price list uPVC windows (pvc windows, vinyl windows) for business

tilt and turn uPVC window

600 x 500

tilt and turn uPVC window

1230 x 1480

2-leaf tilt and turn + turn uPVC window

1460 x 1430

balcony uPVC window

900 x 2180

2-leaf balcony uPVC window with floating mullion

1400 x 2180

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What uPVC windows we are comparing?

Above you will find examples of prices for uPVC windows (pvc windows, vinyl windows) (retail prices) for the most popular dimensions. On the example of the Salamander bluEvolution 73 and Veka Softline 76 systems, we will show you the basic differences between the double seal and central seal profiles.

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Salamander bluEvolution 73 uPVC Windows Price List
  • glazing parameter:
    as standard Ug = 1.1 (maximum Ug = 0.6)*
  • only 2 gaskets

*In most double sealed uPVC windows. The exception is Salamander 73, where U-value of glass may amount to 0.5.

Veka Softline 76 uPVC Window System Price List
  • glazing parameter:
    maximum Ug = 0.5
  • a third, central seal
    • better sealing
    • so-called “dry chamber”
    • 30% warmer profile

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