external roller shutters

Flush mounted roller shutters

from 65 EUR/m2 Price for the reference window 1230x1480 mm , one tilt-and-turn sash, with a double-glazed unit in a standard color. Net price for bulk orders

Realization time

5 weeks


5 years (engine)

Max. surface

8 m2



Guide rails



aluminium or PVC

  • the best for new buildings
  • reliable, simple construction
  • large selection of boxes and colors to please aesthetic expectations of any client

strong points


Somfy Smart Home

Front mounted roller shutters from our offer can be equipped with Somfy Smart Home systems, ideal for modern projects and clients who appreciate comfort of automated solutions.

more details

The front mounted IT2000 roller blind

This system is a connection of the front mounted shutter with a top mounted shutter.

The basic advantage of this system is the fact that it can be installed without enlarging the window holes and at the same time build up the box, as a result of which we would not reach a visual effect, as in the case of top mounted shutters. With a shutter of this type the whole box remains outside the building and service access is ensured through a revision cover in the lower part. There are versions with or without mosquito nets.

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