Import of windows from Poland and Brexit – how to bring windows from Poland to the UK?

Import okien z Polski a Brexit

What does the import of windows from Poland look like  after Brexit? What is the duty rate for windows ordered in Poland and delivered to the UK?

Since the beginning of 2020, this question has been asked multiple times by many owners of construction companies (ang theier logisticians) from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is the reason why we decided to describe the entire process step by step to you. Below you will find a concise, accurate and transparent instruction.

Purchase of windows from Poland by a business customer:

1. Find suppliers from Poland who handle export procedures in a comprehensive way

TNothing changes here. First of all, you need to choose a window supplier who is experienced is exporting goods from Poland, compre offers from several such manufacturers and shipping fees to the UK.

You can also use the services of an online window broker, such as, who will take care of the entire process for you from soup to nuts.

Finally, you pay for the goods you ordered and wait for them to be manufactured.

There are several hundred manufacturers of window joinery in Poland. Only some of them have export experience

2. Select a supplier that sells preferential goods subject to 0% duty

Since January 2021, the UK is treated by the EU as a “third country”, therefore customes clearance in necessary.

As a customer, when importing windows from Poland, you usually have two options to choose from:

A) you can indicate the customs agency in the UK to be contacted by the customs officers on the Polish side

B) you don’t indicate the agency – then the Polish customs agency will contact the preferred agency in the UK

From January 2021, customs clearance is required when importing from the UK

Did you know that?

Working with a window broker, you do not have to worry about formalities related to customs clearance At, we do it for our clients.
In addition, we also pay on our clients' behalf customs declarations on both sides

DUTY – what is the duty when importing windows from Poland to the UK?

The windows are subject to 0% duty, if the goods you order fall into the category of the so called “preferential goods”.

What does it mean that a window, door, roller shutter ot garage door is a preferential good?

The fact that all components have been manufactured inthe European Union, and the manufacturer holds a certificate that confirm it. This restriction does not apply to raw materials such as wood or steel used in production – these components from any country.


Windows are made of meranti wood. The raw wood was imported from Indonesia, but the entire window is prefabricated in Poland.

Other components are also made in Poland, including fittings and glazing. Such good is considered to be a preferential good and the applicable duty rate is 0%.


Aluminium window with profiles and glazing made in Poland. Only fitting were ordered from Turkey (this country is not in the EU). This product will NOT be classified as a preferential good and you will required to pay the applicable duty.

Do you have questions about import of windows from EU to UK?

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All products contained from the offer are preferential goods and the applicable duty rate is 0% This is confirmed by the manufacturers' certificates. We give you a guarantee that you will not incur any additional custom duties.

If all components have been manufactured in the EU and the manufacturer holds a certificate, then the goods can be considered as preferential.

3. VAT settlement

Regardless of the choice you made in point 2., the customs agency will contact you to confirm the delivery and possible fees to be paid.

What is the VAT rate in the UK?

In the UK, the tax rate on goods is 20%. If you are a VAT registered person in the UK, your tax payment will be deferred.

Your accountant will know how to proceed and will settle the tax by paying it along with VAT settlements.

Otherwise, you must pay it before picking the goods. Make sure to do this on order to avoid any additional costs.

In the UK, the tax rate is 20%. The accountant will settle it according to your company's billing cycle

4. Receipt of goods

After completing all of the above-mentioned formalities, you will only need to pick up the window joinery and install it.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to pay excise duty – are there any additional “hidden costs”?

No. You will not incur any additional costs.

  • Will I pay 0% duty when ordering via debesto?

Yes. All our good are preferential goods and the applicable duty rate for the ordered goods is 0%.

  • Will my accountant know how to settle VAT due on my order from Poland?

Yes. The accountant will easily settle the god when settling VAT.

  • Am I required to indicate a customs agency in the UK?

No, you don’t have to do this. If you place your order in debesto, we will take care of it on your behalf.

  • What kind of fees will I incur for preparing customs declarations when I order products along with a shipping service at debesto?

All fees are covered by the debesto. You can focus on growing your business.

  • What if I want to pick up windows from Poland using my own transport?

In that case:
1. You pay 23% VAT in Poland.
2. You are responsible for clearing the goods at an agency in the UK (according to the above)

If you would like to correct an invoice, additionally:
3. You need to provide us with a customs declaration confirming that the goods have left the territory of the Europen Union and are admitted to the UK.
4. debesto adjusts the invoice with the 23% VAT rate and reimburses the money to the account indicated by you within a week.

Do you have questions about importing windows from Poland after Brexit? Or how does debesto work?

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