December 2021

Ranking of cheap 70mm class aluminum windows 2021/2022

The ranking of cheap 70 mm class aluminum windows was created to tell you which window system you should choose for your investment. You’ll find all the answers in this ranking.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the cheapest windows, the optimal quality / price ratio, or the best windows on the market. You will find a detailed overview of all categories later in this article.

Check what the ranking looks like for your windows

Ranking of cheap 70 mm aluminum windows – what do we compare?

In the rankings of cheap 70 mm class aluminum windows, we compare finished products.

We chose a set of 11 windows with the following dimensions:

  • 600×500 tilt (2 pieces)
  • 1230×1480 tilt&turn (2 pieces)
  • 1460×1430 2-sash t&t+t (2 pieces)
  • 900×2180 balcony t&t (2 pieces)
  • 1400×2180 balcony t&t+t+movable post (1 piece)
  • 1600×2180 fix w ramie (2 pieces)

The analysis department has checked the cheapest 70 mm class aluminium windows of the following brands for you and your clients: Aliplast, Aluprof, Cortizo, Reynaers, Ponzio, Yawal.

For comparison, we chose one of the most frequently chosen colours of aluminium windows: RAL 9016.

All windows are standard equipped with:

  • 2 panes Ug = 1,1 with cold aluminium spacer
  • micro-ventilation (tilt&turn)
  • the cheapest aluminium handles in white
  • mounting anchors
  • lowest possible fold (no extra charge)

In a nutshell – by spending a few minutes reading our test of the cheapest 70 mm class aluminum windows, you save several dozen hours of tedious valuations and comparisons.

Dear System Provider!

Your system is not in the ranking? Do you think it has the potential for a higher ranking?

We create our rankings to help develop our clients’ businesses. We reward the profiles that offer them the most practical benefits. That is why, apart from technical parameters, the suppliers of the finished product are equally important.

Recommend a manufacturer to us who utilizes a 100% of your system’s capabilities, sells it at an attractive price and provides substantive support, and we will be happy to put them in the next edition of the ranking!

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Voytech Stanowski, CEO

The cheapest 70 mm class aluminum windows.

Reynaers CS77 is the cheapest 70 mm class aluminum windows.The test kit costs 4268 EUR.

Our ranking only included professionals and the cheapest 70 mm class aluminium windows which also meet our strict minimum quality criteria. It is an economical but safe shelf.

Aluminum windows on the Reynaers CS77 profile which won this ranking are solid windows that will last for years. The lowest price and one of the lowest frame assemblies + sash in the group of cheap 70 mm class. Reynaers make them also attractive to purchase in terms of their technical capabilities.

Reynaers windows are an excellent choice for tenders. They are perfect for places where reliability, durability and price, but also following the latest trends, are important. The lower folding of the frame and sash means larger glazing and thus more light in the rooms.

Alternative choice: Aluprof MB-70
When you are looking for something more at an optimal price, we recommend Aluprofa MB-70 as a window joinery broker. Despite the higher price, you will receive energy efficient and complete system of aluminum windows and doors based on which you can make all the necessary structures for your investment.

Request: if the investor wants reliability and the lowest price, you can bet on Reynaers CS77. If the project needs energy efficient aluminum frames or balcony doors with a low threshold, suggest focus on the Aluprof MB-70 system.

The cheapest aluminum 70 mm windows – TABLE

Window profilePrice (EUR)
Reynaers CS774 317
Yawal TM 74HI4 344
Aluprof MB-704 385
Aliplast Ecofutural4 410
Aliplast Imperial4 468
Ponzio PE684 755
Cortizo COR 70 industrial5 080

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The best cheap 70 mm class aluminum windows.

The best cheap 70 mm class aluminum windows in our ranking are Aluprof MB-70, which obtained the highest number of points (16/18).

The podium is rather tight in this category. This shows both how much the systems we produce, as well as suppliers, have to offer. This is good news for clients who are looking for the best products.

