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We specialize in the export of
windows and doors for construction companies

We successfully incorporate new technologies to make it easier for our customers to choose windows, doors, blinds and gates that meet their needs. In the end, you will gain more time to fulfill your contracts instead of wasting it searching for the best deal.

We take off from the shoulders of our customers any problems concerning complex orders. Every day we translate complex technical language into clear, readable and simple to understand for every person. We believe that by working together, your business will grow with us.

How we work?

Video consultation
Presentation of the created solutions
Confirmation of delivery date
Pre-production checking and production order
Confirmation and payment
Delivery How we work? How we work?
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We are debesto

That is, a team focused on making it easier for companies to order windows and doors. Below you will find described each step of the purchasing process. In case your company has a project to complete, we will discuss it and choose the best solution for you. Contact us via the contact form. We look forward to your message!

Consult your project
Ready, set, go! Discovery call

From the beginning, we place great importance on getting off to a good start so that the finish is positive. When we call you, in response to your request, we will ask you a few questions that will help select the best pair of specialists to support your order.

Thanks to your dedication in answering those questions, you save time in the next steps of the process and we can efficiently prepare an offer of you. Have your phone within reach – we will call you promptly, during our business hours.

Video consultation

During a free 45-minute video call, a business consultant and technologist, will answer any of your questions.

At the consultation, there is a business consultant who knows how to monetize windows and a technologist who knows what solutions are optimal for your project. As a result, in one conversation, we will settle issues that traditionally stretch over 2 weeks and 20 emails.

Presentation of the created solutions

This is the second video meeting where you will learn what solutions our experts have prepared for you. They use our network of selected suppliers to select the optimal products in terms of quality, timing and price of products and transportation.

We do our best to have the offer ready as soon as possible (usually it takes up to three working days, but for more demanding projects it may take a little longer). At this meeting, you will have another opportunity to ask the technologists about any aspect that concerns you.

Confirmation and payment

If you accept our offer, there is still one last step before the production order, namely the pro forma invoice. This is the most important document! Here you will find the terms of payment, detailed specification of products and delivery, contact persons and all other arrangements for our cooperation.

The final cost of the order will not surprise you. We guarantee that we will execute the order on the terms accepted by you at the pro forma stage. Regardless of the increase in the price of raw materials, finished products, transportation or exchange rate.

If all the data from the pro forma agree, it remains for you to transfer the down payment, which is 50% of the total transaction (you can also pay 100% in advance, in which case you will receive a discount). After accepting the terms of the order and payment, we begin the production stages.

Pre-production checking and production order

The arrival of goods that do not match the order involves a waste of time, money and your good name. To make sure that the delivered goods will be in accordance with your order, we subject them to inspection at 5 stages: during video consultation, video offer presentation, quality control of the sales contract, quality control of the production order and legal security of the order with the manufacturer.

Once the pro forma is posted, your order will be ordered for production, and you will be kept informed of its status. From now on, you don’t have to worry about anything.

We will keep our hand on the pulse to ensure that all the joinery is produced by the declared deadline. You, in the meantime, can take care of your next contracts!

Confirmation of delivery date

When your entire order is ready, you will receive a notice from us that the goods are ready for shipment or pickup, along with information about the date of possible delivery.

We know how crucial on-time delivery is to you, which is why our declared delivery times are forecast based on the experience of more than 7,000 completed orders and monitored, with at least 100 orders in progress. We deliver 96% of deliveries on time. If we are late with delivery guaranteed on pro forma – we give you back a large part of our earnings – 2% discount.

Receiving and controling the delivery

Once all the products from your order have been manufactured and the second part of the funds from the pro forma invoice have been paid, we will deliver them to you at your address at your convenience, if you have chosen the transportation options by debesto. We have already delivered joinery to many countries in Europe, the USA and even the Seychelles.

You can also pick up the goods in person or have a shipping company of your choice pick them up yourself.

Want to see how our process looks like in practice?

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