August 2023

Ranking of Cheap High-Quality Aluminum Windows 2023 – The Best Cheapest Windows 2023

This ranking of cheap aluminum windows was created to efficiently suggest you a system that will be the most expedient choice for your investment – whether you are looking for the cheapest windows, the best in their respective category, or the ones with the optimal value for money.

debesto’s team of technologists has carefully reviewed the technical data and taken into account the real opinions of our customers and company employees to provide you with a clear and detailed comparison of the best low-cost systems available on the Polish market. It’s the highest time to dispel the assumptions that “cheap” means that the said product will grant you poor quality.

Check out what aluminum joinery can contribute to your project.

the cheapest aluminum windows 2023 ranking

What are we comparing?

the cheapest aluminum windows 2023 ranking

The cheapest aluminum profiles 2023

The cheapest aluminum windows 2023 are Aliplast Ecofutural. The test kit costs EUR 5609.

In the ranking, we included only those cheap aluminum windows that also meet our strict minimum quality criteria. It’s an economic, but a safe shelf. When you buy windows of this category, you will get profiles that are ideal for both business bids or industrial/residential use.

Aluminum windows on the Aliplast Ecofutural profile, in addition to the lowest price, also have proper thermal performance.

Close on its heels, however, is Ponzio PE68, costing 5631 EUR, with even better thermal performance and a 2 mm lower minimum sash+frame assembly height (98 mm).

Suggested alternative: Aluprof MB-79N

When you are looking for something better, at an optimal price, we recommend the third place, which is Aluprof MB-79N. This system serves as a solid foundation for constructing all the required elements for your project. Aluprof MB-79N is also a favored selection in housing development and is particularly suited for applications like individual dwellings.

In short: when the investor cares about durability and decent parameters at the lowest price, opt for Aliplast Ecofutural. However, if your project requires something more energy-efficient, with narrower frames or balcony doors with a low threshold, bet on windows based on the Aluprof MB-79N system.

The cheapest aluminum windows

Cheap aluminum windows of the highest quality

We have a tie! In the “quality” category, the winners are Cortizo COR 70 Industrial and Aluprof MB-79N.

Both systems received the same number of points from us for their completeness of solutions, solid fittings from Siegenia and Roto, very good thermal performance and similar min. folding height, among other things.

Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between these systems anyway? Well, Aluprof MB-79N is cheaper, and Cortizo COR 70 Industrial overtakes its competitor in the min. folding height of sash+frame by 2 mm.

Third place belongs to the Yawal TM 74HI, which has a min. folding height of 89 mm, along with good thermal performance.

So why Cortizo? The Cortizo COR 70 Industrial stands out primarily due to the brand’s well-established reputation for quality and dependability, coupled with staying in step with the latest market trends. This system is recognized for its minimal frame and sash folding, great thermal efficiency, and an aesthetic that exudes an industrial flair.

Cheap aluminum windows with the best quality/price ratio

The best aluminum window in terms of “quality/price” is Aluprof MB-79N.

Aluprof MB-79N has left the competition behind, all thanks to its reasonable price, good thermal parameters and the completeness of the system. This profile definitely has everything that windows of this class should possesssolid fittings from Siegenia, the lowest heat loss and, most importantly, available reliable suppliers.

On the basis of this profile, we can make standard tilt and turn constructions, but also casement windows. Aluprof has a complete range, which means that we can match MB-79N windows with Aluprof’s bi-folding doors, as well as PSK or HST systems.

The slightly more expensive Cortizo COR 70 Industrial, which also has a complete range of windows and doors, has come to the forefront of the group behind Aluprof. Due to its low sash and frame folding, this Cortizo profile is an excellent alternative when your client wants as much light as possible entering the room.

Windows from “quality/price” category

Additional categories — what else should you know?

The warmest cheap aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-79N and Cortizo COR 70 Industrial offer the least heat loss, both having a Uw coefficient of 1.50. Following closely is the Yawal TM 74HI with Uw 1.52.

*Reference window: 1230 × 1480 mm tilt-and-turn

The Uw coefficient indicates how much heat escapes through the window – this translates into heating bills, and the lower the Uw value, the greater the savings.

How much does this matter in practice?

Large-size aluminum windows, and in particular large glazing, help protect the interior of the house against heat loss.

