May 2020

Triple-glazed PVC Windows Ranking

Windows ranking – what do we compare?

From the ranking, you will learn which triple-glazed and triple-sealed PVC windows are the best, cheapest, or offer an optimal quality/price ratio.

In the ranking, we compare energy-saving PVC windows equipped with:

  • Three windowpanes Ug=0.5 with a warm inter-pane frame,
  • Three seals between the frame and sash,
  • The warmest PVC profiles on the market with three seals in a standard option,
  • Aluminium handles,
  • Under-sill trims,
  • Lifting mishandling devices.

To sum up – by spending a few minutes reading our test of energy-saving PVC windows, you save yourself several dozen hours of painstaking evaluations, comparisons and corrections.

The analysis department has selected the best windows for you in the following categories:


Triple-glazed windows – lowest price

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Windows that meet our strict minimum quality criteria. When ordering even the cheapest windows, you can be sure that they will serve reliably for years and have our “certificate” of quality. Remember, however, that this is the economy class. They are cheap but solid. By buying the best windows in this category you can be sure of sufficient quality with no bells and whistles. Perfect utility windows, for tenders, for industry, and economical, energy-saving construction projects.

Triple-glazed windows – highest quality

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We can say with confidence that this is the highest level of standard energy-saving woodwork in the class windows with three seals, and three glass panes. The best of the best standard energy-saving PVC windows. They cost more, but you can be sure of choosing the right product. For the customers looking for the highest-tier products, for whom the money is not the issue.

Triple-glazed windows – quality/price

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This is our favourite segment in the ranking. Here you will learn which product will be optimal for an investor looking for a voice of reason – to find the optimal solution in the field of energy-saving PVC windows. If your customers are smart shoppers, they will definitely appreciate your advice based on reading this comparison.


category The Energy-saving windows at the lowest price

The cheapest energy-saving windows of good value (as of May 2020) are Decco 83.

A fully Polish technological thought, a Polish manufacturer of the system, and Polish assembly plant. Apart from the fittings – they are completely made in Poland! Great thermal parameters, sharp geometric shapes, as well as reliable quality and no problems with servicing. The product works well and helps hundreds of construction companies around the world earn money.

The second place in terms of the price is a surprise and a début in our ranking – Kommerling 76 MD. A branded German system using the Roto NX fittings. They are new, more durable than the previous Roto NT, with a maximum sash weight of up to 150 kg. It is worth to take a closer look at them. Especially if you operate on the markets where Kommerling is synonymous with quality.

The third place on the podium of the cheapest energy-saving windows goes to Gealan 9000.  It is a system well-known and well-liked by our customers, but with which we sometimes have problems regarding the quality of packaging and storage. Just to be clear: if you purchase these windows you can be sure you are buying the best quality product. Occasionally, however (less than 5% of cases) there may be a problem with the completeness of your order or, e.g. there may be dust on the frames.


category The Energy-saving windows of the highest quality

The highest place in the best energy-saving PVC windows ranking is virtually shared by three systems that are well-known and valued by carpentry fitters, end customers or institutional investors: Rehau Synego, Schuco Living i Veka 82.

Rehau Synego 80 is a brand that does not need an introduction. An expert on polymers and plastics. Owner of patents and innovations, such as the amazing veneers with a special wood pattern. It is hard to distinguish them from real wood at first glance. They even feel like wood.

Schuco Living is a system from the largest aluminium system supplier in the world. Profiles extruded several dozen per cents more accurately than the competition. It is in a class of its own.

If we stick to the criteria, the Veka Softline 82 windows are objectively equivalent to Rehau and Schuco. As humans, however, we have the right to be subjective. Therefore we give the Veka Softline 82 system third place the ranking. Do you like the brand? Are your customers absolutely convinced that they want Veka? You cannot go wrong with this one. Do not hesitate.

category The best value for money

The best triple-glazed PVC windows system in the May edition of our ranking in the VALUE for MONEY is Veka Softline 76.

Veka Softline 76 has everything you need to manufacture a great PVC window. The system is ideal for smart customers who like the “cheap but good” effect. It is hard to achieve, but possible. The customers who want to get the best value for their money will surely choose this system after becoming familiar with it. They will get a well-known brand, great price, excellent fittings, reliable production dates and logistics. The perfect golden mean.

Decco 83 won second place in the ranking thanks to its low price. It is a reliable product of good quality, well-assembled and available at an attractive price. The price is actually quite surprising. In relation to what it provides, it is simply unbelievable (it is 10% lower than the price of Veka 76!). It is perfect for tenders, for the customers with less money, and for replacing colder, 2-seal technologies. You need to have this system in your offer!

Another top-quality product – Rehau 80 – got the third place. Why? Because with almost identical quality parameters as its best competitors (Schuco Living 80 and Veka 82) it has the lowest price, its quality is not inferior, and in many respects, it is technologically ahead of the competition.

