Installing a uPVC window with a static connector – How to install correctly? 

Factors such as ease of transport, simplified window installation, atmospheric influences, and overall structural stability can inform the decision to divide window assemblies. Given the range of connectors available, selecting one based on its static properties is essential. Ensuring reinforcements are properly secured can greatly increase the window set’s resistance…

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How to install patio bi-fold doors? Complete Video Tutorial

Here you will learn how to install patio bi-fold doors, taking reveals into account, and use such doors as separation between two rooms. Check our article and video with bi-fold door installation instructions. What is a bi-fold door? Bi-fold doors, also known as fold doors, folding doors or folding sliding…

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How to install windows doors with glasslifter

How to install window or sliding doors with glasslifter?

Don’t know how to insert a lift and slide patio doors? You don’t have to! We invite you to watch an instructional video on installing lift and slide patio doors using a glass installation machine, the so-called Glasslifter. We installed patio doors in the single-family housing estate. Installation of…

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sash windows

Everything you need to know about English sash windows

In this article, you will learn more about English sash windows. Among others, you will find out how windows work and how they are constructed. Here you can also read about history or eventual problems that can occur during installation or when using. Sash windows – what is this?…

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How to verify the correctness of window installation?

Do you use the services of subcontractors? Do you run a trading company with an assembly group? Do you want to check if windows are installed correctly? See how to verify the reliability of assembly in a few steps: After reading this article you will know: How to…

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