Cheap transport to the UK and fast delivery time – Case Study Kacper Burski

Old manufacture with new windows

Who have we helped with importing windows from Poland?

Mr. Kacper is a busy owner of several businesses. The most important branch of his business is the construction industry and the assembly of door and window joinery. He has been doing this for over 10 years. In addition, Mr. Kacper rents out warehouse spaces to others.

It operates in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle and the surrounding area. He has been cooperating with debesto for 9 months. He was looking for a comprehensive supplier from Poland with competitive prices of products. It was an intense time because we have already completed 3 projects and we are in the process of two new ones.

The challenge

The first project was an old factory. The owner wanted to replace the window joinery in the building, because the old structures were already leaky and thus caused large energy losses, and high costs. The project assumed the replacement of old wooden windows with PVC windows. In addition, he wanted to reproduce the appearance of the old windows that were there before.

Windows, doors and the gate required replacement. That is why Mr. Kacper was looking for a joinery supplier who would have all the necessary products in one place. In addition, it was important to find a competitive price for the products needed when selecting the best offer.

Solution found

Market research

Client advisor Stanisław Błoszko had to reproduce the division according to the look of old windows, so he found PVC profiles that would most closely resemble old windows. He compared the structures on the profiles: Gealan 8000, Aluplast Ideal 4000 and Decco 71.

The two systems, Decco 71 and Aluplast Ideal 4000, presented the most similar appearance.

To obtain a similar appearance to the old windows, Stanisław used glazing bars in the classic version. The next step was to establish the divisions. In the windows, apart from the construction posts, muntin bars reflecting the old divisions have been added. According to this specification, the debesto advisor compared offers from several suppliers to find the best price.


Presentation of the optimal variant

Our consultant chose the Aluplast Ideal 4000 profile. It won thanks to the price, being 7% cheaper than Decco 71. Another advantage was the fast production time of 2 weeks, which meant that the first stage of joinery replacement could begin soon.

The order was very large, so our consultant advised Mr. Kacper to divide the implementation into stages. The first stage concerned the replacement of the window joinery, and the second stage concerned the replacement of doors and gates. This made storage and assembly easier.

Due to this decision, the renovation did not interfere with the normal use of the facility. It was possible to divide the investment into stages thanks to the low transport prices in debesto.

What has the client gained?

  • hardly available product matched to expectations
  • all in 1 – the client ordered all the necessary products in one place
  • cheap transport – Poland -> Great Britain 199 pounds
  • quick implementation time – windows on the construction site after 3 weeks
  • savings of EUR 2 500 compared to the price in the UK

We started cooperation with debesto in 2020. Windows and other products offered by this company are of really high quality, as is the service. Professional advice and extensive technical knowledge make it easier to choose the right product. The attractive price of the products and the low cost of transport are also important. So far, we have had no problems with orders and transport, everything went smoothly and quickly. I heartily recommend the debesto company.

Client opinion - Kacper Burski J.K.Professional Windows and Doors


about author

Michał Żółkiewski specialist responsible for customer experience.

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faq – who are we and what do we do?

1.What will I gain from working with you?

First of all, you’ll save your TIME. We will do the whole work with ordering doors, windows, gates, and blinds for you. Why should you outsource it to us? 
  • You will get products in a quality which was checked by us.
  • You don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline or financial condition of the supplier - we order the production only to verified companies.
  • We’ll find products that suit your needs - it doesn’t matter if that are windows, wooden or aluminum doors, PCV, blinds, or garage doors.
  • One complete transport at a lower price instead of a few different ones will come to the place of investment.
  • You’ll comfortably get everything done with one adviser, one invoice, one transfer, and only one place where you can (if necessary) make a complaint.

2. Does your company produce windows?

We aren’t just a traditional producer. We order the production of doors, windows, gates, and blinds inside of a network of selected and verified suppliers in terms of production punctuality, their financial condition, and the quality of products. We call ourselves the broker on a polish joinery market. We’ll do all of the arduous work with ordering the joinery from Poland for you. We’ll choose relevant products at an affordable price, organise safe transport and we’ll deliver the product to any address in the world. 

3. Do you have any stationary representatives in other countries?

We do not have any branches in other countries. Our office and a magazine are in Poland in Oleśnica (30 km from Wrocław).We overcome thousands of kilometers separating us from our clients owing to modern technologies. Thanks to that you’ll save your money and time because we don’t have to add any extra costs to the services or products to maintain expensive offices all over the world.

Delivery time, payment, installation, warranty

1. What is the delivery time on

The time of order processing is highly dependent on its specification. For example, white PCV windows, standard colors (anthracite on one side) can be ready for pick up or a shipment from 7 working days. The waiting time for nonstandard PCV colors is about 4 weeks depending on the color. The production time of PCV doors is also about 4 weeks. Aluminium doors and windows - from 3 weeks, wooden windows from 6 weeks. Furthermore, the blinds about 2 weeks, garage doors - about 3 weeks, metallic doors from 4 weeks. You’ll find estimated production time next to every product on its subpage.

2. How does the payment look like? Do I have to pay the whole amount immediately?

We suggest two forms of payment: 1. 50% of advance for production of the product and 50% shall be paid before picking up/ sending the goods. 2. 100% payment in advance. This form is much more favorable because we give you an additional 5% discount depending on the group of products.

3. Will I buy the joinery with an installation on

No, on we sell only windows, doors, blinds, and gates, which we deliver to every place in the world. The installation of the windows depends on the client. We do not offer installation service because our offer is not directed to the building companies, installers, developers, and realtors that can install the joinery by themselves.

4. If the windows would be installed by a different company, do the products keep the warranty?

Yes, the only condition is installing the product in accordance with the art of assembly and applicable standards in the country of the installation in terms of the warranty.

5. Do the products that I buy have a foreign warranty?

Yes, the only condition is installing the product in accordance with the art of assembly and applicable standards in the country of the installation in terms of the warranty.

Cheap transport to the UK and fast delivery time – Case Study Kacper Burski

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