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Long-lasting and exceptionally resistant to weather conditions. Aluminium windows in contrast to popular opinions provide great thermal insulation, easily competing with the best PVC and wood systems. Great choice for your customers, who look for nonstandard solutions and cutting edge window technology.

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aluprof mb86 aluminium window system
  • first in the world, aluminium system with silica aerogel insulation technology as an option
  • great thermal insulation - Uf from 0,57 W/(m2K)
  • perfect system for large structures
  • complete window and door system

from 456 EUR

Aluprof MB 86 Fold Line Aluminium Window System Profile
  • High thermal insulation
  • The newest system of external bifold doors
  • Doors meet all the requirements of architects as well as investors and andividual users
  • Doors opened inwards, outwards and possible to assemble them in any configuration

from 1319 EUR

Aluprof mb70 aluminium window system profile
  • low thermal conductivity
  • flushed surfaces, concealed wing gives great visual effect
  • flexible system, great amount of variants, such as outward opening, pivot system and anti-theft solutions
  • complete window and door system

from 376 EUR

Aluprof MB59S Casement Aluminium Window System Profile
  • Modern construction designed to making top-hung and side-hung windows
  • Internal surfaces of a jamb and leafs lay on the one surface
  • Effective draining water system
  • Two kinds of hinges

from 670 EUR

Aluprof MB-104 Passive Aluminium Window System
  • Parameters exceed current requirements.
  • Uw for openable window 0,53 W/(m²K) 
  • Prestigious Passive Houses Institute certificates (PHI Darmstadt)
  • Excellent appearrance and good durability.

from 612 EUR

Aluprof MB-60 PIVOT
  • Variety of functions and ways of opening the door
  • Big allowable dimensions and construction weights
  • Possibility of making bi-coloured constructions
  • Single or double leaf doors, openable inwards or outwards
  • Different aesthetic solutions e.g. hidden leaf

from 756 EUR

Aluprof MB-SLIMLINE Aluminium Window System
  • Good water and air tightness
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Possibility of a leaf construction in two variants: with visible and invisible profiles
  • great glazing range, up to 81 m

from 533 EUR

Aluprof MB-86US ST, SI profile
  • System with a concealed window
  • Meet the requirements concerning energy saving and environment protection.
  • Aesthetic and durable construction, through the window sections.
  • First in the world alluminium system with aerogel.
  • Long lasting sustainability of alluminium (like any other material).

from 601 EUR

Aluprof MB-FERROLINE profile
  • Classical apperance
  • Wide range of glazing up to 61.5 mm
  • High thermal insulation
  • Excellent thermal protection of the construction (MB-86-based technical solutions)
  • Fast production through its uncomplicated and easy construction

from 637 EUR


Aluminum windows - opinion: is it worth convincing the customer to buy them?

In our opinion, aluminum windows are a product that is definitely worth recommending to your customers. Many of your customers are still convinced that aluminum windows are cold and must be expensive at the same time. This is, of course, false.

Currently, aluminum window systems in the same class achieve parameters comparable to PVC and wood, and increasingly even better. Warm aluminum windows are already a standard, and every serious system provider has in its portfolio profiles dedicated to passive houses.

In addition, aluminum can be used to produce sash aluminum windows, which are very popular in United Kingdom. If you care more about the thermal parameters, you can also choose double-glazed aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows and doors mean almost eternal product life and resistance to external conditions. Moreover, for your company, it means less complaints compared to windows made of other materials.

In addition, aluminum windows allow you to make windows with the largest available dimensions, which will impress the customer (powder coating them in any color), and, most importantly, you can earn a higher margin. Because of their higher price, aluminum windows make a great business for you – by selling, transporting, and carrying the same number of products as pvc or wood, you will earn more.

Aluminum windows - the price of aluminum windows in Poland

The price of aluminum windows in Poland compared to prices in Western Europe is very attractive. The low price of aluminum windows is due to the fact that, in Poland, the workforce is cheaper. At the same time, aluminum window joinery is produced on the most modern production lines and based on proven systems and recognized brands.

What does this mean for you and your company? When importing windows from Poland, you can offer your clients from Western Europe or the USA basic aluminum windows at the same prices as plastic windows. If you need a broader price comparison of aluminum windows, be sure to check our aluminum windows price list for companies.

Aluminum window manufacturers in Poland

There are hundreds of aluminum window manufacturers on the Polish market. The offer of includes every major manufacturer of aluminum window systems, the windows of which are produced by selected and reliable factories.

You will find aluminum windows based on the systems of brands such as Aluprof, Aliplast, Ponzio (Polish branch of the Italian manufacturer of aluminum windows) or Cortizo (manufacturer from Spain).

All these manufacturers ensure the highest quality of windows at affordable prices, which is further guaranteed by the importing of aluminum windows from Poland.

Psst, remember about the blinds!


Save time and buy products for up to 30% cheaper by importing windows and doors from Poland

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