Comparison of sliding door systems – Smart Slide vs HST vs PSK

In this article you can find a comparison of sliding door systems for your patio, and  read something about new Smart-Slide system available on market since last year.

Here you can compare the prices and find out which sliding door system is worth to recommend to your client, so that you will get profits and satisfied client. You will also check which sliding door can provide that in the future you will have less complaints and rarer go to services.

PSK tilt & slide door Aluplast smart-slide sliding door HST lif & slide door
material PVC PVC PVC
easy opening can be problematic easy easy
dimensions for the comparison 2680 x 2400 2680 x 2400 2680 x 2400
height of threshold after installation 70 mm 60 mm practically non - thershold
tightness high high average
Uw value Uw = 1.30
Uw = 1.30
Uw = 1.28
weight 178,9 Kg 137,7 Kg 243,9 Kg
risk of complaints HIGH e.g. problem with improper usage.
High risk of damage of trolleys and rails because of its impurity
After proper installation, there is no risk of damages After proper installation, there is no risk of damages
price for a size of 2680 x 2400- two sashes 2 872,46 PLN 3 767,50 PLN 5 514,05 PLN

Smart-slide – What is it and how it works?

Smart-slide sliding door – it’s a new generation of patio door. How Smart-slide really works? 

It’s easy: If you twist your handle up, a leaf will move away a bit from the frame, so that you can move it towards the other leaf (often immovable) without using much force. 

It makes you sure that any of your clients e.g. young and weak woman, won’t have any problems with opening the door.

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See how smart-slide works

Pros and cons of smart slide doors (for you):

+ pros

  • They are indefectible (you will have less complaints)
  • They are easy in use, so you won’t have to waste your time responding to your client’s basic questions.
  • You will install them easily (also during the renovation)
  • They are lighter than other systems from our comparison.
  • They have very similar functions to those of HST doors, but are cheaper (you will earn 30% more)


  • You can’t ajar them, and as a result it won’t be a good choice if your client want to have this function in his doors.

Pros and cons of smart slide doors (for your client):

+ pros

  • Good choice when he doesn’t want to pay too much.(they have are very similar to HST doors, but are cheaper)
  • He won’t have any problems with opening (they are easy in use)
  • He won’t have any drafts – doors are air – tihgt


  • Doors have high threshold. (lower than PSK). However it can be an obstacle for disabled people on wheelchairs and for small children
  • Doors don’t ajar, so it won’t be a good choice if client wants to have this function in his doors.

Lift and slide window door – How HST works?

Lift and slide HST window door it’s a high quality product especially for client who is able to pay more. HST is 50% more expensive than smart-slide and twice as expensive as PSK. The maximum size of a one HST door’s leaf is 3 metres width and 2.7 metres high in white colour.

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See how lift and slide door works

Pros and cons of HST doors (for you):

+ pros

  • They are expensive, so you will earn more
  • They are easy in use (you will have less complaints)


  • They are heavy, so that you and your team will get tired faster during the trasnport and installation
  • Installation is much more complicated (during the measurement you have to find point zero)

Pros and cons of HST doors (for your client):

+ pros

  • He won’t slip – it’s a practically non – threshold kind of sliding doors
  • He will have lighter room
  • He will save some space in his living room, through the way of opening the door


  • He can have problems with usage – doors are heavy
  • Doors are expensive (50% more expensive then smart – slide and twice as expensive as PSK)

Tilt and slide window door – How PSK works?

We can fit your tilt and slide door to any PVC profile. PSK differs from a standard on. Mainly PSK has a different and unique type of fittings. Thanks to them after twisting a handle you can move a leaf inwards and then move sideways. You can also repeal the door.

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See how tilt and slide door works

Pros and cons of PSK doors (for you):

+ pros

  • You will buy them in lower price (they are two times cheaper than HST)
  • It’s a good choice for clients with a low budget
  • They are easy to install


  • There is a big risk of many complaints.
  • If your clients didn’t have contact with PSK earlier, they may have problems with usage

Pros and cons of PSK doors (for your client):

+ pros

  • Good choice if he want to move his sliding doors
  • He will buy them in a low price
  • He will save some space during arrangement of his living room
  • He will have lighter room


  • It isn’t a good choice when your client has small children, person on the wheelchair, or simply he doesn’t want to have problem with entering and living his room – high threshold
  • He will have problems with opening the door
  • Doors have peculiar appearance, and client can not like some elements


To sum up our comparison of three sliding systems, we can easily point a winner.

Why we think that smart – slide doors is the best choice for you? 

According to expert you should definitely recommend smart – slide to your client, due to theirs easy usage.

They are the lightest of all three compared systems, so you during transport and installation and your client when using it, won’t get tired too fast.

Smart-slide is very similar to HST, but it’s cheaper. So if your client doesn’t care about big glazings, this kind of sliding doors is suitable for him.

There is a one exception. Smart-slide won’t be a good idea, if your client absolutely wants to ajar his doors, because they doesn’t have this function.

However, if your client has a low budget and tilt isn’t as important for him, and he is considering buying PSK, try to recommend him smart-slide instead. Difference in price isn’t as high (about 20%) and smart-slide has a lot more advantages.

