Tests and comparisons

Aluprof MB-104 profile

Comparison of Aluprof warm aluminum window profiles

More than 80% of our US customers order European aluminum windows. This material is often considered especially for large structures. It is durable and resistant, and most importantly, it allows for huge glazings.  Aluprof aluminum windows, along with Schuco, Reynaers, Cortizo or Yawal, achieve very good thermal parameters. They can…

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Roto Patio Inowa Aluminum

Choosing the right aluminum windows

Let’s face it — aluminum windows are an expensive investment, but they are worth the price. Why? Foremost, these windows are more durable, can withstand larger dimensions and loads, and are easier to maintain. So what are the key aspects when choosing aluminum windows? After reading this article you will…

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Windows uPVC vs Aluminum

Aluminum vs uPVC windows – ultimate comparison

You need solid knowledge to choose the best windows for your project. But it can take you precious time to acquire this knowledge. That’s why, to save you time, we’ve prepared a comparison based on European aluminum and uPVC windows that explains when to choose aluminum windows and when to…

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The best energy-saving aluminum window

The best energy-saving aluminum windows 2021 – Check who is on the podium!

In the latest edition of the ranking of triple-glazed aluminum windows, we have selected and compared 7 best systems from brands such as: Aluprof, Aliplast, Yawal, Ponzio, Cortizo, Reynaers and Schuco. From the comparison you will find out which aluminum windows are the cheapest, which offer the highest quality, and…

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Ranking of aluminum, large-size, frameless sliding systems

Which premium aluminum patio windows are the best in 2021?

We started the new year at debesto.com with creating a new ranking of premium aluminum sliding systems. Save several dozen hours of analysis and check which of the 13 variants of large-size patio doors is the best. In this sliding door comparison, you will find 7 aluminum profiles from brands…

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Which uPVC doors should you choose and why?

When uPVC panel door is the best choice for your company? Which panel of entrance door should you choose: attachment or infill, to make your client fully satisfied? See the comparison of attachment and infill panel doors, which will help you decide. uPVC entrance door is a very popular product,…

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Are windows opened inwards better than British casement?

Two times lower price, more modern and easier to use fittings, comfortable washing and much better thermal parameters – these are some of the advantages of windows which open to the inside over the casement windows, i.e. those which open to the outside. Why does your client want a…

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Siegenia Titan AF fittings

What window fittings should you choose to save time on servicing?

Roto, Winkhaus, Maco, or maybe Siegenia? Which fittings work best, the longest, the smoothest? Which of them will help to forgive assembly mistakes? In this post you will find the answer. Which hardware systems are the best? We decided to answer this question, pointing out the main issues: 1. Firstly, they have…

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