July 2021

Aluminium Sliding Windows – Lift&Slide Patio Doors Ranking 2021

Ranking okien aluminiowych tarasowych

HS aluminium sliding windows are a premium product, where price differences can reach nearly 50%. Is this justified? We have compiled this ranking to help you choose the best aluminium patio doors for your investmentssolo or contracted by clients. Regardless of whether the investor is looking for the cheapest, the highest quality aluminium sliding patio windows or those with the optimum quality / price ratio. You can find a detailed description later in this article.

Ranking of aluminium terrace windows – what do we compare?

Aluminium patio sliding windows ranking debesto

In our ranking of aluminium lift and slide windows, we took a closer look at finished products.

The debesto.com analysis department has analysed the best aluminium sliding windows, for you and your company’s clients.

We selected 7 HS systems for comparison, leaders of the market:

  • Aliplast Ultraglide
  • Aluprof MB-77 HS
  • Cortizo 4600 HI IT
  • Ponzio SL 1600 TT
  • Reynaers CP 155*
  • Schuco ASS 70 HI*
  • Yawal DP180 Primeview

*Despite several attempts, we did not receive offers from the prefabricators of the Reynaers and Schuco systems until the date of this publication. For this reason, they were ultimately not included in the current ranking.

For the purposes of this ranking, we compared HS windows with the following parameters:

  • dimensions 4000 × 2200 mm
  • scheme A (active leaf + fix)
  • double-sided hardened (50mm) triple-pane packages with a warm edge – Ug = 0.6
  • the narrowest centre pillar available
  • profile colour – RAL 7016 matt (gray)
  • drainage gutter, if available
  • automatic drive (for the purposes of the price list of HS windows with a drive)

We checked parameters such as the width of the central pillar, the height of the folding of the profiles, the possibility of performing a fix in the frame and the quality of the suppliers of the finished product.

In a word – by taking a few minutes to read our test of aluminium patio doors, you can save tens of hours of tedious valuations, comparisons and corrections. You can use the time saved to obtain new orders for your company. 

Dear System Provider!

Your system is not in the ranking? Do you think it has the potential for a higher ranking?

We create our rankings to help develop our clients’ businesses. We reward the profiles that offer them the most practical benefits. That is why, apart from technical parameters, the suppliers of the finished product are equally important.

Recommend a manufacturer to us who utilizes a 100% of your system’s capabilities, sells it at an attractive price and provides substantive support, and we will be happy to put them in the next edition of the ranking!

Contact us: suppliers@debesto.com

Voytech Stanowski, CEO

The cheapest HS aluminium patio windows (without a drive)

Aluprof MB-77 HS is the cheapest aluminium patio door in July 2021. It costs EUR 2,826.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the ranking, the price in the case of HS aluminium windows between designs with the same dimensions may differ by almost a half. Does that mean half the quality? Not at all! (Quite the opposite, in fact, but more about that in other categories).

At the beginning of the second half of the year, the lowest price category goes to Aluprof MB-77 HS , leaving the competition far behind!

The second place belongs to Aliplast Ultraglide, with a price higher by approx. EUR 150. However, it has some significant shortcomings, such as 2.5 times wider central post or lack of linear drainage.

The podium is completed by the new version of the Yawal DP 180, with an added “Primeview” tag. It’s cheaper than its older version, but still more expensive, by EUR 812 (nearly 30%!) than the winner of the current price list of aluminium terrace windows.

Cheapest aluminium lift and slide windows – TABLE

SystemPrice (EUR)
Aluprof MB-77 HS2826
Aliplast Ultraglide2962
Yawal DP180 Primeview3638
Cortizo 4600 HI IT3818
Ponzio SL 16000 TT3908

Drive-equipped HS aluminium sliding windows – price list

The cheapest aluminium sliding door with a drive is Aluprof MB-77 HS. A 4000 × 2200 window with a drive costs 5725 EUR.

The HS system from Aluprof is also the winner in the comparison of drive-equipped aluminum terrace windows. Not only that, the difference in favour of the MB-77, as compared to the rest of the ranking, increased even more. Buying an Aluprof product, you save as much as approx. 2900 EUR.

Interestingly, this is how much the automatic drive for the MB-77 HS costs on its own. The standalone construction without a drive has a similar price. To paint an exact picture, by choosing Aluprof you can buy two windows for the price of a single drive-equipped window from the competition – one with a drive, the other without and… pay the same amount of money. What a divide!

Full disclousure, let’s note that the second place in the price category was taken by Cortizo 4600 HI IT for EUR 8,535 and the third by Ponzio SL 1600 TT which costs 8666 EUR  in the automated version.

It is also worth adding that the Aliplast Ultraglide sliding window is the only one on the list that does not have a version with an electric drive.

The cheapest HS aluminium sliding windows with a drive – TABLE

SystemPrice (EUR)
Aluprof MB-77 HS5725
Cortizo 4600 HI IT8535
Ponzio SL 1600 TT8666
Yawal DP180 Primeview8869
Aliplast Ultraglideno drive

High-end frameless window cheaper than a drive-equipped HS

Did you know that, for the price of an aluminium HS drive-equipped window, you can have a panoramic sliding window like the Yawal Moreview or Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus? Check out our ranking of premium frameless patio doors and offer your investor world-class quality within the same budget.

