June 2019

Comparison of energy-efficient PVC windows, which should be on your company's offer

category value for money (quality / price)

According to our PVC windows comparison, the best choice for your company will be Veka 76. You’ll offer your client affordable high-quality product.

In June comparison of triple glazed PVC windows with central gasket due to the value for money, the title of the winner is given to the profile Veka Softline 76 because next to one of the lowest prices in the ranking is also characterized by the best quality in relation to it

Is it possible to buy a good and inexpensive window? Veka 76 shows that definitely yes. If your company is looking for a system, where quality and price go hand in hand than Veka Softline 76 will be the best choice.

On the podium are also well-known Rehau Synego and Schuco Living.


We divided the number of points obtained by the price we have to pay for the whole set, and then for the sake of clarity, we multiplied by 10000. The higher the score – the better value for money.

category the best quality

For the title of the best windows in our triple glazed PVC windows comparison deserve, ex aequo Schuco LivIng, Rehau 80 and Veka Softline 82.

In our recent windows comparison, they won with the competitors because of excellent fittings from Siegenia Titan AF, as well as numerous accessories that we will receive as a standard and we won’t have to pay extra for them.

We decided to give them a different place, however. At the highest, we see Schuco Living, due to its short production time. The second place went to Veka 82, which is a few euros cheaper than the system of Rehau.

Moreover, your company absolutely should have on offer Veka Softline 76, for which you will pay less (often significantly) than for her “older sister” or profiles of other window joinery giants, receiving almost equally high parameters and quality of windows.

category the lowest price

The cheapest PVC windows with central gasket in our June comparison are Gealan 9000. You will pay the price for him about one-third less than the most expensive profile on the list!

Therefore, Gealan 9000 will be a perfect product to recommend to a client looking for joinery eg for a tender that has to meet certain requirements.

Second place was deserved by the best ratio of price to the offered quality of Veka 76. In comparison with the winner in its favor is the fact that with a low price we get a very good quality of the whole product, enriched with useful accessories, extending the life of the windows (and this for you fewer trips to complaints).

The third place went to Decco 83. Its disadvantage is the fact that with a low price we get equally low quality of the product. Therefore in the opinion of debesto.com, you will be better if you choose between two representatives of the Veka concern (the Gealan brand is a part of it as well as Skoda in the Volkswagen group).

detailed comparison of triple glazed PVC windows (central sealed) - TABLE

System U-value of window Fittings Time of production Certainty of production time Completeness of the system Additional points Quality Price (EUR) Quality/Price
1st place
Veka Softline 76
0.80 Siegenia Titan AF 2 weeks 3 complete 2 14 2679 13.06
2nd place
Schuco Living
0.80 Siegenia Titan AF 1 week 3 complete 2 14.50 3053 11.87
3rd place
Rehau Synego 80
0.77 Siegenia Titan AF 2 weeks 3 complete 2 14.50 3248 11.16
4th place
Veka Softline 82
0.77 Siegenia Titan AF 2 weeks 3 complete 2 14.50 3269 11.09
5th place
Gealan 9000
0.83 Siegenia Titan + Favorit 2 weeks 3 complete 0 11 2574
6th place
Salamander 82
0.77 Maco Multi-Matic 2 weeks 3 complete 0 11.50 2917 9.85
7th place
Decco 83
0.78 Maco Multi-Matic 2 weeks 3 no HS 0 10.50 2736 9.59
8th place
Ideal 8000
0.76 Maco Multi-Matic 2 weeks 3 complete 0 11.50 3259 8.82

Additional points

We have also decided to reward some of the profiles for the fact that they offer solutions that are extra paid in other companies as standard equipment (in a few cases completely free).

Detailed information about the criteria of our triple glazed PVC windows with central gasket comparison was featured in the article How do we create windows comparison?

The quartet Veka 76, Veka 82, Schuco LivIng and Rehau 80 deserves special mention, by choosing any of them we will get all above-mentioned accessories as a standard.

For what points have been added Veka 76 Gealan 9000 Schuco Living Rehau 80 Veka 82 Decco 83 bluEvo 82 Ideal 8000
Filling of the fittings groove 0.5 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0 0 0
Gray gasket in the standard 0.5 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0 0 0
Aluminum handle as a standard 0.5 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0 0 0
The possibility of using the SuperSpacer warm edge spacer 0.5 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0 0 0
TOTAL OF ADDED POINTS 2 0 2 2 2 0 0 0

Thermal insulation of window (Uw)

All systems have a coefficient of heat transmission within Uw = 0.8.

To prepare this comparison we took characteristics of example window with dimensions 1230×1480 tilt and turn type, triple glazing and warm edge spacer(Ug=0,5).

Winners in that competition are Ideal 8000 with a score around Uw=0,76. Very similar scores have Rehau Synego, Veka 82, Salamander 82 and Decco 83. Remaining 3 profiles have U-value of the window around 0,8.

How important is that coefficient in fact?

We checked how it’s translated into real savings of our clients. There are many energy calculators on the Internet – we used that from www.oszczednydom.pl.

For test set of windows with surface area, 20 m2 differences on level 0,01-0,03 bring savings of approximately a few euros a year (!)

From an economic perspective, it’s not a significant difference. It’s worth keeping this in mind because of marketing matters – magic 0,7 can capture clients imagination, for this reason, we gave 0,5 point to each of them.


Each of the tested sets of windows is equipped with the best quality fittings.

In the case of fittings in products that include our top energy-efficient PVC windows comparison, all of them will provide smooth, trouble-free use to your client, and you will save time and money for trips to complaints or regulations.

By ordering windows on profiles Veka 76 and 82, Rehau Synego and Schuco Living you get the added value, fittings from Siegenia Titan AF, in the opinion of debesto.com the most refined fittings system on the market with a rotating roll KoPiBo, which provides the greatest comfort of everyday use of the window (window handle pushing is easy and smooth, even with really big windows). We awarded both with an additional point for that.

Quickness of production

If you need an express window production, check Schuco Living.

In white color or one-side external anthracite color (RAL 7016) – it’s available up to 7 days. Because of that, we gave it extra 0,5 a point

If the most important thing is production time, your expectations will meet most of the profiles: Gealan 9000, Veka 76, Veka 82, EkoSun 7 and Salamander 82 are produced in 2 weeks, what was worth 2 points in our ranking of energy-efficient PVC windows.

Completeness of the system

In that competition, almost all of profiles (aside from Decco 83) meet the market expectations of a range of products.

It’s not important if your company choice will be Gealan, Rehau, Aluplast, Schuco, Salamander or Veka. You’ll have the possibility to offer to your clients the whole spectrum of products from standard PVC windows and PVC doors to sliding systems: tilt and slide window or lift and slide door.

All of them will be produced with the same system from the only one producer. We gave to each profile 2 points.

The only exception here is system Decco 83 – if a client would like to have in his house sliding HS doors he will have to search for it in e.g Aluplast or Salamander offer. Lack of sliding doors system results in 1 pointless in relation to other profiles.


Each of eight cases suppliers selected by debesto.com complies with their deadlines.

If you’ll choice of any profile rewarded with 3 points, you don’t have to worry that your client will blame your company regarding delayed delivery of his order.

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