Are windows opened inwards, better than british casement?

Two times lower price, more modern and easier to use fittings, comfortable washing and much better thermal parameters –  these are some of the advantages of windows which open to the inside over the casement windows, i.e. those which open to the outside.

Why your client wants a casement window?

There are many reasons that make your company’s customers living in the UK expect windows to be opened outside.

I decided to divide these reasons into:

  • Objectively irrefutable:
  1. Requirements of the historic conservator
  2. Requirements for building permits
  • Non-objective – easy / possible to change:
  1. Habituation – the client says “I want to have windows like they were”
  2. Windows which open to the inside are unsuitable for british climate, because they won’t be airtight enough
  3. Adapting to social standards – the client says “all my neighbors have windows which open to the outside”
  4. Fear of decrease of  the value of the home – the client says “I will lose on the sale of the house with windows which open inwards”
  5. Fear of importing windows from Poland – the client says “british windows have a higher quality, I do not trust products from Eastern Europe”

How to convince the customer to windows which open to the inside?

We must remember that when we offer windows to our clients, we must first of all meet their needs.

If the basic need indicates that in the historic district it is absolutely necessary to use casement windows – typical for local architecture – it is not allowed to discuss. We can only meet customer expectations and offer casement windows.


First and foremost, when presenting an offer, we have to remember about needs of our clients.

JIf windows with outside opening are required by the conservator, we need to adapt to its requirements (source:

Let’s consider the false objections more widely – resulting from experiences, habits, conformism:

REASONS 1 and 2: “I want to have windows like they were” and “all neighbors have windows which open to the outside”  

It is worth asking:

  • why does the client think that these windows should be the same?
  • what exactly drives the client when choosing windows?
  • what does he expect from the windows and why he wants exactly the same solution?

Reaserch the needs

By adding these questions to the research of the needs we may be able to learn more about reasons of the customers decision.
It is much more likely that thanks to abovementioned questions we will make the client aware that an alternative solution is much more beneficial.

Investigate the client’s needs well and learn the reasons why he wants to have windows which open to the outside. It will be easier for You to convince him to windows with inwards opening. Designed by Freepik

REASON 3: “Windows which open to the inside are unsuitable for the british climate”

A typical myth occuring in Great Britain. In fact, in earlier times it was much easier to make airtight windows, resistant to wind and frequent rain, if they were opening to the outside.

The reason why the sashes were opening to the outside was, among other things, that during rain and strong winds the windows were sealed, because the sash pushed the frame.

Currently, modern windows opening to the inside meet the most stringent European standards for air tightness and wind pressure.

Windows opening inwards far exceed the requirements of the climate in the UK, guaranteeing waterproofness even with wind blowing over 100 km / h.

Obalamy mit!

Windows opened inwards, far exceed the requirements of the climate in the UK, they guarantee waterproofness even with wind, blowing over 100 km/h.

REASON 4: “British windows have a higher quality, I do not trust products from Eastern Europe”

Of course, just as you cannot trust SAMSUNG, because it comes from Korea, and HUAWEI because it comes from China. But all kidding aside, let’s dispel the myth of low quality in Eastern Europe, including Poland:

  • Polish window factories use the best components for the production of windows, from german brands: Siegenia, Roto, Winkaus, Veka, Schuco, Gealan and Aluplast. Atenttion! The most commonly used glass comes from Pilkington – the British brand!


  • Polish production lines are equipped with the most modern machines across Europe ( European Union co-financed in 2010-2018)! Almost the entire technology for the production of joinery has the emblems “Made in Germany”


  • Poland is in fact the largest producer of window and door joinery in Europe. We specialize in this segment of the economy thus we set trends for the whole of Europe.

Production lines in polish window factories use the latest technology, ensuring high workmanship

REASON 5: “I will lose when on the sale of the house with windows opening inwards”


Another myth. Windows which open to the inside are a real benefit and added value that a home buyer receives.

Read below the table showing the advantages of windows opening inwards.

Why are windows opened inwards better than british casement windows? – summary

On the example of a typical one-sash window with dimensions 1480 x 1430 mm, see the benefits of opening up to technology and choosing the window which open inwards.



Aluplast Ideal 70 Casement

Price110 GBP (85 GBP cheaper)215 GBP
Time of production3 tygodnie (3weeks faster!)6 weeks
Possibility of window cleaning on your ownYESNO*
3 gaskets between frame and sash (more airtight)YESNO
Ug – max coefficient of thermal insulation of panes0,5 (29% warmer)0,7
Thermal insulation of window (Uw) (the lower- the better)0,78 (35% warmer)1,2
FittingsNew generation – Siegenia Titan with rotating rollsRoto – not upgraded for years
Acoustic insulation34dB (2db quieter)32dB

*- it’s possible only in windows with more expensive fittings Easy Clean 

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