 320 3,58
Aluprof MB-Skyline
Soon in the ranking
Sky-Frame Soon in the ranking

The best sliding systems with an automatic drive in terms of quality and price

The sliding systems that we have collected and compared for the purposes of the sliding systems ranking are in the version with manual drive. The windows that are possible to be made in the version with an electric drive are presented in the table below. We hope this will help you to choose sliding windows for your client.

Yawal Moreview and Schuco Panorama ASE 67 PD panoramic sliding doors are systems with which making an automatic drive is not possible at the moment. Other profiles have such possibility, but it is associated with a much higher price.

Convenience has to be paid for, and sliding systems with the automatic drive are an example of this. Does your client want a comfortable solution? Has he any children at home, elderly or disabled people? By choosing an electric mechanism, anyone can easily open and close the door without putting in any effort.

Based on the table, we can confidently conclude that the most profitable solution is Cortizo Cor-Vision plus. The price is not the lowest among the compared, but the quality helped to rise to the podium.

In other places, we have the SAPA Artline system, the price of which is the lowest, but the quality may raise slight doubts, especially among people for whom it plays an important role. Schuco Panorama 77 in 3rd place and Reynaers Hi-Finity in 4th place do not differ much in terms of quality / price.

Profile QUALITY of windows without a drive Points for the drive Max. sash weight with automatic drive QUALITY PRICE QUALITY / PRICE
Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus
10 2 700 14 25 390 5,51
Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD
10 2 500 13 28 514 4,56
Reynaers Hi-Finity 8 2 750 12 27 008 4,44
SAPA Artline
8 2 500 11 22 044 4,99

Maximum sash weight in sliding systems

The systems with the greatest weight of the sash are Schuco Panorama 77 and SAPA Artline – 500 kg. In other sliding systems, the weight is 400 kg. The exception is Reynaers Hi-Finity, whose weight is the lowest –  300 kg.

The weight is so important that the heavier the sash, the greater the dimension possibilities, the thicker the pane packet, the larger glazing, and the optically larger space inside. That is why, we awarded points for this parameter, which were taken into account when calculating the quality of window and door systems.

Sliding systems with the narrowest post

Sliding systems are characterized by a narrow central post. The narrowest post has the Cortizo Cor Vision Plus system and it is 25 mm, followed by the Yawal Moreview – 27 mm.

The narrow post looks extremely aesthetic and minimalistic. Large glazings let the maximum amount of light into the room, provide a panoramic view of the image outside of the window, and at the same time minimize visible thermal cross sections.

sliding systems with the narrowest post

The thickness of the pane packet in sliding systems

The thickest glazing unit can be made using the Yawal Moreview and Schuco Panorama ASS 77 PD systems.

The Yawal and Schuco constructions allow the placement of pane packets up to 60 mm. Maximum glazing at this level guarantees the best acoustic and thermal properties.

Panoramic windows consist in 90% of glass, therefore in the case of such large glazing, it is important to install several panes with the best thermal parameters. In addition to high-quality glass, it is worth filling the space between the panes with argon or krypton in order to protect against heat loss from the room.

The warmest sliding systems offers professional sliding systems, among which you can find solutions such as: Yawal Moreview or Reynaers Hi-Finity, which are characterized by the best Uw = 0.8.

Despite its huge size, aluminum sliding doors are characterized by excellent thermal insulation. Uw = 0.8 means that patio windows with such a thermal coefficient are passive sliding systems.

The Uw parameter is extremely important for any window of any size and material. Uw informs you how much heat escapes through the window. In practice, it has to do with the cost of heating bills. The lower the Uw coefficient, the lower the bills.


Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

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