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The best aluminium HS terrace windows – ranking 2021

Aluprof MB-77 HS deservedly won the title of the best aluminium terrace window In July 2021.

The winner was the system, which achieved the leading result in the ranking in practically all the criteria currently required by the market (14 out of 15 points). This is Aluprof MB-77 HS.

We are talking about windows dedicated to large glazing, which are to be as “frameless” as possible – this is why we appreciated these aspects. The second lowest profile assembly, a narrow (only 47.5mm) central post, or the possibility of making a fix in the frame. And as the icing on the cake, a reliable and repeatable prefabricator with the production time of an HS aluminium window even in 4 weeks.

The second place goes to the Yawal DP180 Primeview, which also effectively follows the trends, as evidenced by the narrowest post in the group – 47mm. And the best Uw result within the entire structure. Aluprof had to yield priority due to the assembly of profiles totalling 100 mm and the supplier of the final structure, who was rated slightly lower.

Cortizo 4600 took position number three in the ranking of aluminium lift and slide windows. The Spanish system shares the same faults as the competitor from Yawala, and, as an added downside, there is the longest production time among the entire ranking, amounting to at least 6-7 weeks.

The best sliding aluminium windows – TABLE

SystemQuality (points)
Aluprof MB-77 HS14,00
Yawal DP180 Primeview12,50
Cortizo 4600 HI IT10,50
Ponzio SL 1600 TT10,00
Aliplast Ultraglide10,00

HS aluminium sliding windows – the best quality / price ratio in 2021

Aluprof MB-77 HS turned out to be the best in the ranking of aluminium sliding windows in the “quality / price” category in July 2021.

There were no surprises – in this category, the representative of the Aluprof group is also the winner. Top quality at the lowest price on the market – do we need anything more?

 Yawal DP180 Primeview took second place in the quality / price category. It did not stand out from the rival structurally, but it did in terms of price, and this was what influenced the final result of the system.]

We have the opposite situation in the third place. Aliplast Ultraglide placed just behind Primeview, mainly due to its low price. However, it is technologically outdated, as compared to the competition. The middle post is as much as 125 mm (the best results are below 50 mm) and has no possibility to use a drive or a drainage gutter.

Aluminium sliding windows – the best quality / price ratio – TABLE

Aluprof MB-77 HS4,95
Yawal DP180 Primeview3,44
Aliplast Ultraglide3,38
Cortizo 4600 HI IT2,75
Ponzio SL 1600 TT2,56
Voytech Stanowski, CEO

Aluprof MB-77 HS has no weaknesses at the moment – comment of the author of the ranking

The MB-77 HS system undoubtedly dominated our July ranking of HS sliding windows. In my subjective opinion, this was completely deserved, as it is difficult to find any weak points in this solution.

On paper, Ponzio has a slightly lower fold, Yawal has a narrower post (slightly, but still!) and better Uw, and the product based on Aliplast is prefabricated by the same reliable supplier, in an equally short time and at a low price. The secret is that the Aluprof MB-77 is the only one that is at least as good as its best competitor in each category.

All this at the lowest price. Good, fast and cheap – it’s possible! Congratulations to Aluprof.

My suggestions for other system providers?

Consider how to make the price of products realistic, based on your solutions. Also those with automatic drive, because then the distance to the leader of the ranking is even more visible. Even if the other parameters are as good as in the MB-77, why would anyone pay a higher price for an identical solution?

HS windows – the narrowest central post

Yawal DP180 Primeview has the narrowest post in the current ranking of HS aluminium windows, with a result of only 47 mm.

The smallest possible width of the central post is currently a very desirable element on the market, both for investors and private clients. Large glazing without frames and divisions looks phenomenal and is no longer reserved only for luxury buildings.

Out of the aluminium sliding windows included in our list, Yawal DP180 Primeview with a 47 mm post, Aluprof MB-77 HS with an almost identical result of 47.5 mm and Cortizo 4600 HI IT with a 50 mm post should be distinguished in this respect. With structures measuring 4 meters in width, the differences are practically imperceptible to the naked eye.

The second group includes Ponzio SL 1600 TT and Aliplast Ultraglide with, unfortunately, the middle posts more than twice as thick: 104 and 125 mm, respectively.

The smallest width of the central post – TABLE

SystemWidth of the central post
Yawal DP180 Primeview47 mm
Aluprof MB-77 HS47,5 mm
Cortizo 4600 HI IT50 mm
Ponzio SL 1600 TT104 mm
Aliplast Ultraglide125 mm
Comparison of the width of the central post

Lowest fold – narrow frame profiles

The lowest folding height is available in the Ponzio SL 1600 TT. The result is 87 mm.

Our new window ranking also takes into account the fold height of the profiles. It consists of the height of the sash profile and the frame / sill profile.