Why you should sell and install smart-slide sliding door?
Benefits for your company:

Door is failure-free -You will have less complaints

Smart-slide sliding doors is so easy and comfortable in use. There is technically nothing to break down. If you will install it in a right way, you won’t have to make any complaints. It will save money and time.

Door is light – You can install it easily

To make our comparison even more clear for you, all sliding door here have the same size 2680 x 2400. It turns out that smart-slide is four times lighter than PSK and almost two times lighter than HST. As you can see smart-slide system is the lightest from all of them.

Lighter work for fitters

Its a good news for you. Smart-slide door is light, so that your workers will have less weight to carry and assembly will be easier for them.

Every member of your family will open the door easily

Smart-slide is two times lighter than HST ones

Good choice when your client want to exchange an old woodwork

Due to appropriate depth of leafs and frame you can easily install smart-slide door also during rennovation, not only in the new buildings.

How to convince your client to buy smart-slide sliding door? 

Below you will find a short list of arguments, that can help you to convince your client to purchase smart-slide:

He won’t hear the sound of wind

Research shows that smart-slide door is waterproof and has very good wind-resistance. This all thanks to perfectly fitted gaskets of a leaf. Through twisting the handle gaskets are pressed crosswise to the frame.

He will open them easily

Special mechanism of closing the door smart-slide, that you will find also in other sliding door types like HST, will allow you to use it in an easy way, without any problems.

Skrzydło przy zamykaniu jest dociskane poprzecznie do ościeżnicy

Gwarantuje to, że Twój klient będzie miał zamontowane drzwi o dużej szczelności

Choosing smart-slide door, your client will save space in his house Through it he will optimally use some space inside, because opening the door is possible without the gape of the leafs which would open deeply inwards the room.

Maciej Trusiuk, commercial advisor

Why you should sell and install HST door?


You will have less complaints

HST sliding door similarly to the smart-slide is so comfortable and reliable in use that technically there is nothing to break down. If you install it in a right way you won’t have any complaints. As a result you will safe your money and time.

You will earn more

Through relatively high price of HST patio door you will earn much more, if your client decides to buy it. Client who is able to buy the most expensive patio door that he can get  nowadays on the market, should accept a quite high price of a product without any doubts.



Drzwi HST należą do grona produktów, które można sprzedać na wysokiej marży

How to convince your client to buy HST door?


More space when rearraning his living room

In the attached picture you can see another advantage of HST patio door. Choosing lift and slide window door your client will save space in his house. Same as for smart-slide patio door, in HST system opening the door is possible without the gape of the leafs which would open deeply inwards the room.

When your client will open standard patio door, leafs will open inwards the room and unnecesarily will take up the space.

Lighter room through a narrow frame 

 HST system provides you getting the largest glazings. Where one leaf is in white colour,  in size up to 3 metres x 2,7 metres and made of plastic PVC. Thanks to a narrow frame in HST your client can have brighter room in contrast to a standard door.


He won’t slip when going to the patio 

HST door is safe to use. Low (only 48 mm high) and embedded in the floor threshold will make entering and leaving the room much easier , and prevent your client from slipping.

Easy entry to the terrace

Thanks to HST disabled people can move around easier. It's a good choice when your client has a child that has to be carried in a baby carriage.

Duże przeszklenia to duży dopływ dziennego światła do salonu Twojego klienta

Almost the entire low HST's threshold disappears in the floor

Why you should sell and install tilt and slide window door?

It’s cheaper

Primarilly PSK is cheaper than all systems mentioned above. You will pay twice as much for HST. This type of tilt and slide door is cheap, so it will be a good choice for clients who prefer not to spend much money on it,  and would like to have more light and space in their houses.

You will install them exactly like a standard window

You can install PSK sliding door like a standard PVC window, in an easy way. You won’t have to train your workers once again.

Why you shouldn’t sell and install tilt and slide PSK window door:

A high risk that you will have many complaints

By selling PSK door you have to remember that there is a high risk of more frequent complaints. Clients by using their door improperly can damage rails and trolley system. Both mechanisms can easily get dirty and as a result cause failures.

Konstrukcja drzwi PSK ma kilka istotnych wad, ale wciąż jest dobrą alternatywą dla zestawu balkonowego

Client can have problems with closing and opening the door.

 If your clients have never used PSK door before, can have some difficulties with it’s service. As a resullt they will call you with many simple questions which is really time-consuming. 

Twisting your handle up, your client will have to pull a leaf out inwards, and then finally move it sideways. To do it your client will have to put a lot effort  and strenght into it.

How to convince your client to buy PSK door?

It’s much better than a standard patio door and the price is only a little bit higher:

Despite of the fact that in the market you can find better options, PSK door takes less space than a standard patio door. Door has larger glazings, so that your client will have lighter room. Accordingly he will have an opportunity to buy PSK door in a lower price. 

He won’t have any drafts

PSK patio door is very air-tight which is it’s huge advantage. Through this your client  won’t have a feeling that “wind is blowing” from his windows, even if the wind is so strong.

Największa zaletą PSK jest najniższa cena w całym zestawieniu

PSK dostarczy do wnętrza więcej światła od zwykłego zestawu balkonowego

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