The winner was Aluprof MB-70, which we have already briefly mentioned above. It is a product that has everything that windows of this class should have. Reliable fittings from Siegenia, the best thermal insulation parameters and, most importantly, reliable suppliers with the shortest production time (from 5 weeks).

We will make all standard constructions based on this profile. Aluprof also offers casement windows, balcony doors with both a low and high sill, HST, PSK, bi-fold folding doors and panel doors – it is a perfect complement for those who need more.

Right behind the Aluprof MB-70, losing only 0.5 points is the Cortizo COR 70, which also has a complete system of windows and doors. It is an excellent alternative when the client wants as much light entering the room as possible. The 3rd place in this ranking belongs to the Ponzio PE68-based kit. This shows that the Ponzio prefabricator has a lot to offer.

The best cheap aluminum windows – TABLE

Window profileQuality (points)
Aluprof MB-7016,00
Cortizo Cor 7015,50
Ponzio PE6814,50
Yawal TM 74HI13,00
Aliplast Imperial13,00
Reynaers CS7711,00
Aliplast Ecofutural10,00

Budget aluminum windows the best quality/price ratio.

In the comparison of cheap 70 mm class aluminum windows in the “quality / price” category, Aluprof MB-70 turned out to be the best.

Aluprof MB-70 also wins in this category. When buying a set of windows based on Aluprof, not only will we get a great product from a proven manufacturer, but also pay a reasonable price for it. According to debesto, it is the most optimal choice in this category also as energy efficiency system.

If someone, looking at the “quality/price” category, knows that the budget is of greater importance, it is worth considering the system that is the only one to appear on the top step of the podium twice. It is the previously mentioned Aluprof MB-70.

The third place goes to Cortizo COR 70, primarily for the quality and reliability which this brand has accustomed us to, and for following the latest market trends.

The COR 70 by Cortizo is characterized by the lowest frame and sash folding and an industrial look. It wins against Aluprof by 0.5 cm and against Ponzio by 1 cm. It will be the choice of those who want the most light in the room at the lowest possible price.

The best quality/ratio of cheap aluminum windows – TABLE

Window profilePrice/quality ratio (points)
Aluprof MB-703,65
Ponzio PE683,05
Cortizo Cor 703,05
Yawal TM 74HI2,99
Aliplast Imperial2,91
Reynaers CS772,55
Aliplast Ecofutural2,27

The lowest folding. Cortizo COR 70 windows have the lowest folding – only 88 mm.

Our new window ranking also takes into account the fold height of the profile visible from the outside. It is made up of the height of the sash profile and the frame profile (see the picture next to this text). Imagine unobstructed views straight to the garden.

In our comparison, Yawal TM 74HI and Reynaers CS77 with 89 mm of the fold are on the Cortizo’s heels When your client cares about the greatest amount of light in the rooms, the Yawal TM 74HI becomes an interesting alternative, which tempts with its price and better thermal insulation than Cortizo. The downside of this system, however, is the inability to make bi-fold folding doors.

The smallest width of the central post – TABLE

Windows profileFolding height
Cortizo COR 7088 mm
Yawal TM 74HI89 mm
Reynaers CS7789 mm
Aluprof MB-7093 mm
Ponzio PE6898 mm
Aliplast Imperial100 mm
Aliplast Ecofutural100 mm

Why is this so important?

Minimalist, narrow-frame sliding windows are currently the leading trend in the world, which is also give modern look.

The lower the fold height, the more it feels like the window is “frameless”. A window with a smaller frame and a larger glass surface looks definitely more aesthetic and premium.

The best energy efficiency – aluminum frame windows

Among the 70 mm class aluminum window systems, there are systems from Aluprof, Ponzio and Yawal with an identical Uw = 1.5 coefficient. However, all systems have a Uw very close to 1.5-1.7. Interestingly, these are the windows that are at the top of the rate when it comes to price.

This can, of course, mean double savings. What is important, however, is the purpose of the facility and the energy demand for heating a given location. Considering the rising energy prices and longevity of aluminum windows, it is worth choosing windows with better thermal insulation also as home cooler. Uw is given for the reference window RU 1230 x 1480.

