How to 100% meet investor requirements and save as much as 40% of the price? Case study of Michael Robb from the US

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I’m happy to tell you about Michael’s first window import from Poland to the US. His company undoubtedly benefited financially and in terms of time. This story perfectly illustrates how it pays if you go “outside the box” and look for new solutions. Michael trusted us, and as a result, his company not only saved money, but was also able to offer better quality windows to the investor.

What has Michael and his company gained?

  • He paid 40% less for the order compared to US prices.
  • He ordered the best profiles for his project in terms of quality/price ratio.
  • He met the technical requirements for U-Value and retained the premium style of the windows.
  • He saved $2,000 on shipping to the US.

How does Michael feel about working with debesto?

The quality and pricing were the main reasons why I decided to cooperate with debesto. The windows and doors are high quality, and I’m very happy with them. Communication is the biggest high point with debesto. You guys are great one in communication!

Michael Robb, US

Who our customer is?

Michael has investments in Chicago. His company employs over a dozen people. He mainly renovates buildings on behalf of private investors – his team does all the renovation work. He saw the European windows at his colleague’s home and was impressed by their quality. He believes that their quality is incomparably superior to American windows. 

Michael found out about debesto from the Google and contacted us through our contact form. Although he had never imported windows from Europe before, he decided to work with debesto. This is our first common project, which Michael appreciates a lot.

case study michael robb gealan linear 1

Challenges of the project

Michael’s realization is a renovation project where it was necessary to install elegant, high-quality joinery. Our client initially thought of using aluminum, but after checking the quality of the European uPVC windows with his friends in the USA, who had already completed projects with joinery from Europe, he decided to do the same. In the end, he decided on uPVC window joinery and aluminum door joinery.

During our conversation, Michael indicated that:

  • what is important to him is not only affordability and good quality, but also delivery time
  • he wants us to deal with the import of windows, as he has no experience in this
  • Michael’s investor expects a beautiful view on the garden
  • the project involves 2 glass walls at 90 degrees to each other
  • an important requirement is U-Value of 0.2 or less
case study michael robb gealan linear 2


The challenge of this project was to meet the technical requirements with a good U-Value while maintaining a premium appearance. Specializing in the US market, Patrick and technologist Agata analyzed a range of available systems to find the optimum solution for Michael. It was also important to obtain a good quality/price ratio.

We considered 2 window systems: uPVC Gealan Linear (bearing a striking resemblance to aluminum joinery) and aluminum Aluprof MB-79N. In addition, Michael was looking for high-quality doors.

We have chosen the Gealan Linear system with 3 panes and Despiro aluminum doors.

By choosing an economical solution with a premium design, Michael saved money over aluminum while maintaining good thermal performance. The elegant aluminum look of the Gealan Linear system works perfectly with the aluminum doors.

case study michael robb gealan linear 3

Summary of the results

The project concept was to use very good materials and at the same time achieve a modern and elegant window design. Michael was looking for solutions that were better than expensive and lower-quality products from the US. At debesto we took comprehensive care of the window import, but also gave to Michael the support of a business consultant and technologist as well. We found the optimal solution for his investment. This was possible because debesto is a joinery broker (not a manufacturer) with a wide range of products. You can read more about the differences between a window broker and a manufacturer on our blog.

Patryk Lakucewicz debesto

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Patryk Łakucewicz

As a Key Account Consultant at, I specialize in the aluminum windows and patio doors, with 7 years of experience assisting US building companies.

I’ve completed over 700 orders, showcasing a hands-on understanding of big business needs. I offer practical expertise alongside a proactive approach to meet project goals.

Outside of my professional life, I’m an enthusiast of sports, especially soccer.

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faq – who are we and what do we do?

At, we are experts in providing customized window solutions, including patio doors, blinds, entry, and garage doors, tailored to building professionals: developers, general contractors, architects, and construction project managers.   With over a decade of expertise in European windows, we specialize in assisting construction companies to import windows efficiently and profitably.   With debesto, you gain comprehensive, consultative partnerships designed to enhance your project’s success and minimize your business risk. Our customers appreciate most:
  • - cost-effectiveness
  • - deep business understanding
  • - secure on-site delivery
  • - timeliness
  • - exceptional communication and support
  • - incredibly smooth process
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Delivery time

What is the lead time of an average order?

The total time from manufacture to delivery of the windows to the US port is on average 7-10 weeks depending on the destination port and delivery method that you can choose from debesto delivery price list.

Add to this the production time of the windows (from 2 to 8 weeks).

The maximum expected production time can be found on the pro forma invoice. We deliver 97% of all orders shipped worldwide according to the deadline we declare on the pro forma invoice. If we are late, we give you a 2% discount.

More questions about the delivery? Check Frequently Asked Questions about importing windows to the US

Warranty and safety

Do the products come with an international warranty?

Yes, products are covered by the debesto worldwide warranty, provided they are installed according to the professional standards and applicable regulations in the country of installation.

Are the windows insured during shipment?

Yes, all products are fully insured during transportation, covering the entire value of the products.

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Want to know how much your business can gain by importing joinery from Poland?

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