We checked how this can translate into real savings for your customers. There are many energy calculators available on the web – we used the one from

The warmest cheap aluminum windows

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

Cheap aluminum profiles with the lowest folding of sash+frame

Our new window ranking also takes into account the fold height of the profile visible from the outside. It is made up of the height of the sash profile and the frame profile (see the picture below).

The lowest folding – only 88 mm, belongs to Cortizo COR 70 Industrial.

In this category, it’s clear that the analyzed systems split into two groups. Like Cortizo, Yawal (89 mm), Reynaers (89 mm) and Aluprof (90 mm) also allow very low folding rates, while the other profiles significantly deviate from the rest in terms of performance.

Why is the sash + frame folding important?

The benefits of aluminum joinery encompass the reduced folding height, allowing for increased natural light indoors. In simpler words, the higher the folding, the glass area is smaller, resulting in diminished interior light and potentially higher heating costs for the customer.

Thanks to the reduced size of the frame compared to the sash, the windows become more “frameless“. In practice, this means that they have been designed to minimize the visibility of the frame structure around the glass. Thanks to this effect, you can get the impression of a space that is more open and expansive.

Window profile
Min. folding height (mm)
88 mm
89 mm
89 mm
90 mm
98 mm
100 mm
100 mm

In addition, minimalist, frameless windows are currently a leading trend worldwide. Like other industries, the window market is moving toward the smallest possible frames (via hidden sashes and low folds, among other things), since such a solution is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also more utilizable.

Aluminum windows with the lowest folding

Completeness of systems in cheap aluminum windows

What do we mean by completeness of systems?

We use the term to refer to the fact that a given supplier or manufacturer offers a wide range of different products, or components, that are technologically related, e.g., the system provider has a window profile, but also possess a lift-and-slide (HST) door and bi-fold doors compatible with said system.

In the category of the most complete system, the maximum score was obtained by most profiles: Aluprof MB-79N, Cortizo COR 70 Industrial, Ponzio PE68 and Reynaers CS77.

Opting for these system providers ensures a comprehensive range of structures: from fixed/tilt-and-turn windows, options with concealed sashes, to a variety of patio door styles, and even panel doors. This diverse offering has earned each of these providers the highest possible points.

The other system suppliers each lacked one option. In the Aliplast Ecofutural system there is no option to hide the sash in the frame, in Aliplast Imperial you won’t create a balcony with a low threshold, and in Yawal TM 74HI you won’t obtain a bi-folding door.

Detailed comparison of cheap aluminum windows

Window profile
Folding height of sash+frame (mm)
System completeness
Reliability and repeatability of the supplier
Price netto (EUR)
Siegenia Titan AF
Roto AL
Roto AL
Sigenia LM5200 H EG
Winkhaus Activpilot
Siegenia Titan AF
Sigenia Titan AF

Dear System Provider!

Is your system absent from the ranking? Do you think it has the potential for a higher placement?

Our rankings are created to assist in the expansion of our clients’ businesses. We reward profiles that give them the most hands-on benefits. That’s why, in addition to technical parameters, suppliers of the finished product are also important.

Recommend us a manufacturer that uses 100% of the capabilities of your system, sells it at an attractive price and provides substantive support, and we will be happy to update the data in the next edition of the ranking!

Write to [email protected]

Wojtek Stanowski, CEO

Ranking methodology

The so-called hard data, that is, the below-mentioned parameters of finished products, go first:

  • U-Value coefficient
  • minimum folding height of sash+frame

We also took into consideration:

  • completeness of the system
  • solutions (e.g., fittings) used by the manufacturer in the finished window
  • evaluation of the prefabricator (supplier)

If you are familiar with windows, you must be aware that even the best window system, but assembled at a poor manufacturer, will be of mediocre quality. How did we assess the reliability of the supplier? Our criteria included, for instance:

  • timeliness and repeatability of the manufacturer – this tells us about the reliability and stability of the supplier
  • complaint handling and technical support at the sales and after-sales stage
  • time of preparing quotations

The good news is that all the Polish manufacturers included in the ranking represent a solid, high level, which guarantees you that your order will be completed safely.

It is worth noting, however, that the ranking is by its nature subjective. This is also the case this time. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences of our company, debesto’s clients, prefabricators and system providers.

If, as a system provider, you see any irregularities in the description of your products, please let us know. We emphasize that it is the manufacturers who provide us with data for the compilation, thus they are responsible for this information about your profiles.

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