Aluminium Exterior Doors

the world's highest class in terms of thermal parameters

from 1890 EUR

production time

from 8 weeks

depth of frame

77 mm

thermal insulation (Uf)


Get to know Exterior Aluminium Doors:

  • thermal insulation of the world’s highest passive standard
  • modern and trendy design
  • nearly lifelong durability
  • compatible with fingerprint readers, Bluetooth, etc.

strong points



Waterproofness of doors is measured in scale from 1A to 9A, where higher number gives better results. Aluminium doors in our offer provide waterproofness up to the mark of 6A.


Large Dimensions

Aluminium doors are suitable for large dimensions up to 1400mm wide and 2600mm high.

technical specification

material aluminium

brand Aluprof

depth of frame 77 mm

depth of sash 77 mm

glazing range 13,5-58,5 mm

max weigth 200 kg

more details

Great thermal and acoustic insulation, and anti-burglary protection. Those are only  a few functions of exterior aluminium doors.

It is worth to take a closer look at parameters through which doors are much more durable, and as a result your client will feel more safe and comfortable.

Heat transfer coefficient. The lower its value is the more the more heat will be in the house. Aluprof has in its offer panel doors of Ud coefficient on a level of 0,61 W/(M2K).Water resistance is equally important. It depends on it if water will get into the house. Water resistance classes are regulated from 1A to 9A. The higher water resistance class, the better. Aluprof offers panel doors of water resistance is in class 6A.

aluminium exterior door debesto

Panel doors can be made in very big sizes. Where width is 1,4o m and length is 2,60 m. This kind of doors will be perfect to the house with impressive entrance.

Wide range of colors, structures and possibility to decorate it with many applications are available. Everything depends on style of your clients house. Sashes with glass panels or those with wooden veneer will be suitable to the traditional interior. Colors from RAL palette in shades of graphite are for those who prefer modern arrangements.

aluminium doors debesto

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