The warmest cheap aluminum windows – TABLE

Window profileUwPrice (Eur)
Aluprof MB-701.54385
Ponzio PE681.54755
Yawal TM 74HI1.54344
Aliplast Imperial1.64468
Cortizo COR 701.75080
Reynaers CS771.74317
Aliplast Ecofutural1.74410

How it is important in practice?

We checked how it can translate into real savings for your clients. There are many energy calculators available on the web – we used the one at

For the test set of windows with an area of approx. 20 m2, differences at the level of 0.01-0.05 bring savings of a dozen or so zlotys per year (!). From an economic point of view, this is not a significant difference. The money spent on a more expensive system with a Uw warmer of 0.05 will probably never pay off.

The situation is different if you have a tender requirement with a clearly defined heat transfer coefficient for the windows. Only for this need, we present a list of the warmest window systems with price and score.

Ranking of manufacturers of cheap aluminum frame windows – reliability of suppliers

All the suppliers on our list represent a solid level of production and technical support. Polish industry has ability give You access to growing your business.

Utilizing our experience, we assessed each system in the ranking of aluminum lift and slide windows in terms of the quality of the assembly plant of the finished product. Even the best system, assembled by a poor manufacturer, will be of mediocre quality. We considered two aspects:

  • Reliability and repeatability of the manufacturer – tells us about the reliability, perfection and stability of the supplier
  • Quality of service and after-sales support – with an assessment of what the supplier’s support looks like at the stage when the product has already left the production line

Price quotation time.

Manufacturers of Cortizo COR 70 and Ponzio PE68 systems are best at price quotations, usually managing within 1 working day. We will have to wait a bit longer for price quotes from Aluprof MB-70 and Aliplast Imperial – approx. 1-2 business days. In the case of Yawala TM 74HI, Aliplast Ecofutural and Reynaers CS77, the downside is the longer waiting time for the quote. Remember this when the customer wants to know the offer quickly.

The most complete system

In terms of the most complete system, the two systems Aluprof MB-70 and Cortizo Cor 70 obtained the maximum result. Homeowners want have all range products in one place.

One product is missing on all other systems. Usually, these are balcony doors with a low threshold (Ponzio, Reynaers and Aliplast Imperial). In the Aliplast Ecofutural system, it is not possible to hide the sash in the frame, while based on Yawal system we cannot make a harmonica.

Detailed comparison of cheap aluminium windows (table)

Window profileUwFittingsFolding height frame+sashs [mm]System CompletnessQuotation timeSuplier evaluationQualityNet price [EUR]Quality/price
Aluprof MB-701,5Siegenia Titan AF9332316,0043853,65
Cortizo COR 701,7Stac Evo Soft88332,515,550803,05
Ponzio PE681,7Winkhaus Activpilot98232,514,547553,05
Yawal TM 74HI1,5Roto Al8920213,543442,99
Aliplast Imperial1,6Siegenia Titan AF1002231344682,91
Reynaers CS771,7Stac Evo Soft892021143172,55
Aliplast Ecofutural1,7Siegenia Titan AF1002031044102,27

Ranking of cheap 70 mm class aluminum windows – methodology

In our comparison, we evaluate the quality of finished cheap aluminum windows. The entire finished product and its quality include, among others:

  • quality of the windows system, its parameters and design possibilities
  • prefabricator (supplier) evaluation
  • the likelihood of a complaint
  • technical support at the sales stage and post-sales (including possible complaints)

Any ranking is subjective by nature. And so it is in this case. Its result is not only a collection of facts, but also feelings and experiences:

  • debesto customers
  • debesto
  • prefabricators
  • system providers

In summary, this ranking does not only show the technical, theoretical possibilities of system makers. The ranking is also not just about prefabrication.

Our ranking evaluates the quality of the sliding aluminum window as a complete, finished product along with its packaging, handling, service, logistics and the quality of pre- and after-sales support.

We rely on data provided by the manufacturer. If, as a system supplier, you see an error in the description of your products, remember that it was the manufacturers who prefabricate on your profiles that provided the data for this compilation.

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