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Scandinavian Wood Window System

from 429 EUR

  • Your customers will have more space in their interiors because Scandinavian wooden windows open to the outside and tilt 180 degrees,
  • The windows have the function of blocking the tilting or opening, which will ensure their protection during strong gusts of wind,
  • Scandinavian wooden windows are tight, which means that there will be no draughts in your customers' houses,
  • It is a must-have in your offer if you sell woodwork on the Scandinavian market.

from 429 EUR


about investment


Scandinavian wooden windows (22 items)


Bromma, Sweden


20 200 EUR

transport costs


  • Our customer ordered 22 Scandinavian windows to be delivered to Sweden.
  • The windows open outwards and are made from the pine tree with aluminum overlay.
  • Massive and sturdy windows, resistant to extreme conditions, equipped with 3-pane package.
  • The white windows featured silver handles.
  • Interestingly, part of the order comprised untypically shaped windows (trapeziums and triangles – see photos left).
  • Due to the windows’ massive size it was a challenge to find a low-cost transport but given the size of the order we covered the delivery cost and we delivered the windows for free!

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