How to import windows from Poland to USA?

Importing windows from Poland to the USA will allow you to buy door and window joinery not only at a more favorable price but also at the highest quality because Poland is the European region of window and door manufacturers.

There is 6,704 km in a straight line from our warehouse in Oleśnica to New York. So, if today we wanted to go on an unforgettable trip to America, we would spend over 10 hours on the plane. And, including commuting and checking in at the airport gives us two days in a sitting position.

Does the import of windows and doors from Poland to New York, Chicago or any other region of the United States make sense? Let’s check it out!

Is it worth buying windows in Poland and importing them to the USA?

Of course it's worth it! It's as easy and comfortable as a purchase of a plane ticket- says Wojciech Stanowski, owner of, the best windows from Poland.

Importing windows from Poland with the help of is as easy as a purchase of plane ticket!

How to save money on import from Poland to the USA?

The only factor that affects the benefits of having Polish windows in the USA is the price of transport. In the case of small orders and PVC windows – Let’s not delude ourselves – the profitability of imports from Poland will often be debatable.

To make your order the most cost-effective, there are two ways that can be combined:

The first, quite obvious, is ordering a full container (something about 20 windows), which will be more favorable than LCL (less than container load) transport. Additionally, its price includes port service after reaching the USA.

The second way concerns the type of goods being imported. If you want to order wooden windows, and even better, aluminum windows from Poland the transport price will be similar but will affect the import cost much less.

In a nutshell, you will probably pay a similar price for exclusive wood or aluminum joinery as for plastic windows in the USA.


How much does a container full of windows and doors imported from Poland to the USA cost?

The estimated price of a window container imported from Poland to the USA (40 inch container) is $3,000, and with the "labor" and preparation of boxes, etc., additionally $1,000.

You will probably pay a similar price for exclusive wood or aluminum joinery as for plastic windows in the USA.

How to arrange shipping?

It is known that shipping products abroad is always associated with certain duties, time and paperwork. In the case of importing windows from Poland to the USA, it is no different, but there is no need to worry! will make sure to help you as much as they can.

Below you will find all the rules and the most important things about importing (listed in detail) to avoid any doubts and stress connected with a relatively difficult task.

What is the height of the tax when importing windows to the USA?

When buying goods in Poland and exporting them outside the European Union, we are entitled to a 0% VAT rate.

Two priority documents that justify preferential VAT rate are: 

  • IE 529 MRN – This is a confirmation of beginning of exportation procedure. We get this document in Polish port, at the time of the customs clearance.
  • IE 599 – this is a confirmation of the export of goods outside the EU. We receive them within 14 days of the goods leaving the last European Union port.

When buying goods in Poland and exporting them outside the European Union, we are entitled to a 0% VAT rate.

Window’s customs clearance – How to prepare?

To organise a customs clearance you need:

  • A commercial invoice (It is good to have an english version)
  • A packing list (List of the goods and it’s netto/brutto weight)
  • Company’s registration documents – exporter’s (NIP, REGON, EORI number)
  • Authorization for customs agency

Documents above are essential for customs clearance. Customs agency will take care of the whole process.

How to pack windows for a maritime transport?

We must also remember that the goods for a maritime shipping outside the European Union must be specially packed.

Then, the secured and prepared goods can be loaded into a rented container for a sea shipping or sent in the form of additional loading, if the dimensions are not large.

– It is absolutely unacceptable that the pallets or boxes are made of raw wood. If we have such boxes, they should be fumigated. In the case of windows, it is absolutely necessary to pack them in boxes and ensure maximum protection, because there are really large tilts on the ship.

Wojciech Stanowski from

Boxes can't be made of raw wood!

Maritime transport of windows from Poland to the USA – How does it look like?

At, sea freight to the USA is carried out in accordance with Incoterms (International Commercial Terms), i.e. International Trade Rules. These rules are widely accepted all over the world and share responsibility between the buyer and the seller.

What does this mean in our case? Incoterms define, for example, who is responsible for the individual stages of delivery of your windows, doors and other joinery.

Rules of the sea freight to the USA in

As a standard, we ship containers from Poland to the USA on a CIF rules – Cost, Insurance and Freight (named destination port).

For you, it means that the seller, e.g., will carry out export customs clearance for you (in Poland) and, what’s equally important, your shipment will be insured for the time of maritime transport right up to the port you choose.

Cost, Insurance and Freight

Cost, Insurance and Freight

Cost, Insurance and Freight

Cost, Insurance and Freight

How does a reception of windows look like?

Windows are protected and are about to be transported. What to do next?

After the goods leave the port, an agent on the American side will contact you.

– He will help us with all local payments, and taxes proper for every state. He will also establish a way of taking the goods after it comes to the port – Explains the specialist of windows shipment to the USA.

You can pick up an order on your own or ask for home delivery. Here you have to remember about a few important things.

It is worth to find out earlier how big a delivered cargo is

in order to choose a right car. Choice of a car should depend on destination, so that windows could be safely transported to the right place. Furthermore, you should organise proper tools, which will be helpful during the unloading process - Says Marcin Wasek a customer advisor from

You can pick up an order on your own or ask for home delivery.

Delivery to the port in the USA – customer obligations

Now the most important thing! From the moment the windows are in the USA, you will be responsible for the next steps. What will you have to do?

  1. Collection of goods from the port on your own within the prescribed time (usually 48-72 hours after the container arrives at the port)
  2. Pay the USA duty (check what the rate is)
  3. Pay the VAT applicable in the buyer’s country
  4. Arrange and pay for transport from the port to the place of investment / warehouse
  5. Payment of port service costs:
  • for, LCL (less than container load) it will be about (strongly estimated: 100-200 dollars per 1m3 (cubic) of goods
  • in the case of full container transport FCL  (the entire container exclusively for one customer) the costs of port service are already included in the transport price

Remember! Omitting any point may be connected with high fees, e.g. for the additional day the goods are kept in the port, they can reach even several hundred dollars. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on the deadlines.

Omitting any point may be connected with high fees!

Import of windows from Poland to the USA – summary

–  Maybe it seems a little bit complicated to you, and the number of documents is unbelievable, but there is nothing to worry about. It’s definitely easier than you think! – Ensures Wojciech Stanowski from –  whose windows arrived safely among others to New Jersey and Seychelles.

Get help with import

Maybe it seems a little bit complicated to you, but there is nothing to worry about!

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