Aluplast ideal neo cross section
Aluplast ideal neo cross section
ideal-neo-FIX european aluminum windows
Aluplast Ideal Neo window corner
Ideal Neo PVC visualisation
Aluplast Ideal Neo technical drawing
Aluplast Ideal Neo drawing
Ideal Neo connection of silll widening

Aluplast Ideal Neo PVC windows

PVC classic windows with aluminum look

from 186 EURPrice for the refference tilt and turn window 1230 x 1480 mm, 3-pane, 3-gaskets


in QUALITY/PRICE category

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uPVC windows

UwThe parameter specified applies to the reference window

from 0,80



Production time

from 2 weeks

Get to know Aluplast Ideal Neo PVC windows:

  • the system offers aludec coating, so you get the look of aluminium and the properties of PVC
  • very good price/quality ratio
  • option of glued-in glass
  • multifunctionality of profiles thanks to “Multifalz” technology
  • 2 or 3 gaskets (AD/MD)

strong points


Passive Standard

Aluplast Ideal Neo meets the highest requirements for passive houses.

Alu look

Aludec and woodec

The system offers Aludec and Woodec veneers, which give the window the look of aluminium or wood, but at the same time retain all the properties of PVC.


Burglary resistance

Aluplast Ideal Neo has an RC2 burglary resistance class.

technical specification



ClassPVC windows

UwThe parameter specified applies to the reference windowfrom 0,8

UgThe parameter specified applies to the reference windowfrom 0.5

Max. glazing thickness52 mm

Frame depth76 mm

Sash depth78 mm

Frame+sash height110/115 mm

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Is Aluplast Ideal Neo right for you?

See who we recommend this system to. Choose Ideal Neo if:

  • you are looking for an economical alternative to more expensive aluminium windows
  • your investor requires the look of aluminium or wood, but your budget is limited
  • you want to achieve very good thermal performance without losing the look – you build a passive house
Ideal Neo

debesto`s opinion

Aluplast Ideal Neo is a very good alternative for companies looking for a cheaper alternative to aluminium.

A huge advantage is that Ideal Neo allows the appearance of wood or aluminium to be retained, while still exhibiting the thermal properties of PVC windows.

Ideal Neo sample

Get your investor interested in the Aluplast Ideal Neo system

What kind of end customer (user) will be interested in this system? Here are some arguments you can use when talking to your investor:

  • Ideal Neo creates an elegant and exclusive impression at a favourable price, thanks to the Aludec and Woodec veneers the windows look more expensive than they really are
  • triple glazing ensures very high thermal comfort
  • the use of an additional 3 gaskets reduces any unpleasant winds
Energeto Neo

More about strengths

The possibility of using a third, central gasket in the Ideal Neo system increases the window’s wind- and watertightness parameters, making it suitable if your builder expects a high level of comfort.

Ideal Neo profile

When to consider another option?

What should you watch out for?

Ideal Neo is a very good alternative to aluminium to achieve an aluminium look. Remember, however, that the veneer is not as scratch-resistant (e.g. during installation). Also remember that this profile is wider than aluminium slim profiles.

Consider another option:

If you want a lower folding height and are willing to pay extra for all the advantages that aluminium has, choose the winner of our aluminium window ranking in the quality/price category – Aluprof MB-79N.

Aluprof MB-79N corner

Advantages and disadvantages of Ideal Neo


  • triple glazing and 3 gaskets possible
  • very good quality/price ratio
  • aluminum or wood look in the price of PVC windows


  • look of aluminum, but less resistance and durability compared with aluminum systems

About the system provider

Aluplast sp.z o.o. is the largest supplier of PVC window systems on the Polish market. PVC windows and doors based on the systems offered by the company are currently made in Poland by over 200 authorized window manufacturers.
The activity and product offer of Aluplast has been appreciated by both professionals and customers for many years, which is proved by many prestigious awards.


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