What window fittings should you choose to save time on servicing?

Siegenia Titan AF fittings

Roto, Winkhaus, Maco, or maybe Siegenia? Which fittings work best, the longest, the smoothest? Which of them will help to forgive assembly mistakes? In this post you will find the answer.

Which fitting systems are the best?

We decided to answer this question, pointing out the main issues:

  1. First of all, they have to work long and reliably, regardless of the size of the window.
  2. They must forgive minor installation mistakes -which are a permament feature of assembly.
  3. They must must prevent possible servicing.

The list above sounds a bit like a letter to Santa Claus. Is it possible that the fittings would do such a job? Our answer in one case is “YES”.


Rotating KoPiBo Rolls reacts to shape changes, affected by temperature.

Good fittings = profit for your company – you will save time and money on servicing.

Why do we think Siegenia Titan are the best fittings on the market?

  • It is equipped with KoPiBo rotary rolls, which, regardless of the size of the window and the number of anti-theft points, guarantee light and smooth operation of the window, because they automatically position themselves up, down and rotate – reducing the friction between the anti-theft points and the roller.

Siegenia Titan AF forgets small assembly mistakes and even if the sash drops after a while – sash lifter lifts it and positions it in the window frame! Thanks to this you will avoid servicing!

Wojciech Stanowski, owner of debesto.com

SEE THE VIDEO (in the 18th second of the video, the working principle of the roller)

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KoPiBo rotating rolls – what is it and how does it work?

KoPiBo regardless of the size of the window and the quantity of anti-theft points, guarantee the greatest comfort of everyday use and smooth performance of the window, as they automatically set up and down and rotate – reducing the friction between the anti-theft points and the rolls.

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