Crisis in a construction company. What are the opportunities for your company?

Kryzys w firmie budowlanej

“The world does not have to end” – says Voytech Stanowski, CEO of Learn about the opportunities for construction companies suffering from the crisis, not only due to the coronavirus and the COVID-19 epidemic. Check out ideas for actively combating negative effects.

This coronavirus is everywhere. You turn on the TV – virus, turn on the radio – virus, open the Internet – virus. It’s literally everywhere. Just a week ago, I was proud to be the main guest of the March issue of the top Polish magazine in the construction industry, and today we need to set ambitious plans with reality (which does not mean that our company intends to give them up).

And that’s why I want to approach our whole panic story from a completely different angle. I want you, my dear client, a friend from the construction industry, to look at the problem from two unusual sides for this catastrophic time:

  • OPPORTUNITIES that each crisis brings
  • MATTERS you have direct influence on

Let's start with OPPORTUNITIES

I am deliberately not writing about certainties - one hundred percent methods that miraculously redirect all problems into a sudden rain of euros or dollars falling from the sky. However, I want to discreetly point out that apart from quarantine, leaving the construction sites today, or in the next few or several days, there are PLENTY of signals covered by a negative message that the world does not have to end.

You have no influence on the crisis and the epidemic. But you can influence how you react to them.

What opportunities do I see on the market?

1. The zloty is the cheapest in years. (EUR/PLN – exchange rate now PLN 4.61)

I don’t have to explain why it’s important, do I? Since January (PLN 4.21), the zloty has fallen by 10%. Windows from Poland are therefore automatically 10% cheaper. Most likely, this condition will not last forever…

2. Crisis? Factories in Poland are still working

Orders, production and delivery of finished products are carried out as before. As always, we are also in constant contact with our network of suppliers and everyone is working as before.

Nobody knows the future. However, one thing is certain – if production stops after it is restored – the waiting times will probably increase to several months. It is Better if your order is higher in the queue, right?

Crisis is a time of saving

Fluctuations in the currency market speak in favour of importing windows from Poland.

Polish manufacturers of window joinery are thriving despite the crisis.

3. You are in a privileged position

Why? You have contacts with Poland! The largest window exporter in Europe! You have access to the cheapest windows, the cheapest doors, made of PVC, aluminium, wood or steel. Who is to survive the crisis if not companies that can offer lower prices, better deadlines and the highest product quality in times of crisis?

4. You have your ambassador – a broker in Poland with know-how, who can safely outsource the production

Yes, your contact with us, with, gives you access to secure transactions. WE WORK 100% NORMALLY. Each of our consultants is available FOR YOU and is working as before. With one difference – we do work for you remotely, at the home office – thanks to the full computerization of the company, we can operate even more efficiently than in the office

Do you need help? Not only in joinery? Let us know.

You need some other product, service - don't be afraid to contact us - call or fill out the contact form. I'm sure we can help you.

Nothing changes for us - we've been serving customers 100% remotely for 6 years!

5. The employer’s market is coming

Companies will start firing employees. A whole range of specialists will appear on the market who will want to work for you. Maybe it’s time to renegotiate some contracts? At the same time, it is worth being prepared to give employment to valuable people.

6. The crisis will finally end and increases will come

Your role is to remain calm, save money wisely and survive thanks to rational decisions. How do we deal with the coronavirus crisis and epidemic at You can read about it below – in the second part of my post.

Additional discount for the crisis - ask your adviser

In these difficult times, many companies face the crisis and try to help each other. We also join them! To alleviate many problems, we reach out and offer a special, additional discount for each order, so that you have more profit for a rainy day. Ask your adviser at about this.

The crisis will also affect the labour market. It is worth getting ready now.

Crisis – what influence do you have?

There is no doubt that you have no influence over a whole bunch of topics. Will they close production? How long will you not be able to do business normally? Will the government help you with tax exemptions or subsidized loans?

First of all – we don’t know the answers to these questions. Secondly, our impact on these matters is close – equal to ZERO.

Based on my example, I will tell you what actions I have a direct influence on, I have already undertaken.

I recommend – think about whether you can use something from this list:

  1. I cut all unnecessary costs.
  2. I renegotiate wages with employees
  3. I turn off all utilities in a closed office
  4. We sell all unnecessary, collected and unused equipment or uncollected windows at auctions
  5. I limit meetings to an absolute minimum.
  6. I review all contracts, leases, loans to eliminate/renegotiate unnecessary or poor conditions.
  7. I organize business matters – the content of contracts.
  8. I invest time in marketing – data update on the website, corrections. Supplementing advertising and auction portals,
  9. I limit unnecessary consumption to zero.
  10. I devote my free time to education, catching up with technological backlogs.
  11. I prepare employees that in case of downtime – they will have to take holidays.

The crisis has allowed us to look critically at everyday expenses.

To sum things up:

I hope this post will draw your attention to several possibilities. I hope you make the right decisions and after one step back - you will do a few big leaps ahead with us! Take care and let's stay in touch!

PS. When calling or writing to us do not forget to refer to the crisis discounts from this post.

PS.2 I wish you, your family and colleagues much health and strength!

about author

Voytech Stanowski

Founder and owner of, company from Poland that specializes in the export of windows and doors in the B2B segment.

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