September 2020

Comparison of affordable PVC windows, which should be on your company's offer

categoryThe best value for money

According to the ranking of cheap PVC windows, Decco 71 will be the best choice for you and your company.

In the February comparison of cheap PVC windows, the winner in this category was the Decco 71 profile. In the 70 mm PVC window class, this system – apart from having one of the lowest prices – also offers the best value for money. Are you looking for windows offering good quality at a really low price? Choose Decco 71.

Profiles such as Salamander 76 and Ideal 4000 have also reached the podium.


We divided the number of points gained by the price one has to pay for a whole set, and then – we multiplied it by 10,000 for clarity. The higher the score, the better the value for money.

categoryThe best quality

Of all the profiles in the cheap PVC windows ranking, the Rehau Synego 70 profile offers the best quality.

Rehau Synego 70 is the winner in this category. If you are looking for good quality windows, you should take an interest in this profile. The system’s victory in this category was determined mainly by: the short production time, the full system completeness, and the use of the best quality fittings – Siegenia Titan AF.

Also recognised were the profiles: Schuco CT70 or Salamander 76.

categoryThe lowest price

The cheapest profile in the 70 mm PVC window class is Gealan 8000. If you want windows at a really low price, choose this profile.

However, its lower price is associated with correspondingly lower quality.

If you want to sell good quality windows at a low price, you should also be interested in other profiles that are on the podium. The second place went to the profile with the best value for money – Decco 71. The third place went to Aluplast Ideal 4000.

detailed comparison of double glazed PVC windows (double glazed) - TABLE

SystemU-value of windowFittingsTime of productionCertainty of production timeCompleteness of the systemAdditional pointsQualityPrice (EUR)Quality/Price
1st place
Decco 71
1.34Maco Multi-Maticfrom 2 weeks320,515,517009,12
2nd place
Salamander Streamline 76
1.34Maco Multi-Maticfrom 2 weeks331,516,518239,05
3rd place
Ideal 4000
1.35Roto NTfrom 2 weeks330,515,517908,66
4th place
Gealan 8000
Siegenia Titan+Favoritfrom 2 weeks22013,016827,73
5th place
Rehau Synego 70
1.39Siegenia Titan AFfrom 2 weeks33217,522817,67
6th place
Schuco CT70
1.39Siegenia Titan AFfrom 2 weeks33217,524837,05
7th place
Veka 70
1.34Winkhausfrom 3 weeks13111,022254,94

Additional points

We have awarded them to the profiles offering as part of their standard the solutions that you would have to pay their competitors for.

The Schuco CT70 and Rehau 70 profiles deserve recognition here. By choosing them, you get four of the five accessories listed below as part of their standard. 

An additional bonus was also granted to the Salamander 76 and Ideal 4000 systems. Although their standard does not cover all the solutions that are present in the case of the previously mentioned profiles, they offer a warm frame (at the same price). It can make the product even more attractive to your customers.

For what points have been addedGealan 8000Rehau 70Decco 71Salamander 76Ideal 4000Schuco CT70Veka 70Trend
Filling of the fittings groove00,50000,500
Gray gasket in the standard0000,500,50,50,5
Aluminum handle as a standard00,500,500,50,50,5
Warm edge spacer for free00,50,50,50,5000
The possibility of using the SuperSpacer warm edge spacer00,50000,500

Window's warmth (Uw)

The Gealan 8000 profile has the lowest heat transfer coefficient (Uw = 1.26).

The profiles in our ranking of cheap PVC windows have a coefficient within the range of Uw=1.26–1.39.

For the purposes of the ranking, we have compared the results for R-U reference windows 1230 mm wide and 1480 mm high with a triple-glazed sealed unit with a warm frame (Ug=0.5).

The Gaelan 8000 profile with its coefficient equal to 1.26 turned out to be the winner in this category. It is immediately followed by the Veka 70 and Decco 71 systems, both offering the same heat transfer coefficient of 1.34.

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

Production time

Virtually all systems in our ranking can be manufactured for you in just two weeks.

Regardless of whether you choose Rehau, Gealan, Decco, Salamander, Ideal or Schuco, each one of these can be manufactured for you in two weeks. The exception is Veka 70, the production time of which is from three to four weeks. Therefore, if you want to get the product on time, check out the above-mentioned systems from the offer.

Deadline certainty

Out of the seven systems in our ranking of cheap PVC windows, six meet their declared production times.

We rated each of the profiles in this category on a scale of 1 to 3, where: 1- There are often delays in production and implementation, 2- There are delays in production and implementation sometimes, 3- The product is almost always manufactured within the deadline set, and you will get your order on time. Three points were awarded to the profiles: Schuco CT70, Rehau Synego 70, Salamander 76, Decco 71 and Ideal 4000. If you choose them, you can be sure that you will get the product on time. It is a little different in the case of the Veka 70 system, where some delays may occur.

Which affordable PVC windows to choose - Deadline certainty

Supplier rating

Based on our experience, we rated every system in the comparison in terms of the woodwork supplier.

In our ranking, you will also learn how we evaluated individual profiles in terms of occurrence of order damage or incompleteness. We assigned points from 1 to 3 to the profiles, where: 1– Damages/incompleteness often occur, 2– Damages/incompleteness sometimes occur, 3– No damages/incompleteness. Most of the systems received three points from us. The Veka 70 system was the worst in this category, receiving the lowest number of points.

Comparison of affordable PVC windows - Deadline certainty - delivery

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