Ponzio has the lowest fold (87 mm), the second place is taken by Aluprof with a result of 88.5 mm, and the third by Aliplast with a height of 90 mm. With such large dimensions of the HS windows, the differences between the first three are almost imperceptible.

Why is this so important?

Minimalist, narrow-frame sliding windows are currently the leading trend in the world, which is also visible in the offer of system providers. Like other industries, the window industry also tends towards frames as narrow as possible.

The lower the fold height, the more it feels like the window is “frameless”. A window with a smaller frame and a larger glass surface looks definitely more aesthetic and premium.

The warmest HS aluminium windows

The best Uw parameter for a structure with the dimensions of 4000 x 2200 mm was obtained by the Yawal DP180 Primeview, with a heat loss coefficient amounting to 0.9.

Aluminium terrace windows are characterized by very good thermal insulation. This is not surprising, as the vast majority of the surface is made of a glazing package which, apart from the thermal insulation, also provides appropriate statics of the entire structure.

Therefore, for the sake of comparison, we used a triple-glazed 50mm package with toughened panes (on both sides) with a Ug = 0.6 coefficient in each of the valued windows. You will find the Uw results for this set in the table.

Maximum glazing thickness

It is worth mentioning that the systems differ in the maximum thickness of the glazing that we can apply. The widest possibilities are offered by the Yawal DP180, which can accommodate glazing up to 62mm. The second place is taken by Aluprof MB-77HS, fitting a package up to 58.5 mm. Next are Cortizo (55 mm), Aliplast (52 mm) and Ponzio (51 mm).

The warmest aluminium patio doors – TABLE

Yawal DP180 Primeview0,9
Aluprof MB-77 HS0,98
Aliplast Ultraglide1,0
Cortizo 4600 HI IT1,0
Ponazio SL 1600 TT1,0

Ranking of manufacturers of aluminium terrace windows – reliability of suppliers

All the window suppliers on our list represent a solid level of production and technical support.

Utilizing our experience, we assessed each system in the ranking of aluminium lift and slide windows in terms of the quality of the assembly plant of the finished product. Even the best system, assembled by a poor manufacturer, will be of mediocre quality. We considered two aspects:

  • Reliability and repeatability of the manufacturer – tells us about the reliability, perfection and stability of the supplier
  • Quality of service and after-sales support – with an assessment of what the supplier’s support looks like at the stage when the product has already left the production line

In the first criterion, we awarded maximum points (3 points) to the prefabricator of Aluprof MB-77 HS and Aliplast Ultraglide windows, who ensures the highest level in terms of product quality and meeting the delivery date.

The supplier who produces based on Cortizo 4600 and Yawal DP180 is rated a little lower (2.5 points) -they also ensure high quality and usually meet the declared deadlines. The average score (2 points) was given to the HS Ponzio SL1600 window supplier, who does not go below a solid level, but is not on the same shelf as the other two suppliers.

The second of the above-mentioned points is at a similar, solid level for each of the producers (we awarded 2 points each), so even in the event of a possible complaint, you can count on its efficient handling.

Linear drainage

Linear drainage is a special gutter installed at the floor level that discharges the water which flows to the patio doors and that arises inside their elements. With the exception of the Aliplast Ultraglide system, all sliding windows from the ranking have a system drainage gutter. They received an additional 1 point for this.

Detailed comparison of HS aluminium sliding windows (table)

SystemUwMin. production timeFolding height (mm) Width of the central post (mm)Fixed frame windowDriveLinear drainageSupplier reliabilityAfter-sales supportQualityNet price (EUR)Net price with drive (EUR)Quality/price
Aluprof MB-77 HS0,984-5 tyg.88,547,5YesYesYes3214,00282657254,95
Yawal DP180 Primeview0,95-6 tyg.10047YesYesYes2,5212,50363888693,44
Aliplast Ultraglide1,04-5 tyg.90125NoNoNo3210,002962—-3,38
Cortizo 4600 HI IT1,06-7 tyg.9850YesYesYes2,5210,50381885352,75
Ponzio SL 1600 TT1,05-6 tyg.87104NoYesYes2210,00390886662,56

Ranking of terrace lift and slide aluminium windows – methodology

In our comparison, we evaluate the quality of finished HS aluminium sliding windows. The entire finished product and its quality include, among others:

  • quality of the HS system, its parameters and design possibilities
  • prefabricator (supplier) evaluation
  • the likelihood of a complaint
  • technical support at the sales stage and post-sales (including possible complaints)

Any ranking is subjective by nature. And so it is in this case. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences:

  • debesto customers
  • debesto
  • prefabricators
  • system providers

In summary, this ranking does not only show the technical, theoretical possibilities of system makers. The ranking is also not just about prefabrication.

Our ranking evaluates the quality of the sliding aluminium window as a complete, finished product along with its packaging, handling, service, logistics and the quality of pre- and after-sales support.

We rely on data provided by the manufacturer. If, as a system supplier, you see an error in the description of your products, remember that it was the manufacturers who prefabricate on your profiles that provided the data for this compilation.

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