Which PVC doors should you choose and why?

When PVC panel door is the best choice for your company? Which panel of entrance door should you choose: attachment or infill, to make your client fully satisfied? See the comparison of attachment and infill panel doors which will help you in your sale.

PVC entrance door it’s a very popular product, particularly in Germany, but more often even in other countries. Framework is made of plastic sections, and panel is filled with polyurethane, what povides heat and good acoustic.

When and why should you advise PVC entrance doors ? 


  • When your client want to have his doors of non-standard sizes.
  • When he is looking for premium entrance doors in a good price.
  • If you want to be sure that your client would be able to buy entrance doors in the same colour as his windows. 
  • When your client is looking for some classic models of entrance doors with a simple design. 

How to convince your client that PVC panel doors is a great alternative for standard doors?


  •  He will be able to order his doors in any size.
  • If he choose steal doors, he will have to choose the proper size of doors to fit it to the hole. 
  • He has a guarantee that he can buy his doors that matches to his window’s colour.
  • He will pay less than for aluminium door, however he will be satisfied with very similar doors with prestige appearance. 
  • Chic and smart design and what is more, ,invisible hinges would be interesting for his wife too.


Filling- attachment or infill?

Remember that choosing the proper panel for your’s client requirements and wishes is very important. It will reduce a risk of his dissatisfaction and affect on a final succes of investment.

Example of PVC panel door model from debesto.com offer

Comparison of PVC front doors

Here are some arguments, which you can use to help your client with choosing the best option for him.

What are the differences between attachment and infill panels?

  • Through the overlay doors have better thermic isolation.
  • Attachment panels look much more aesthetically.
  •  All, single-sided and two-sided atachment panels exist.
  • Higher price of doors with atachment panel: double-sided is about 700 zl more expensive, it means that the price is 16% higher than an infill panel. 


Doors with attachment panel
Thermic isolationUd = 0.91
ApppearanceHigh, obversed panel
PRICEfrom 1272 EUR
Doors with infill panel
Thermic isolationUd = 1.03
ApppearanceLow, visible input

from 1103 EUR

PVC infill doors

PVC attachment doors

Comparison of Infill and attachment PVC doors

Jakub Głowacki, debesto.com advisor

In contrary to the mistaken feeling, attachmet panel without edges, doesn’t increase the safety level at all. Infill doors as well as attachment ones is safe on the same level. If your client wants to prevent from causes of eventual burglary, much better option will be his investment in professional alarm and insurance of his property.

Attachment panel – Is it worth to pay extra?

Despite of the price mentioned above, we think that the attachment panel is more practical and aesthetic. Primarilly it eliminates defects of an infill panel doors . 

Here are some reasons, why it is worth to pay more:

  • Attachment panel, provides higher comfort of usage. 
  • Cleaning of attachment doors is easier, surface of the doors is almost flat.
  • Attachment panel looks like a standard front doors in premium class.

If your client wants to save!

Yo can offer PVC doors with single-sided attachment panel. From the outside, doors will have a one aesthetic overlay, and inside an infill panel.

Which PVC doors should you choose- summary

The most important advantage of doors made of plastic is the possibility to choose any size, in which doors are prepared on order. It depends on client’s decision, what type of panel should be chosen. Main differences- it’s a matter of appearance, ease of cleaning and price.

A double-sided attachment panel is about 16% (double-sided) and about 8% (single-sided) more expensive than an infill panel, but offers better comfort of use and looks better. Client can choose his door’s colour that is similar to a window woodwork that he has in his house. PVC doors has lower price than aluminium ones, and client will be satisfied with doors of similar or even of the same prestige.

about author

Voytech Stanowski

Founder and owner of debesto.com, company from Poland that specializes in the export of windows and doors in the B2B segment.

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