How to quickly ship 100+ windows from Poland to US – case study

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Are you familiar with that nagging uncertainty about whether the windows will actually arrive on time?

Have you ever had to reassign a team of installers to a different site or postpone scheduled construction stages because of delivery delays?

After hundreds of conversations with my clients, I’ve come to understand just how critical timely delivery is to a construction site. That’s why I want to share with you the success story of my client purchasing windows for a housing development in Washington.

How did we ensure that more than 100 windows were delivered safely and on time to the site, despite a tight schedule? Continue reading to discover the key factors that made this possible.

What did the company gain?


All the windows were delivered to the job site in one container within the stated time of 15 weeks


More than 100 windows in the order were all delivered safely packed and without damage


The pricing fited within the budget and met all the technical requirements

European windows in Seattle

About customer

Customer: Mike, general manager
developer and general contractor
Project: housing development
Location: Washington state, United States of America
Experience in the field: over 30 years
Experience in importing windows: No

The challenge: shipping 107 windows and 4 patio doors from Europe to Washington state quickly

Mike and I already knew each other through former window project. Mike was the general manager at the development and construction company. He already knew how debesto purchasing process worked. The upcoming purchase was for more than 100 windows, which were to be installed in several buildings as part of a housing development in Washington State.

During the video consultation, Mike shared his expectations with me:

  • The windows should be delivered within 15 weeks.
  • As many windows as possible should have nailing flanges.
  • The uPVC windows should be of good quality and possess excellent thermal parameters.
  • The entire order should be offered at “decent prices”.

It’s worth noting that the 15-week timeframe had to take into account the buying process from start to finish: design consultation, offer preparation, window production and shipping from Europe to the west coast of the US.


The solution: proven consulting, manufacturing, and delivery procedures

We didn’t have much time to consult the project and deliver all the windows and patio doors to the West Coast in the US. Good planning for the video meeting and preparations were crucial. The process went smoothly, thanks in part to the thorough preparation and detailed description of the technical files by Mike’s team.

The process went smoothly, thanks in part to the thorough preparation and detailed description of the technical files.

Patryk Łakucewicz, debesto business consultant

This efficiency shortened the work time for our technologists, and we concluded the whole project within just three online video meetings:

  • business consultation (we checked his business goals and needs if we can help him in this project)
  • project consultation (we discussed all the technical requirements and analyzed drawings)
  • offer presentation (after our technologists prepared the offer, we checked it together to be sure that all the goals can be achieved)

Selecting a proven manufacturer

For the project, where good quality and thermal performance were required, we chose Aluplast Ideal 4000 Nailing Fin uPVC windows. With double glazing with warm thermal spaces the average U-Factor was about 0.23 which met the project’s requirements.

Windows were manufactured in modern black matt color. The same color was chosen for lift and slide patio doors Aluprof MB-77HS.

For the production of the windows, we commissioned a manufacturer that we had selected, knowing that its automated machinery could easily handle a large order within the established time frame.

Aluplast Ideal 4000 Nailing Fin window profile

Carefully packed windows for safe shipping

When preparing 107 uPVC windows and 4 aluminum patio doors we faced a few challenges:

  • fitting all the windows into one container (for good delivery pricing),
  • delivering the order on time,
  • packing the order securely to ensure that nothing breaks.

I consulted with Jacek Łyczewski, debesto’s logistician, regarding the container size and estimated delivery time.

To be honest, none of the challenges were actually difficult for us. Each month, we handle window orders from all over the world.

At debesto, we have proven procedures for packing and planning the real delivery time. Therefore, we were able to set a delivery date for Mike’s project.

windows packed for import from Europe to the US
For shipping windows we use proven safety procedures

The result: quickly completed and delivered window order from Poland to U.S.

Mike’s window ordering process was exemplary. I’ll be honest with you: not all debesto purchases, from initial contact to delivery at the construction site, proceed as swiftly. Why? Production times vary from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the order, and delivery times also fluctuate based on distance.

However, perhaps the most crucial factor is whether you opt for our video consultation-based process. This is our secret to success.

Years of experience have taught us that engaging customers through online meetings can save months. You’ll spend merely tens of minutes in each meeting, whereas without them, you might otherwise spend dozens of hours making hundreds of phone calls and writing hundreds of emails.

At debesto, while you attend meetings, our consultants, technologists, logisticians, and administration specialists ensure your project is managed optimally, making importing windows from Poland the most profitable choice for you.

15-week window supplier timeline
Patryk Lakucewicz debesto

about author

Patryk Łakucewicz

As a Key Account Consultant at, I specialize in the aluminum windows and patio doors, with 7 years of experience assisting US building companies.

I’ve completed over 700 orders, showcasing a hands-on understanding of big business needs. I offer practical expertise alongside a proactive approach to meet project goals.

Outside of my professional life, I’m an enthusiast of sports, especially soccer.

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Delivery time

What is the lead time of an average order?

The total time from manufacture to delivery of the windows to the US port is on average 7-10 weeks depending on the destination port and delivery method that you can choose from debesto delivery price list.

Add to this the production time of the windows (from 2 to 8 weeks).

The maximum expected production time can be found on the pro forma invoice. We deliver 97% of all orders shipped worldwide according to the deadline we declare on the pro forma invoice. If we are late, we give you a 2% discount.

More questions about the delivery? Check Frequently Asked Questions about importing windows to the US

Warranty and safety

Do the products come with an international warranty?

Yes, products are covered by the debesto worldwide warranty, provided they are installed according to the professional standards and applicable regulations in the country of installation.

Are the windows insured during shipment?

Yes, all products are fully insured during transportation, covering the entire value of the products.

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