European Aluminum Windows

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Are you looking for windows for your next project? With European aluminum windows, your client will get a product of the highest quality while not overpaying. No matter if they renovate a house or build a modern coffee shop, their solution lies in Europe.

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What are European windows?

European windows are globally understood as tilt and turn windows, which have two basic variants: they open inward or tilt outward. Europe is also famous for its technically advanced sliding patio windows.

tilt and turn windows two ways of opening european windows

Euro Aluminum Windows

visualisation of an aluminum schuco patio door

However, it’s not all that is produced here, European manufacturers have a wide range of window variants based on the newest technologies, for example:

  • casement
  • single or double hung sash
  • pivot
  • skylight
  • roof window
  • panorama
  • bi-fold
  • lift and slide
  • slide 

Depending on the number of sashes, the window can be, e.g.:

  • fixed
  • fixed in a frame + tilt and turn
  • turn + FIX + tilt and turn window
  • tilt and turn + turn
  • turn + tilt and turn + FIX in a frame
  • with a single-leaf front door opening outwards or inwards
  • and more
examples of window openings
CTA UEvsUS Price comparison

EU vs US Window Price Comparison

Our simple, easy-to-read illustrated guide will help you quickly understand the prices of windows imported from Europe, as well as windows available from the most popular American manufacturers.

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Are European windows better than American profiles?

In our opinion – usually yes, especially if they are made out of aluminum. The only caveat is that not all European products meet the standards of the specific American state, still, they guarantee:

  • durability and resistance to weather conditions, corrosion, or scratches for many years
  • a wide range of solutions (e.g., tilt-and-turn, bi-fold, fixed windows)
  • easier and more efficient ventilation
  • more favorable thermal parameters
  • greater soundproofing, waterproofing, and security
  • the possibility of making a large structure or personalization, e.g. hiding the wing
  • a wide range of colors and finishes
  • fitting aesthetically to many architectural styles
  • easier maintenance and cleaning
  • opening effortlessly and without risk

Are European Windows affordable?

Definitely. Based on the cost of Polish windows, which are distinguished in the European market by their low price and high quality, those windows are up to 40% cheaper than American systems.

Additionally, Poland is full of renowned aluminum systems manufacturers like Aluprof, Aliplast, Yawal and Ponzio. For that reason, the Polish window business is characterized by competitive prices that debesto as a broker can present objectively and then point out the best option straight to you

What does the price comparison look like in practice? For example, let’s choose a tilt window 40 × 40″ with 2 panes, in Poland, you will pay $350, while in the States the average cost of such a window is more than $500, but keep in mind the significant difference in quality. 

exemplary aluminum window calculator

In conclusion, Euro aluminum windows are a great option for any client that wants to own an energy-efficient, aesthetic and highly customizable profile with a premium feel and long life expectancy. They are also perfect for someone who searches for more unusual, custom or large construction.

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