Aluplast 7000 NL
Aluplast Ideal 7000 NL profile drawing
Aluplast Ideal 7000 NL profile drawing

Aluplast IDEAL 7000 NL PVC Window System

Best Dutch uPVC windows – 2022 review

from 208 EUR Price for the reference window 1230x1480 mm , one tilt-and-turn sash, with a double-glazed unit in a standard color. Net price for bulk orders

WINNER in QUALITY category

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Production time

from 3 weeks

Number of panes



30 months

Number of gaskets


  • Aluplast IDEAL 7000NL is the best choice in our list of Dutch windows
  • The depth of frames manufactured in class A is as deep as 120 mm
  • possibility of glazing up to 55 mm
  • possibility of using HFL welds
  • available frames in version with or without NL peen

technical specification



UwThe parameter specified applies to the reference window0,77

Warranty30 months

Number of panes3

Number of gaskets2

available colors

Color palette

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