To sum up the best value for money category: Regardless of the needs of the investor you present your offer to, you will find a perfectly tailored solution. The cheapest – Decco, the golden mean – Veka 76, and the best one at a still relatively low price – Rehau 80.


detailed comparison of triple glazed PVC windows (central sealed) - TABLE

System Quality/Price Price (euro) Quality U-value of window Fittings Time of production Super Spacer Certainty of production time Completeness of the system
1st place
Veka Softline 76
5.45 1834 10.00 0.82 Siegenia Titan AF from 2 weeks 0.5 3 2
2nd place
Decco 83
5.36 1680 9.00 0.78 Maco Multi-Matic from 1 week 0 2.5 2
3rd place
Rehau Synego 80
5.20 2212 11.50 0.77 Siegenia Titan AF from 2 weeks 0.5 3 3
4th place
Kommerling 76 MD
5.16 1743 9.00 0.78 Roto NX from 1 week 0 1.5 3
5th place
Veka Softline 82
5.03 2286 11.50 0.77 Siegenia Titan AF from 3 weeks 0.5 3 3
6th place
Schuco Living
5.01 2194 11.00 0.80 Siegenia Titan AF from 1 week 0.5 3 3
7th place
Salamander bluEvolution 82
4.51 2105 9.50 0.77 Maco Multi-Matic from 1 week 0 3 2
8th place
Gealan 9000
4.54 1764 8.00 0.79 Siegenia Titan+Favorit from 2 weeks 0 1.5 3
9th place
Ideal 8000
4.37 2402 10.50 0.74 Maco Multi-Matic from 1 week 0 3 3

The fastest production time for energy-saving windows

We are very pleased to report that we can provide a very good number of systems with custom-made windows, that can be manufactured as quickly as within just 1 week!

Here is a list of energy-saving windows with the shortest production time:

Profile Time of production Price (euro) Quality Quality/Price
Schuco Living


from 1 week 2194 11.00 5.01
Decco 83


from 1 week 1680 9.00 5.36
Kommerling 76 MD


from 1 week 1743 9.00 5.16
bluEvolution 82


from 1 week
2105 9.50 4.51
Ideal 8000


from 1 week 2402 10.50 4.37

The warmest triple-glazed windows

Among the standard energy-saving window systems with three panes and three seals, a ranking for the warmest system is basically pointless. They all have the Uw that is very close to 0.8; the best one, Ideal 8000, has Uw 0.74, the worst one, Veka 76 – 0.82

How important is this in practice?

We checked how it can translate into real savings for your customers. There are many energy calculators available on the Internet – we used the one at

Difference in energy losses over the year (UW)

For a test set of windows with an area of approx. 20 m2, differences of 0.01-0.05 result in savings of several zlotys a year (!).

This is not a significant difference from an economic point of view. Money spent on a more expensive system with a Uw just 0.05 better will probably never payback.

The situation is different if you have tender requirements with a clearly defined heat transfer coefficient for windows.

We present the list of the warmest systems along with price and scoring only for this exact purpose:

Profile U-value of window Price (euro) Quality/Price
Ideal 8000


0.74 2402 4.37
Decco 83


0.76 1680 5.36
Rehau Synego 80


0.77 2212 5.20
Veka Softline 82


0.77 2286 5.03
bluEvolution 82


0.77 2105 4.51

The manufacturers from Poland ranking – supplier rating

Using our experience, we have rated every system included in the ranking of warm PVC windows in terms of the quality of the assembly plant in which the finished product is being made.

If you have some knowledge about windows, you know that even the best window system, but assembled by an inferior manufacturer, will be of poor quality.

The Polish window manufacturers ranking shown in the “supplier rating” column tells you about the reliability, perfectionism and stability of the supplier.

Below is the key to the points awarded:

1- order damages/incompleteness or non-compliances occur, 

2- order damages/incompleteness or non-compliances very rarely occur ,

3- order damages/incompleteness or non-compliances almost never occur.


Triple-glazed PVC Windows Ranking - producers opinion


The highest score was given to the profiles using the Siegenia Titan AF fittings.

All products in the warm PVC windows ranking employ the highest quality fittings that will provide your customers with ease of use, and you will not have to handle the servicing and adjustments, which will save you time and money.

Four systems, however, stand out – we mean the Veka 76, Veka 82, Rehau Synego 80 and Schuco Living profiles

You will find the Siegenia Titan AF fittings in them – it is a modern and, in the opinion of, the most refined fittings system you can find on the market.

Their distinguishing feature is the KoPiBo rotary roller, which – regardless of the size of the window and the anti-break-in points – guarantees easy and smooth operation of the window because it automatically positions itself vertically and rotates – reducing the friction between the anti-break-in points and the roller, which will provide your customers with the highest comfort of everyday window usage. We gave an additional point for this.

Triple-glazed PVC Windows Ranking - Siegenia Titan AF fittings

System completeness

We consider almost all the systems to be complete They can be the basis for making standard windows, doors as well as PSK and HS sliding systems

It is not important whether your company’s choice will be the PVC products by Gealan, Rehau, Aluplast, Schuco, Salamander or Veka brands. You will be able to offer your customers a full range of products: standard PVC windows, PVC doors, doors opening inward and outward, as well as PSK sliding windows or HS terrace doors.

We gave two points to every system with this option.

The exception here is the Decco 83 systems – sometimes there are problems with connectors and extensions. It is not as extensive a system as the ones offered by the leading manufacturers. It is still being developed, however. At the time you may read this ranking, the missing elements are already designed, and maybe even available for ordering.

Another exception is Veka Softline 76. In this case, you need to “borrow” HS sliding windows and doors from the very similar in terms of design Veka Softline 82.

Triple-glazed PVC Windows Ranking - complete windows schuco

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