Homeowner & contractor – the success story of fluent cooperation with tilt & turn windows

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Have you ever experienced the ‘broken telephone’ effect between a window supplier, contractor, and homeowner?

When managing the intricate details of window installation, misunderstandings and communication issues can arise, leading to delays and strained trust among all parties involved.

Now, picture a scenario where your client is actively engaged in the window project’s consultation, resulting in a smooth and seamless process.

It’s not just wishful thinking—it’s a reality. Let me share a success story from Pennsylvania and show you how it’s achievable.

What did the homeowner gain?


He could purchase high-standard uPVC windows at affordable prices that would be unavailable locally


He gained confidence in the quality of the order before shipping windows


By consulting together on the project, the owner received windows that met his expectations 100%

What did contractor gain?


The owner, after a smooth process, greatly appreciates the contractor, creating opportunities for more customers


Thanks to the fact that the owner felt confident, he efficiently processed the payment for the window order


The entire purchase process was conducted in a few online meetings without the need to play game of broken telephone between debesto – contractor – owner

About the project

Customer: building company
Project: single-family home
Location: Pennsylvania, United States of America
Experience in importing windows: Yes

homeowner contractor purchasing european windows case study

The challenge: ensuring homeowner in purchasing decisions

Hafid, the homeowner, and Volodymyr, his contractor, had already determined that European windows were essential for their house remodeling project.

The contractor had prior experience with imported windows. Seeking a reliable and safe supplier, they reached out to us through the debesto website

In projects where the homeowner controls the budget and makes key decisions about the windows functionality, his feeling secure is paramount. After all, the homeowner is sending money across the world, paying upfront, and then awaiting the arrival of the goods, which are shipped over several weeks.

Single family home uPVC anthracite patio doors Pennsylvania

Project requirements

The home renovation project included the replacement of all windows and terrace doors. Hafid was already familiar with the functionality of the windows from Europe. That’s why he was very keen on tilt and turn windows.

He expected windows and patio doors that:

  • look modern
  • are comfortable (sound and thermal insulation)
  • are functional and easy to use (tilting feature)
  • are double-color (white from inside and anthracite from outside)

The solution: involving decision-maker into the purchase consultation process

How to avoid the game of broken telephone

From the very beginning, Hafid, as a homeowner, was actively involved in the project consultations. This significantly expedited the purchasing process, as all decision-makers were directly involved in discussions with debesto. 

This approach saved time for everyone and enabled us to finalize all details regarding the windows, including aspects such as the direction of opening, handle types, hinges, functionality, and construction type. During the meetings, I could also instantly showcase how various elements would look. 

Without such involvement, the contractor would have faced the challenging task of acting as a communication intermediary between the homeowner and debesto, risking misunderstandings and delays.

Homeowner`s satisfaction about the products

For the project, we chose the Gealan Linear uPVC windows and patio doors system, which offers the sleek appearance of aluminum while retaining all the benefits of uPVC. They also met all our features and technical requirements. 

Single family home uPVC tilt turn windows Pennsylvania - tilting window
Tilting feature was required in the project

I couldn’t have purchased better windows and doors here locally

I’ve already seen European windows in France and Germany, and I also had the opportunity to visit the manufacturer in Poland, so I was very convinced to purchase them from Europe. I wanted modern windows, comfortable, and easy to use that’s exactly what I received. They also tilt, I love that feature.

We love those windows. They look different and modern. They are highly functional and easy to use. The sound insulation of these triple pane windows is very effective. The patio doors, and the back doors are also very elegant.

If you know you will be installing blinds, it’s crucial to ensure that you allocate enough space to properly install those blinds during the construction/preparation phase.

For the budget I spent, I couldn’t have purchased better windows and doors here locally. Definitely not.

Hafid, homeowner

How to evaluate windows quality on a distance

To feel more secure about their investment in the windows, Hafid and his contractor, flew to Poland to inspect the products before shipping them across the ocean in a container.

I assisted them in organizing the visit to the Polish window manufacturer. I picked them up from the airport, and we drove together to the factory. 

‘I was thoroughly convinced,’ Hafid remarked about the visit. Seeing the flawless window finish and feeling the quality of the products firsthand reassured him of his investment, and he felt confident proceeding with the payment.

However, you don’t have to fly to Poland. If you want to evaluate the product firsthand, you can test it with window corner sample, which will be delivered to you within a few days.

The result: quick, smooth and hassle-free window purchasing process

The window purchasing process with Hafid and Volodymyr was exceptionally smooth, ranking among the best I’ve encountered in my role as a business consultant at debesto. 

Effective collaboration between the homeowner and contractor can yield immense benefits for all involved. Through our online consultation meetings, where we align goals and expectations, we pave the way for a seamless process that benefits both the homeowner and the contractor.

In my conversations with US contractors, I’ve learned how crucial customer satisfaction is to them. At debesto, we ensure every customer expectation is met, leading to a streamlined process and enhanced satisfaction at the completion of the project.

How does Hafid feel about working with debesto?

It was a very simple process and a very positive experience. It took us a few zoom-meetings to obtain and receive the information we were looking for. The great thing is that I worked with an excellent contractor who took charge and handled all technical details of my purchase. This definitely was a game changer.

Purchasing from debesto allowed me to make significant savings, especially since these are unique windows that I could not have found or purchased locally.

When importing windows from Poland, preparation is everything. Spending time on preparation and ensuring that all details, especially measurements, are checked and validated is crucial.

Hafid, homeowner

Patryk Lakucewicz debesto

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As a Key Account Consultant at debesto.com, I specialize in the aluminum windows and patio doors, with 7 years of experience assisting US building companies.

I’ve completed over 700 orders, showcasing a hands-on understanding of big business needs. I offer practical expertise alongside a proactive approach to meet project goals.

Outside of my professional life, I’m an enthusiast of sports, especially soccer.

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Delivery time

What is the lead time of an average order?

The total time from manufacture to delivery of the windows to the US port is on average 7-10 weeks depending on the destination port and delivery method that you can choose from debesto delivery price list.

Add to this the production time of the windows (from 2 to 8 weeks).

The maximum expected production time can be found on the pro forma invoice. We deliver 97% of all orders shipped worldwide according to the deadline we declare on the pro forma invoice. If we are late, we give you a 2% discount.

More questions about the delivery? Check Frequently Asked Questions about importing windows to the US

Warranty and safety

Do the products come with an international warranty?

Yes, products are covered by the debesto worldwide warranty, provided they are installed according to the professional standards and applicable regulations in the country of installation.

Are the windows insured during shipment?

Yes, all products are fully insured during transportation, covering the entire value of the products.

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